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  1. ookitarepanda

    WTB: SMT/Persona games

    Looking to get some games! Only looking for complete copies, but don't have to be brand new by any means. In search of: Shin Megami Tensei Nocture (PS2) Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS) Persona 4 Golden (Vita) Persona Q (3DS)
  2. ookitarepanda

    WTB: Core Grafx System

    edit: Found! Yeah, I know, bandwagoner with an SSD3 looking for a Core Grafx... Looking for something clean, including AC adapter that works and at least one controller. Bonus if you have an RGB cable for it. Extra bonus if it's all boxed up. Thanks!
  3. ookitarepanda

    FS: Assorted console stuff, amiibos

    Everybody else is doing it, so why not me? Aside from the sealed stuff, these games are in used condition. If you really need to know more, you can ask. Shipping within the US not yet included, but willing to accept offers. Please don't be a butthole. PS Vita...
  4. ookitarepanda

    [FS] Boxed Turbo Duo US

    Turbo Duo is going up for sale. $550 PP gift shipped to you if you live in the US. 10% off (that's $495 for you non-math-teachers) for anyone who has 1000 posts or more. Was recapped by Kiel a couple years ago so it's not a ticking timebomb. Works great, laser is still in order. Lords of...
  5. ookitarepanda

    Show dem pumpkins neo hyphen geo

    My fiancée made this one of me this year.
  6. ookitarepanda

    WTB: No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2 (Wii)

    Played through these years ago thanks to loaned copies of the games, and never got my own. I'd like to rectify that. Anybody got some lightsaber waggle for me?
  7. ookitarepanda

    Concert tickets?

    The Ticketmaster settlement provided me with an absurd number of vouchers because of the absurd number of times I submitted to Ticketmaster's sick policies. Each voucher is for 2 free tickets to any event on a list of eligible events. Last time they put up a batch of events, there was nothing in...
  8. ookitarepanda

    Chrono Trigger in one sitting

    My friend Alex's brother Jono is kind of a special guy. He's an on-and-off gamer but there's no doubt he loves 16-bit RPGs. Earlier this year, he claimed that he beat Chrono Trigger in one sitting. For a guy with ADHD, that's pretty impressive. But then details later came around that he took a...
  9. ookitarepanda

    [WTB] Elgato HD60

    Tired of scummy ebay folks with low feedback... Looking for an Elgato HD60 capture card with all its bits in tact: cords, box, etc. If someone has one that they're thinking of getting rid of, let me know! Hoping I can get a better deal than the $149 it's been for a while.
  10. ookitarepanda

    Looking for: Play Asia Coupon

    I wanna preorder Wild Guns and such. Anybody have a coupon they are willing to get rid of?
  11. ookitarepanda

    FS: Seagate Barracuda Internal HD 3TB

    I had my last Seagate Barracuda die not long after warranty. It was the cause of a lot of issues with my computer because the hard drive itself was faulty. But as my friend at Seagate assured me, this is atypical of the Barracuda line. Anyway, did a warranty return and got a new one in the...
  12. ookitarepanda

    The 2016 Food Holiday Challenge

    My GF and I have challenged ourselves to observe/celebrate every national food holiday in 2016. 366 straight days of food holidays, many of them with more than one holiday at a time. We've been planning this a long time! Check out day one...
  13. ookitarepanda

    SoCal Friends: I'll be around 12/24-1/1

    Hey budddddies, I'm flying out to SoCal tomorrow! I'll be down in Carlsbad/San Diego for a couple days, but then back up to Brea from the 26th onwards. Maybe next Tuesday we can hit up Round 1? Say, 7:30? I think my GF and I will hit up Rockstar Noodle Bar beforehand, too...
  14. ookitarepanda

    MUSHA Composer (Toshiaki Sakoda) to visit the US

    I'm sure many of you are already friends with Toshiaki Sakoda on facebook. For those of you who don't know him, he's the composer for a number of Compile games, including MUSHA, Devil's Crush, and Treasure Hunter G. Recently he posted on Facebook, "When I take the United States tour, please put...
  15. ookitarepanda

    FS: Crap

    Here's some crap I wanna get rid of as I move. $40 shipped in the USA. Saints Row 2, Kung Fu Panda Double Pack (best animated movies of all time, but I have BluRays), and Punch King (wtf) are all sealed. Kingdom hearts figure is Jack Sparrow. Meh. PS3 games are in good condition.
  16. ookitarepanda

    FS: Whichever Club Nintendo Platinum/Gold Game you want

    I don't want any of the games listed that I don't already have. You want one? $10 and it's yours. PP Gift me and I'll send you a code. List is here: Expires April 30 so let me know quickly!
  17. ookitarepanda

    My album is now available

    Want a digital copy? iTunes has you covered. Google and Amazon will be posting it soon, as will Spotify. Want a physical copy? CDBaby is the place to order. Don't want a copy at all? You're a jerk...
  18. ookitarepanda

    WTB: NES Top Loader

    Sick of my toaster model. Want a sweet NES-101 Top Loader. Required: Great or better condition system Power/video cords Not required: Controllers Extra games Bullshit lies
  19. ookitarepanda

    WTB: NES/SNES Games as my brother moves away

    So my brother is moving away to Colorado for a job, which is kind of sad. Since we've both lived in the same area for a very long time, he designated me the "curator" of our games - the games we grew up with and co-owned. Well as he moves away, he will take games that belonged to him, and we are...
  20. ookitarepanda

    Seeking new computer recommendations

    I currently have a Sony VAIO laptop that I've had for about 3.5 years now. It's been really terrific that entire time. But now it's 2014 and I still only have an i3 processor and 4gb of RAM. I've thought about upgrading the RAM, maybe getting a SSD but I don't know if it's worth it to pump new...