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  1. whisper2053

    BOTM February: Mad Stalker - Full Metal Force

    Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force (マッドストーカー フルメタルフォース) is a Japanese beat 'em up video game originally produced by Fill-in-Cafe and published and distributed by FamilySoft for the Sharp X68000 (and later on, the FM Towns/PC Engine/Playstation). Like Kung-Fu Master by Irem, it is played in a single...
  2. whisper2053


    And it comes back around to me again, so here we go! Let the voting commence... 1) Oriental Legend (PGM/Emulation) ---------------------------------------------------------------- 2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus (PS2/Xbox/GC/PC/Emulation)...
  3. whisper2053

    FS: SSFIVAE Steam code *SOLD*

    I have a code for the Steam release of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade that I have no use for. If anyone's interested, I'll pass it of for $15. Game on!
  4. whisper2053

    Toy Racer for DC revived for Online play...

    Figured some might be interested to see this:
  5. whisper2053

    SOTM November: Magical Night Dreams - Cotton Boomerang

    Score List: ST-V, Saturn, and Emulation: Settings: Difficulty Normal/2, Team Players 3, Initial Changes 2, no XYZ on Saturn ports (or we can do a separate scoring table). Scoring Format: Name - Score - Stage - Max Chain - Max Hit - Platform 1) pulstar - 4,456,600 - Stage 5 - 101 Chain - 32...
  6. whisper2053

    SOTM November Voting Poll

    It's that time of the month again, vote 'em up and let's see where we're going! Flame Zapper Kotsujin (PC98) because of fun and obscure. Prehistoric Isle 2 (Neo Geo) for the obligatory Neo choice. Cotton Boomerang (ST-V/Saturn) because I want to give this one another chance at...
  7. whisper2053

    Operation Supply Drop (or streaming for charity)

    Hey guys, I don't know if anyone here is interested, but there's currently a gaming-based charity drive going on for Operation Supply Drop. Some of the details on the charity can be found here, but the short version is that for some time now they work on different fund raising events to raise...
  8. whisper2053

    A PGM question...

    So I was thinking the other day, and figured I would throw this up to the greater forum audience. PGM carts are all region-locked (not sure if that's the right term) by language directly to the cart, unlike the MVS carts. What I was wondering about was, if you had an eeprom burner (and the...
  9. whisper2053

    So, the Backloggery...

    ...anyone else using this?
  10. whisper2053

    BUMP January: Knights of Valour 2

    These Are The Rules: Two Lives--Difficulty: Normal (The Arcade Default)--And NO Continues. The usual scoring label format applies: name - score - character - stage - system MAME/Emulation scores accepted (Nebula or Final Burn Alpha are recommended). For the time being (until wataru gives me...
  11. whisper2053

    BUMP of the Month Poll: January '14

    It seems that I have been *ahem* BUMPed to the month of January due to circumstances. I figure due to the late start (again...sigh) that we can run the poll for the first 3-5 days or so. So without further ado... Edit: Tyranix brought up in the other thread to maybe play for level this month...
  12. whisper2053

    Aetherbyte releases new PC Engine rom

    Title says it all! Download the free rom here:
  13. whisper2053

    WTT Motw PS2 Neo sticks

    I have 2 boxed sticks in damn near mint condish, looking to hopefully trade 'em out for a couple of the Mai edition white/red sticks. I'd be perfectly happy with loose ones, just as long as they're in reasonably good shape. Will post pics later. Thanks! For the record, I am looking for a...
  14. whisper2053

    Just found two new reasons... love my PC Engine. Probably the best fighter I've played on the system: And a robot-based beat 'em up that's just damned fun! I've got a couple of burned copies made now until I can source the legit deal, but I'm definitely having a blast with these. Back to figuring out combos...
  15. whisper2053

    And so it begins... :D

    Part of me cringes at the waste here, and part of me relishes the thought of just utterly destroying something because you can. Ah well, cool vid at least.
  16. whisper2053

    Not even sure what to really say to this.

    As a lot of you are already aware, I am a currently serving active duty Soldier in the U.S. Army, and stationed in Europe for the time being. As such, a large part of the current government shutdown back home has yet to really reach me personally, but I DO follow what is going on with rather...
  17. whisper2053

    Hyperkin RetroN5

    This work for ya?
  18. whisper2053

    Gameplay Vids

    I just figured I'd post here to let anyone that might be interested that I've started a series of holy-crap-that-guy-sucks-hard gameplay vids lol. Any that are interested can check em out at my channel. The newest vid is up currently here: Enjoy my mediocrity haha :D
  19. whisper2053

    WTB a 32x...

    ...preferably with power cable, but not necessary. Also, the link cable is not necessary. Shoot me a pm if you've got one collecting dust that needs a new home :)
  20. whisper2053

    Winny Puuh Appreciation Thread, or Marathon of Manliness :D

    So, um...yeah...different, but I dunno. It kinda grows on ya after a while. Those wacky Estonians...