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    PS3/PSP/Vita stores shutting down

    Is this going to affect NoPayStation?
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    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    This looks like dogshit
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    Your go to CPS2 & ST-V games

    Whatever is here, I guess. I have Cotton 1& 2 and Shienryu somewhere around here, prolly in a box with the STV board.
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    Saudi Crown Prince to acquire SNK

    You first, you piece of shit.
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    Are CRT’s still worth saving?

    i'Ve BeEn DePrIvEd Of RgB fOr ToO lOnG!!
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    Alibaba Vewlix clones, anyone buy one?

    Just want to point out the class with which everyone's pal, Wyo, conducts himself. Should have expected that from someone that would send a message like this: "Generally frowned upon." IIRC, didnt someone from these boards go after Wyo after they found out he was pulling shit like this?
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    Alibaba Vewlix clones, anyone buy one?

    "Generally frowned upon."
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    Alibaba Vewlix clones, anyone buy one?

    That "friend of yours" comes across as a child molester. htrS80vCSjc "Generally frowned upon."
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    Official A/V Thread

    Funny you say that because on IG its a whole different story with your dumb ass...
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    I Found The PERFECT Xmas Gift for Smokehouse...

    Merry Christmas, you miserable crone!
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    i search Last blade 2 jap mvs fullkit

    Your location says "Latina". I wouldn't mind being in a Latina myself.