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    Shit you should have grown out of but don't want to

    I used to have a bunch of MUSCLEs figures but have misplaced them somehow... Then I saw these, they're called SUCKLEs. Awesome sculpts as you can see, now I'm tempted to buy some MUSCLEs...
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    FS Xbox One game Kinect Sports Rivals Brand New $40 shipped US

    Got the game with the XB1 console, don't feel the need to play it so selling it brand new. Free shipping anywhere in the US, international shipping will be calculated upon request $40 paypal gift or add 4% to cover fees. If price is too high or unreasonable to you feel free to make an offer...
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    Why are neo geo games not rated?

    I liked it better when their ratings made you to buy it out of curiosity or (bravery)
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    3DO RGB vs. S-Video Comparison Pics

    Alright guys, here are comparison pics. Just for full disclosure, I am using a XRGB mini to output both RGB and S-Video to an HDTV. Also, I have to apologize about the pictures, they don't do justice to how it actually looks like in person. Check out the Star Control II selection screen in...
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    Anybody know someone who does RGB mod on a 3DO (US based)?

    I don't know if this is the right place to put this thread request but I'm looking for someone reliable in the US who does RGB Mod on 3DOs. I've seen a company in France that would do the Mod but shipping cost is prohibitive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Seller wasn't clear, actually he was a total liar. SHAVE YOUR ANGER THREAD.

    Its called a CR in the Philippines.
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    FS Retro Games - Boxed NES and TG-16 games

    Thought I would put these games up for sale here before trying Feebay. First come first serve. Please pm me if you're interested in purchasing anything here. Paypal gift or add 4% to total to cover fees Shipping is NOT included in price and will be determined as soon as you tell me where you...
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    FS Brand NEW sealed games PS2/PSP/Wii/Xbox 360/Nintendo DS

    Never got to play these games, and I don't think I will ever play them, so time to let them go. Prices DO NOT include shipping. I will ship all games with tracking or DC # so international shipping will be high(buy multiple items to justify shipping). I will charge actual shipping cost. These...
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    FS Playstation US,JP/Saturn JP/CDi/Dreamcast Games

    Hello! Selling games I'm not playing anymore. Would like these games to go to a nice home to be enjoyed and played with Please carefully read below: First come first served. Please PM me for games you are interested in. Prices does not include shipping. I will charge you actual shipping cost...
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    My Turbo Duo has sound issues. Need help!

    My apologies in advance if I placed this thread in the wrong section... Was feeling a bit nostagic last night so I took my Turbo Duo out to play Last Alert and Street Fighter. To my dismay my CD games are not working properly. The game loads fine and I can play it, but I cannot hear the Cd...
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    FS Games for Saturn, DC, PSP, PS1, SNES, SFC, Genesis *New ITEMS ADDED*

    Running out of room, want to sell some games I'm not playing anymore. Condition and price given. Shipping is included in price for US forum members. International forum members, shipping will be extra (I must ship with tracking #,so shipping might be costly). New deal:Buy 5 get 1 Free (free...