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  1. bryan

    FS: MVS lot $215 Naomi lot $350 Saturn games Castlevania Mega Man Strikers 1945+

    Bryan's B/S/T Let me know if my prices are way off. Make an offer. Make a bundle deal with me. :D Getting...
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  3. bryan

    FS:Border Down $150 CF $75 CVS Pro, SB,MB vB $35 carts ZR, Slashout, CvS $50 shipped

    Naomi cart only Prices are shipped in the US If my prices are way off let me know and make me an offer. GD ROMS Border Down GD rom $150 has scratch Chaos Field $75 Capcom vs SNK Pro $35 Spikers Battle $35 Melty Blood Act A verson B $35 Virtua Tennis $25 Take all for $300 shipped Capcom I...
  4. bryan

    Let's talk about our Arcade success stories...and fails, but mostly successes

    I have to say that I love this hobby and so do all the kids I am around witch makes it even better. I know how you feel this was the stick I took out of my MVS cab. I replaced them with Happ Supers and I have been happy with them. I also had a sparky flyback in my Big Blue when I got it. All...
  5. bryan

    SOLD Marvel VS Capcom 2 Naomi cart $140 Shipped

    SOLD Marvel VS Capcom 2 Naomi cart works great. $140 shipped in the USA. SOLD Picture on photobucket in link
  6. bryan

    sale on hold

    sale on hold
  7. bryan

    IC: Naomi motherboard with Capcom I/O and (CvS or ZR) $235 shipped

    I have a couple of Naomi carts for sale. Prices are shipped in the USA. Capcom vs Snk $65 Zombie Revenge $75 I can throw in a motherboard and Capcom I/O maybe. Price be $235 shipped for game,motherboard and I/O.
  8. bryan

    FS: MVS one slot MV-1FZS $65 shipped

    I have a MV-1FZS one slot that I used till I got my 2 slot, it need a new home and could use a cleaning too. Asking $65 shipped I can send more full size pic upon request.
  9. bryan

    So- what games do you keep in your mvs cab?

    Yea, Border Down is in my 2 slot right now. :lolz: Before that it was SvC and Metal Slug. :buttrock:
  10. bryan

    WTB Neo Geo MVS 2 slot Marquee Header

    I am looking for a Neo Geo 2 slot marquee. I have tried like hell to find one. The first one I had was perfect but was part of lot that I had to return. I just got one in the mail today and it is too long in width and too short. I could not tell from the picture. I am not looking for a...
  11. bryan

    Monitor sparks out the back and makes a snap sound when powered on

    I just bought a Capcom Big Blue and the monitor sparks and makes a crackle or kinda of a snap sound when powered on. I have heard it could be a bad fly back and or HOT. Is it OK to run it like this till I get around to fixing it?
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  13. bryan

    How to get inside a Capcom Big Blue to access game boards?

    OK, I am going to look at a Marvel vs Capcom 2 big blue cab. The guys says that the Naomi is reachable from the back panel. I want to know if I will be able to change boards easy from the front like Neo Geo MVS games.
  14. bryan

    Marvel vs Capcom 2 Naomi $175 shipped Zombie Revenge $90 shipped

    Stuff I have for sale or trade: Naomi Motherboard (TRADED) Zombie Revenge $90 shipped or will take Pheonixed SSF2 or SFA2 A&B boards toward trade Marvel vs Capcom 2 $175 shipped or will take Pheonixed SSF2 or SFA2 A&B boards toward trade Dead or Alive 2 (TRADED)
  15. bryan

    Seting up Naomi 1 Gd Rom with Sun psu and Capcom I/0 Power cable Questions

    Ok I am trying to set up a GD Rom system for my Naomi. The Sun psu has three connectors, two for the Naomi and one for the GD Rom. What kinda stumps me is I only need to connect the one cable when using the Capcom I/O for power. So when using the sun psu I will still have the same power cord...
  16. bryan

    WTB Naomi Power cables and Naomi Shock boxes

    Original post: I am looking for some Naomi box to store my games in. Any one got or has any one made any? Edit: I really need to figure out the cables for my sun psu and the GD Rom set up if any one has some for sale hit me up.
  17. bryan

    Can I wire a monitor control baord to the front of my Neo 2 slot cab?

    Basically I was wondering if it is possible to wire a monitor control board under the control panel so I do not have go to the back of the cab every time I want to adjust something. I now have a Naomi that I will be able to stick in my MVS once my game arrives and I have been reading that when I...
  18. bryan

    WTB Naomi motherboard

    I am looking for a Naomi mother board. Let me know if you have one.
  19. bryan

    Has anyone adjusted a horizontal width coil on an arcade.

    Hello, I am still learning the site. I am pretty sure I need to adjust my horizontal width coil. I search the forms and only came up with a post 5 years ago from a member that has not been on since then. Does anyone have experience with this. Here is a link to some photos...
  20. bryan

    I finally got a Neo Geo MVS!

    I really don't want re post everything so I will link to this, I hope that don't bother any one. I just discovered this site from people over on Racket Boy. This site seems to have a ton of info.