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  1. Shuri

    $22k for a FAKE Big Tournament Golf

    The poor guy seems so happy on twitter. Finding out that it's a fake is gonna suck
  2. Shuri

    Batsugan Saturn Tribute Boosted

    wait, whats wrong with it? I got the ps4 port in my cart
  3. Shuri

    What are my arcade cabinets worth? Selling three 25" cabs in Olympia, Washington

    It always feels weird when you sell off cabs you've had for a long time.
  4. Shuri

    NGPC Backlight Kit in the works!

    One thing to note: it seems that a lot of people are having issues with that mod where they think there is something wrong with the ngpc after modding: when you turn it on, you will hear the audio but you won't get picture. That's because the batteries are just weak. Replace them.
  5. Shuri

    Anyone ever try one of these? Pandora Box DX

    I have a Pandora Box 6 in my bartop and it does a decent job. It's jamma plug and play, and there are various rompacks online that you copy to a disc and it will add them. Those rompacks are kinda shitty where it comes to quality assurance but eh. It's free. NeoGeo/cps1/2 stuff decently. Just...
  6. Shuri

    Thinking of consolidating my MVS set up.

    I get the feeling. I used to own about 10 cabs at the some point, and it can become overwhelming, especially with all the tech support and the space. I eventually sold my cabs (but kept the mvs carts) and now I play on a supergun with an OSSC setup on a big lcd screen. I was scared I would miss...
  7. Shuri

    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    it's awesome that all the history has been saved. Great job!
  8. Shuri

    Eightman Rusty V1 - TC538200P Replacement? Please excuse the ant sized photo, I didnt want to flood my post with a giant closeup of rusty roms.. My Eightman has audio corruption problems. After opening the cart, I can see that one of the V roms has rust on 3 of f its legs. I'm trying to find...
  9. Shuri

    LF: dead Sega Nomad (or simply the data ribbon cable inside)

    I was attempting a lcd replacement on mine and I ended up mangling some of the leads on the data ribbon cable that links the two parts together. :annoyed: If anyone has spare parts, a dead sega nomad, or simply the data ribbon, I would take it!
  10. Shuri

    Razoola to cease selling the Unibios? I hope all it ok!
  11. Shuri

    WTB: King of Fighters 2003

    Hey guys, I'm looking for King of Fighters 2003 in MVS format, I don't need a full kit, just the cart, as long as it's legit and not covered in fluids. Hit me up!
  12. Shuri

    -FOUND: PGM IGS Board!

    --EDIT: a board has been found, thanks for reading. I'm looking for a PGM board.. Just got burned by a crap board from ebay.. It turns out that the volume knob is somehow missing (?!) and the audio is all sorts of corrupted. It sounds like it's been played too loud, even at minimal levels.. The...
  13. Shuri

    Yaton Naomi carts, russian bios and Naomi 2 fun! Error 01

    :annoyed: I bought a few carts from Yaton on ebay, one being Dynamite dekka 2: Asian Dynamite and Heavy Metal Geomatrix. All my other carts work fine, this is on a japanese Naomi 2 that looked basically new when I imported it. As soon as I try to boot one of those games, I get an "error 01 -...
  14. Shuri

    Best place for a QUALITY jamma extension harness?

    Are there any places left on the internet to get a good jamma extension harness? I need one for my supergun because I want to avoid bending my connectors as some boards not all of the same height, and I'm using magazines and books to level them out. This is super crappy, obivously. :scratch...
  15. Shuri

    De-suicided Golden Axe board: MC68000P8 chip replacement?

    I bought this de-suicided board on ebay, and it seems that it got brutalized during shipping.. when I arrived, the mc68000 chip on the board was half popped out! the game didn't boot, obviously. I re-seated the cpu and it was a bit hard because the pins were bent.. Well god damn, now after a...
  16. Shuri

    Games reacting weirdly due to voltage on a supergun?

    I recently picked up a RetroElectronick Supergun board, and it works fine, but I noticed that some of my game boards don't react normally.. The supergun is powered by an Corsair 450w PSU, it's connected directly to the supergun's atx 24 pins connector. I left the hobby for several years ago...
  17. Shuri

    Comment écouler ma collection de MVS au Québec?

    Hello! Ma vie a beaucoup changé J'ai aussi eu une serie d'evenements dans ma vie (santé, etc) qui m'ont un peu "encourager" à vendre mes machines d'arcade, un peu de force. Comme mon fidele 4 slots mvs :confused: je me sens un peu "prisonnier" de ma collection de mvs qui poirote dans ma...
  18. Shuri

    "Ed Boon Menu" found in MK1/MK2/MK3 20+ years after release

    Credit to this guy, even if he's been quite of a long winded wanker: facebook link, and yeah i know its lame but you dont need an account at least Im kinda pissed that the guy doesn't show the hello sub menu, It sounded like the most interesting option. Still, its pretty amazing that it was...
  19. Shuri

    SNK Playmore launches "SNK Entertainment"

    :snack: Source: Dual Shockers, Famitsu and NeoGAF Translation: more mobile games :annoyed:
  20. Shuri

    Let's visits bars and arcade with one of the creators of Last Blade and Kizuma Encounter

    And watch him get slaughtered at his own game in a rather crappy looking arcade! This is a cool little youtube show I've discovered a few weeks ago. A different host every week shows you various places they like in Japan. Each episode is rather short and the editing is great. I wonder which...