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  1. 3havoc

    SamSho IV this a boot?

    Hi, I acquired this cart last year for chump change, the boards match up to what is on MVS scans and chips if I have read the date code correctly are from 95-96 with one thing that doesn't look right there is piggy back board on chip P1. Is this a boot...
  2. 3havoc

    Sony PVM 1444 QM Colour Issues

    I recently acquired a 1444 QM pvm, when using RGB the image starts off colour accurate but eventually gets a blue tint, by flicking on and off external sync and it returns to normal. I can force it to have a blue tint by lightly tapping the case so I think there might be a bad connection...
  3. 3havoc

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Wow some nice hauls have been posted. Well this thing arrived, need to track down the battery pack and a legit copy.
  4. 3havoc

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Well these two arrived for me today, nothing special I know.