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  1. malignantpoodle

    Cartridge battery replacement... yes or no

    Got a Sega Backup RAM cart that's used for the Sega CD. It works just fine. Here's what it looks like inside; However, as a general rule of thumb I always replace batteries in carts when I get them. Typically, I use a CR2032 as I have a bunch of them that have the tabs already attached...
  2. malignantpoodle

    WTS - 2 slot CMVS

    SOLD ======================== Battery mod, 5v mod, S-video out (s-video out only). Memory card port is intact and will work with memory cards to save games. Includes S-video and audio cables, along with power supply. Cover is not powder coated, it's spray painted...
  3. malignantpoodle

    Chassis blows fuse with new flyback

    Hey folks, working on a Wells K7000. Screen would go out of focus and the focus knob on old flyback did basically nothing. Added a brand new flyback. Now on power up the chassis blows the fuse every time. Where to start looking?
  4. malignantpoodle

    Anyone know Abasuto?

    Sent a pm trying to buy some of his stuff but he's been away a couple of days. If you know him personally, could you tell him to log in?
  5. malignantpoodle

    WTB 32X stuff

    Looking for the unit with cable and CIB games. Let me know if you have any for sale. I do want these to be boxed (except for the unit itself). I like the way they look and they'll go good with my collection.
  6. malignantpoodle

    Sega Genesis rainbow colors

    Anything that should be white has a rainbow effect. I've seen this before, but it has started to bother me now. Using a Genesis model 2 with composite out. Any known fixes for this?
  7. malignantpoodle

    Ogre Battle... which should I play first?

    Hey folks, Got the SNES March of the Black Queen and the n64 version Person of Lordly Caliber. I've never played any Ogre Battle game. Was wondering which I should be playing first, and why.
  8. malignantpoodle

    FS/T : MVS carts Matrimelee, Shock Troopers, Zed Blade, Zupapa

    All games are sold. Thanks to everyone for your support! ------------------------- SOLD * Zed Blade - $65 shipped. Yukky label SOLD * SOLD Matrimelee - $55 + Super Metroid. Label has a couple of nicks but otherwise very clean. Fucking weird game. SOLD SOLD Zupapa - $75 shipped SOLD...
  9. malignantpoodle

    AES Street Hoop US version

    SOLD-$280 shipped.
  10. malignantpoodle

    Paying $80 shipped for Blue's Journey MVS

    As the title says. This is the last one I need to complete my MVS. Last one I got is broken and has 5 bad chips so not really worth repairing. Hit me up.
  11. malignantpoodle

    WTB Albert Odyssey SS US complete

    As the title says. Doesn't have to be perfect, just complete and disc in great shape. I don't care much about condition of the case. Let me know!
  12. malignantpoodle

    Shock Troopers... poo?

    Played through this game today and at the end, the game displays this final image; Did I miss something, like is this a designer's nickname or phrase in Japanese or something? Poo!
  13. malignantpoodle

    V-liner requirements?

    Does V-liner require a special controller? I've been told that it did but had my doubts about that. I've also been told that you need a unibios. Anybody know the deal with this one (information is very limited). Just wanted to know if I can play it before I acquire it.
  14. malignantpoodle

    Metal Slug 5 kit price?

    Anyone have a rough idea of what one should expect to pay for one of these?
  15. malignantpoodle

    2 slot board no video

    Have a large 2 slot board with no video or errors. Board has power (red LED is on) and dip #8 is not thrown. I did try to toggle dip # 8 to see if it was sticking but no results. Screen is powered on but there is no video output. Board is very clean save for a couple of tiny traces which are...
  16. malignantpoodle

    Blue's Journey crosshatch

    Tried on my CMVS and 2 different 4 slot cabs. Cart will only crosshatch. Contacts are very clean, used eraser and 91% alcohol. It is probably now the cleanest cart I have. I could not find any broken traces. However, all of the solder joints appeared to be extremely weak. I reflowed all of...
  17. malignantpoodle

    Looking for high res scans for posters

    SNK based, don't want any KOF stuff. Anything Neo Geo/SNK otherwise though. Let me know if you have a source or have any. Wanted to make a few 36x24" posters to throw around. Much appreciated.
  18. malignantpoodle

    WTS/T Silver Vintage Atari Jacket

    Jacket is in excellent condition. Aside from some wrinkles, nothing is wrong with it. Zipper works perfectly and there are no holes or tears. The size is Youth XL. For trades, mainly looking for US complete Saturn versions of; Magic Knight Rayearth Albert Odyssey Burning Rangers also...
  19. malignantpoodle

    FREE: Excel Saga anime

    It's probably region locked. I've no use for it. You pay shipping. Contains 3 discs and I believe also has English subtitles.
  20. malignantpoodle

    SNES caps?

    Was playing my SNES and it froze at the end of super double dragon. Restarted and finished game no problem. Today I plugged in Brawl Brothers. I would get to a certain point and the sound would hang, then the game shortly thereafter would lock. Tried it on my FC Twin, no problems. Googled...