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  1. Timorous Scott

    Wanted: 1 Slot MVS w/latest Unibios

    Like the title says, looking for a clean working mother board. Live in the US, can PayPal whenever. PM me with what you have. If interested I have a two slot with Unibios id trade.
  2. Timorous Scott

    WTB: MVS 2-Slot w/newer Unibios

    Looking for a MVS 2-slot in good shape with a newer version of unibios. Must be 100% working and clean, can paypal whenever. PM your boy. If interested I have a one slot I would be willing to trade.
  3. Timorous Scott

    WTB: Windjammers

    Cart only is fine, no boots please. Paypal. Get at me!
  4. Timorous Scott

    FS: PS3 80GB W/ Motostorm in box

    As the title says this is an older PS3 system complete in the box. It was the package that came with Motostorm and the game will still be included. I'm pretty sure this system is backwards compatible but I haven't tested it myself. I bought this system off of Neo last summer with the intentions...
  5. Timorous Scott

    Sonic Youth

    Played here tonight but it was $35 and I just saw them a few years ago so I skipped it. Got word from a friend and ended up seeing Thurston Moore play a basement show at 1am. Think I saw the better show. New album is pretty good, better than Rather Ripped I think. You?
  6. Timorous Scott

    NHL Playoffs 2009

    can't believe there isn't a thread on this here yet. (1) SJ vs (8) Anaheim - SJ in 6 (2) Detroit vs (7) Columbus - Detroit in 5 (3) Vancouver vs (6) St. Louis - Vancouver in 6 (4) Chicago vs (5) Calgary - Calgary in 5 (1) Boston vs (8) Montreal - Boston in 4 (2) Washington vs (7) NYR -...
  7. Timorous Scott

    Stella winter 2008 shows

    Dec 4: MINNEAPOLIS - First Avenue Dec 5: CHICAGO - The Vic Dec 6: ANN ARBOR - The Blind Pig Dec 7: CLEVELAND - House of Blues Dec 9: NEW YORK - Nokia Theater w/ Eugene Mirman Dec 10: NEW YORK - Nokia Theater w/ Eugene Mirman Dec 11: BOSTON - Wilbur Theater w/ Eugene Mirman Dec 12: SAN FRANCISCO...
  8. Timorous Scott

    joined the cub

  9. Timorous Scott

    AT&T U-verse

    anyone have this/know someone who does? my buddy is a salesmen for them and it sounds a lot nicer than comcast, the only other real cable provider by me. internet is super fast, fiberoptics that are faster than most broadband connections and i guess it can record up to four tv shows at once on...
  10. Timorous Scott

    DS Lite AC adaptor

    ok so i have a japanese ds lite and i can't find my AC adaptor to charge the damn thing. i have a plane on friday and would love to play some tactics during the flight. will the us adaptors work? i was going to just try one from gamestop but have no idea what their return policy is for items...
  11. Timorous Scott

    Blu-Ray player with analog 5.1 outputs

    the A1 for HD-DVD had it, and i'm sure there is a great Blu-Ray player with the same outputs. point me in the right direction neo geo
  12. Timorous Scott

    who wants to buy me a drink

    i'm 21 steers & queers
  13. Timorous Scott

    so my bloody valentine is touring america...

    if you didn't hear... 09-19-21 Monticello, NY - Kutshers Country Club (ATP New York) 09-22 New York, NY - Roseland 09-23 New York, NY - Roseland 09-25 Toronto, Ontario - Ricoh 09-27 Chicago, IL - Aragon Ballroom 09-30 San Francisco, CA - The Concourse 10-01 Los Angeles, CA - Santa Monica Civic...
  14. Timorous Scott

    ATP New York (solid lineup)

    atp new york 9/19-21 My Bloody Valentine Built to Spill performing Perfect From Now On Meat Puppets performing Meat Puppets II Thurston Moore performing Psychic Hearts Tortoise performing Millions Now Living Will Never Die Shellac Mogwai Polvo Fuck Buttons Autolux The Drones Low Wooden Shjips...
  15. Timorous Scott

    Timorous Scott's Amazing Music Upload/Discovery Thread

    i tried this a few months back with a kraut rock upload thread, and that shit didn't go anywhere. well i'm trying it again, but with all kinds of music. i'll try to upload a few albums every few days or so, and you guys can post your opinions and upload your own albums if you want. also this...
  16. Timorous Scott

    ichat and ivideo - the wave of the future

    so i just used this for the first time, and its amazing. anyone with ivideo should get on! you can do some crazy shit my aim name is timorousscott
  17. Timorous Scott

    Earthbound SNES with box and guide, complete, on ebay Free shipping if anyone here ends up buying it.
  18. Timorous Scott

    Leroy St. Records (MY RECORD LABEL !!!)

    Leroy St. Records so after dreaming about putting out music i love, on the format i love, i finally got off my ass and did something. i'm still working on a legit site and only have a myspace up for now. here is the info about the label's first few releases: LSR-001 (late april-early may) The...
  19. Timorous Scott

    HD-DVD/BLU-RAY combo player questions (help!!!)

    is there a combo player out there with analog 5.1? if so, hows the picture and sound? i have the first hd-dvd player with analog 5.1 and i love it, but i need to make a bit of an upgrade now. i've got a bunch of hd-dvds too so i don't want to ditch the player, but my receiver only has one input...
  20. Timorous Scott

    FS: 360 Rock Band with Drums ($115 shipped)

    so i need to save some money up to put a few records out, and i'm digging this game so much so it time to go. rock band is complete with the case and booklet. the disc has light scratches, but plays fine. i just bought the drums six days ago, and have used them for less than three hours...