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  1. Finch

    WTB: The Last Soldier

    Love Last Blade, it got me into NeoGeo in the first place, and I want to collect every version of this game, and I still don't have the korean release. Not sure how desirable or expensive this is, but if anyone has one I'm interested.
  2. Finch

    Building a CMVS with "decent" HDMI out.

    Yeah, a subject beaten to death for a long time around here, but I still want it. I'm building myself a new updated CMVS and I don't want it to rely on Component or VGA as it's best output. Yeah it'll have regular RGB out for an OSSC or PVM, but there are times when you want to take it...
  3. Finch

    MV-1B red tint video and funky text.

    Nope, goes through some scattered small colored squares, then a dark blue screen, then a light blue screen, then goes black. I've been all over this board checking for lifted pins, or shorted stuff from stray solder from removing the connectors and stuff. Still has funky graphics. The red...
  4. Finch

    MV-1B red tint video and funky text.

    Got this board from DaisyAge simply for testing a method of flattening a MV-1B by just swapping plugs on the main board (SUCCESS, I posted about it in the tech support thread). DaisyAge was kind enough to give it to me for the price of shipping and did let me know what it was a bit "funky"...
  5. Finch

    WTB: Last Blade 1 & 2 Mini Marquees

    US would be awesome, but JP is fine too. My carts are JP, so I guess it would match. Don't need to be pristine, but preferable not faded to hell.
  6. Finch

    Flattening the MV-1B Motherboard, a guide.

    Yay the MV-1B, the conveniently small but awkwardly arranged motherboard. In a quest to flatten a MV-1fz (It's a pain in the ass) I was able to very effectively flatten a MV-1B board, here's how I did it. First off, the MV-1B and MV-1Fz use totally different plugs to connect the 2 boards, none...
  7. Finch

    Anyone know what should be in position PC25 on the bottom of the MV-1b?

    Working on a kind of funky MV-1B. Just noticed PC25 is missing, it's a capacitor I think? Sorry, not too well versed in identifying these things.
  8. Finch

    Trying to find Mv1B Board connectors

    Actually count me out on those adapters, they will not work for the 1Fz. In looking at the adapters again, both the picture and the schematic shown on the arcade-projects link I can see that the MV-1B uses different plugs than the MV-1fz. It looks like SNK maybe ditched the KEL plugs (you can...
  9. Finch

    Issues with including a PSU enclosed in a CMVS system.

    Working on building myself CMVS 2.0 and I want to include the PSU in the enclosure and feed AC directly into the back rather than rely on wall-warts and in-line power bricks. Why? It's convenient, keeps cable mess down, and a moron friend fried the motherboard in my CMVS once because there are...
  10. Finch

    Can someone confirm for me on the 1Fz.

    I have a 1Fz board, and I want to attach the two boards horizontally rather than vertically so it can be consolized like a 1c. As far as I can tell (using a multimeter) the big white plug inbetween the two black plugs literally does nothing. Every pin is connected to each other, it's just a...
  11. Finch

    What would be in your ultimate CMVS?

    Or well, kind of, what should be in mine? I just wanted to bounce ideas off everyone here on what they thought would make an ultimate CMVS system that was as self contained and portable as possible. I already have a CMVS I built, and while I love it, there are a few annoying factors about it...
  12. Finch

    Anybody know anything about these tiny Korean arcade cabinets? Guy wants way too much for them, but I've never seen these before. Appear to all be running NeoGeo hardware....but with way too many buttons installed. Could be a pandora's box or something else in...
  13. Finch

    MVS Cart slot replacement.

    Anyone ever do this? I realize it will be a massive pain in the ass with how many contacts there are to desolder. My MV-1C CMVS is really picky about the exact angle the cartridge is at otherwise it doesn't want to boot. I've cleaned the contacts on all my games and done the creditcard & T-shirt...
  14. Finch

    Signal interference in CMVS with RGB and Component out.

    Repairing my CMVS and I've run into an annoying bug. It's not a big deal, but I'd like to fix it if possible. My Video out consists of: • RGB through a AES style Din-8 • Component & S-video from a Neobitz encoder. RGB signals to the Din-8 go through a little trimmer pot and a 220uf cap as...
  15. Finch

    RGB from MV-1C to OSSC/XRGB

    Last time I built a CMVS the OSSC didn't exist and I don't have a frameister or anything of the sort. I might in the future so I want to make sure I have the right output levels for these. I want to wire up a DIN-8 for RGB out through an AES scart cable. I assume arcade boards output RGB levels...
  16. Finch

    Genesis Model 2 vertical bars in S-Video using JNX Genesis/AES S-video kit.

    Modded my Genesis Model 2 using the JNX S-Video mod kit that is also used for the AES. While not all Model 2's use the Sony CXA1145 encoder, mine does, so the mod works fine. Guide link. Only problem is that I am getting dark vertical bars across the image. They mostly show up on medium...
  17. Finch

    [FALSE ALARM FIXED] MV-1C CMVS project displaying flashing rainbow colors or NOTHING.

    Plugged into my test PVM it either displays dark sort of fuzzy rainbow bars that flash across the screen (not clean pixels or anything, like completely blurry video isn't right sort of colors) when using composite or when I use RGB it just displays black. Tried S-video too and it was the same as...
  18. Finch

    BROKEN MVS Motherboards + BIOS

    I have 2 MV-1C boards that are non-functional. They were CMVS'd, or on their way to be, so there are modifications listed below. Board-1: Was my CMVS until it got fried. Got 12v to it's 5v line. Boots to solid blue or red color, does not get any further. • Bios Removed and socket installed for...
  19. Finch

    Stupid question, is a higher than recommended amerage ok for a PSU.

    Used to this from PC building where you want to make sure the PSU supplies enough amps at each voltage. I'm looking at sourcing a power supply for a CMVS and I kind of want to build it into the enclosure rather than having an external brick or wallwart. My current CMVS uses a 5v 3a inline brick...
  20. Finch

    Testing AES without game.

    Not super important, but my local retro game store has an AES in their "museum" case, it's not for sale, just in there with a whole slew of other collectible rare stuff. Was asking the owner if it worked and he had no idea and didn't even have the cables for it. I brought my CMVS 8-pin video...