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    FS: Prices Reduced! MVS Carts & Kits: Nightmare in the Dark; SVC Chaos; Samurai Shodown and more!

    Hah, no I think those prices are great. I am surprised some are still up there. I think most of those prices are probably good prices even several years ago. I don't know if anyone is buying the carts for the inflated prices being asked now, but i am really only looking for 1 or 2 games...
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    FS: Prices Reduced! MVS Carts & Kits: Nightmare in the Dark; SVC Chaos; Samurai Shodown and more!

    Was hoping to see a NTM in that list :) Absolutely great prices on all of these, sadly I don't need anything in your list, but can tell it was all well taken care of. Wish you the best on your sale. I don't think I have even seen a NitD kit come up before. Even loose carts of that were a...
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    Steam Deck Portable PC Games Hardware

    Like I said, I like a lot of the smaller games, so I play things like Binding of Isaac, for a couple of lives.. May be 5 minutes, may be an hour. Vampire Survivors, Super Hexagon, Rogue Legacy 2, Slay the Spire. I also have Hero Siege, Hammerwatch, FTL, Enter the Gungeon and Dead Cells which...
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    Steam Deck Portable PC Games Hardware

    I have been pleased with my steam deck as well. I think it comes to expectations. I have basically just played games that are designed for controllers and verified on steam deck. I think it is great for smaller grab and go games. I don't think it replaces my Switch or 3DS, but it is a good...
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    Corrosive foam on the 4 slots...

    Thank you, channelmaniac, I am unsure how many of my boards have that foam, but those that do, the foam is definitely hard. I tried to clean up some at one point, but the pins were so pointy that it was becoming a pain so I just left them, thinking it wouldn't hurt.
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    Getting back into collecting.

    I kept all of my MVS games, although I quit collecting for several years, and now regret not picking up a couple of titles. Thankfully, I did pick up the majority of what I wanted. I did unload all of my Nintendo boards, but still have loads of CPS2. I have thought about unloading them, as I...
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    Removing MVS cart label safely

    Ok, I just received a cart in the mail, was expecting the label to be slightly peeling up, but it comes and it actually is slid downabout 50% of the way down (but still stuck solid for the most part). If this was just a normal label I would just get a reprint with the serial number and leave it...
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    Nanao 2931 Monitor woes

    Ok, my blast city monitor died a few weeks ago. I figured it was my chassis so I purchased a new (to me) chassis working and it arrived. It is a Rodotron chassis, well I seemed to have plugged everything up, but I am still not getting any picture. I have degauss plugged into the far edge, the...
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    WTB - Money Puzzle Exchanger, Viewpoint

    I am looking for loose carts of both Money Puzzle Exchanger and Viewpoint. Prefer good looking labels and mini marquees, howeer, this just adjusts the price I am willing to pay for either. If you have either of these carts send me a PM and we can come to some agreement. thanks!
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    thieslo's collection

    Hey guys, Since the submission of all of the PCB videos, I figured I would show off my collection a little bit, although quite a bit more modest than most of them here. I just started collecting about this time last year with the purchase of my big red. Actually got the big red is my...
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    FT: A Neogeo Candy cab (25" monitor) for an upright MVS4 with 25" monitor (Phoenix, AZ)

    FT: A Neogeo Candy cab (25" monitor) for an upright MVS4 with 25" monitor (Phoenix, AZ) Hey guys, I would be all over this if i was near Phoenix, AZ. The cabinet looks wonderful and he wants an even trade. If anyone...
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    MVS -- Boot or No boot ?

    Hey guys, I recently bought an MVS single slot board, but for the life of me I cannot identify it. The black casing just barely covers the board, so it sort of seems like the MV-1B, but the components seem to be in the wrong spots for this one. Like the volume control knob in the front...
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    WTB: Mini Marquees (list inside)

    Hey guys, I am looking for the following Mini Marquees: Magical Drop 3 * Blazing Star * Panic Bomber * Aero Fighters 2 Puzzle Bobble (Bust-A-Move) The ones with the *s are the primary ones I am looking for. The other two I am just trying to replace my...
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    Games with Limited Runs

    Do you guys have any games that you find are very good games, but with extremely limited runs and almost seem to be collectibles from day 1? I have two series that I find this happening with currently (and almost a 3rd). Castlevania. It seems all of the Castlevania games that started coming...
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    Reproducing Mini Marquees

    Hey guys, This question is aimed at those that have reproduced their own mini marquees. How have you done it? Basically, what sort of paper, did you go to a print shop (Kinkos and the like), what did you have to ask for? Did you laminate it afterwards? I have a few MMs I have been...
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    Trollbox sadness

    Sad about my loss of trollbox, so I guess I will make some fairly useless posts to try and regain my status. Do you think it will work? Ask me a question and I will respond :D
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    NOS Control panel overlay - KLOV Forums

    hey guys, there is a new original control panel overlay for an MVS available at KLOV. This overlay is for a single slot system (no select button) but it does have the place to show credits at the top. this isn't my sale, just passing on...
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    MVS BIOS Chips

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has found a decent resource for getting NeoGeo BIOS chips? I know I can pick up one from Razool for 25euros, but I was wondering about picking up a stock Japanese BIOS. Surely there must be plenty of Japanese BIOS chips floating around considering...
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    WTB: Mini Marquees -- List inside

    Hey guys, Looking for several different mini marquees for some of the games I really enjoy playing :) Blazing Star - ADDED Magical Drop 3 Windjammers - FOUND Samurai Shodown 2 - FOUND Metal Slug - FOUND If you have any of these and are willing to part with them PM me the...
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    Replacing a flyback on K7000 Monitor

    Hello everyone, So I have a K7000 monitor that seems to be pretty dim. I have the gain on the flyback maxed, the brightness on the neckboard extension near maxed, and the screen is still dim in a normally lit room. I have heard that with the gain maxed on flyback that I should have...