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  1. Mike26

    WTB: MVS-U2 Control Panel

    doesn't need to be populated, just let me know what you have, I am trying to restore a cab at the moment and need the panel.
  2. Mike26

    Purchased a beat up MVS-U2 cab to restore to glory

    I couldn't resist the neo pull. Bought it "dead" not running, locked, and missing the keys to get it open. Monitor would flicker when power was on, reminded me of the times I had my goldie cab jamma harness unplugged. So with that intuition, I bit. Drilled the lock found the keys in the...
  3. Mike26

    FS: Xbox 1 2TB systems Coinops, XBMC, etc. & Repair services

    Hey the old thread is outdated and I cannot edit it. I have been repairing xbox for some time now. I also make 2TB systems now with coinops 5 full, xbmc, unleashX dash, vision. Here's a video demonstration of the boot up process for the xbox I make: Pnsizuv7KtE XBOX REPAIR SERVICE &...
  4. Mike26

    The Crystal of The Kings You guys ever play this game? just stumbled upon it in CoinOPS 5 on my xbox 1 and man this game ROCKS! :buttrock:
  5. Mike26

    Post up your motorcycle(s) thread

    Hells yea! Post up your 2 wheeled beast, mainly motorcycles, but scooters and mopeds are cool too. Let's see 'em. ~Mine!~ Hey guys, I just settled out in Los Angeles from New Jersey this month, and I needed some transportation. I've had my license for over a year now and have owned a...
  6. Mike26

    FS: SEGA CD Model1 BIOS Region-free, SE

    Hey Guys! I used to collect sega 16bit stuff like a madman, but I am focused on moving to Los Angeles and currently out of work my priorities have changed. I have a few things to sell today: SEGA CD Model 1 with a Region-free hacked JPN Bios - Acting up at the moment with my genesis. tried...
  7. Mike26

    WTB: IDE harddrives 80GB or bigger

    Hey guys I need some ide drives for some xbox systems I am modding. I just don't have access to a good 100% working SATA adaptor in some xbox's even the confirmed working dealextreme sata adaptor is flakey. If you have some lying around, or want to upgrade to a sata drive I will buy your old...
  8. Mike26

    you guys ever have burnt/melted jamma harness?

    has anyone ever had a melted jamma harness? I gave a buddy my xbox 2 jamma adaptor and he called me today understandably upset that his astro city jamma harness burnt and melted at the +5v. I'm assuming this is where the sound amp on the cheap chinese jamma to xbox adaptor was pulling too much...
  9. Mike26

    trying to program an AM27C1024 and getting buffer errors help

    Hey guys I know you all told me at one point or another to never purchase that POS willem programmer and when I didn't listen two years ago I used it and it worked great. I was happy. Last night I decided to crack open my old mega CD and attempt to update the bios to this region free one...
  10. Mike26

    Remember those PVG SNK bartops... I fixed mine nice.

    I'm waiting for my AWS cab from the groupbuy and trying to bide my time. I've been modding xboxs for nostalgia, and finishing my cabs slowly. I picked up this PVG bartop after searching for one for years and I might have paid too much for it, but whatever. It was limited to 6 neo geo games...
  11. Mike26

    xbox 1 modding service

    Hey in the past few days I've been getting pm's about repairing/modding xbox's after responding to someone's request to repair a moded xbox 1. About me I used to mod xbox 1's back in the day but stopped using my xbox 1 a few years ago. I figured the scene was dead and moved on to retro gaming...
  12. Mike26

    Sony Wega 32" CRT free

    Hey guys I picked up a really nice sony wega 32 tube tv to use in my basement for retro consoles, but I was persuaded to purchase an AWSD cab from the philly group buy instead. I have no room for both, so this needs to go. I paid 100 for it, but I'm not asking anything for this monitor. It...
  13. Mike26

    First mamecab build log(Gutted Sega/Gremlin Carnival cab destined for trash bin)

    Welp, I picked up this cab last year for free, it was missing a monitor, and was in bad disrepair. The coin door was missing and various parts were gone. Funny enough, the gameboard was still intact, but a wiring nightmare. I spent a week figuring out the wiring, a year trying to source an...
  14. Mike26

    3do Bundle + Games (Night Trap)

    Hey I picked this up this morning from an estate sale and am trying to get rid of it before I get attached... Verified the discs and the system, everything works perfect. Breakdown/Asking Prices are SHIPPED System & Accessories Panasonic R.E.A.L System + power cable - $60 control pad...
  15. Mike26

    FS: Neo Geo Gameroom Classics 5-in-1 Jamma PCB (Original board pulled from cab)

    This is an original board pulled from an SNK Hanaho Gameroom Classics bartop cabinet, manufactured in 2005. This is not one of the newer/reproduction PCBs that's unable to operate the 20 game pack. Check the pictures to see the shot of pcb markings to verify. The SD card on this PCB...
  16. Mike26

    neo geo bartop

    Was scouring craigslist while in town and came across this gem: Drove 50 miles each way to pick it up. broke my back carrying it down a muddy hill. But I got it into my subaru: Has some damage from usual wear and tear, prior owner seemed like he didn't really care for neo or took any pride...
  17. Mike26

    EL panel A6 replacement Goldie MVS 2 slot finished details

    Hey I've been gone for a while (over a year) but I'm back in my NJ house where my arcades are and figured I'd finish off this final last thing, the EL panel Dilemma. Cab finished, save for those wretched EL panels! It effects almost every MVS cab owner out there, and there have always been...
  18. Mike26

    Interesting solution to high score problem

    I don't know if any of you guys follow hackaday but i was reading and came accross this: basically, this guy devised a method for tapping into the volitile high score data and got it to read out over ethernet and automatically post the highscore data to...
  19. Mike26

    dreamcast SD adaptor built, but dreamshell english site is down!? just my luck

    hey guys last night i finally sat down and got to work.... I went to the dreamshell website in english translation, and it is down. So i tried dcemulation forums to look, its down and been hacked... Tried benheck forums, only idiot trolls there in dreamcast section... Does anyone know how...
  20. Mike26

    FS: hackintosh netbook msi wind plus extras

    Hi I want to sell my msi wind u100 I've used as an awesome travel companion and college notebook as well as a midi controller for my keyboards over the years. The specs: This wind is currently running OSX 10.6.5 VANILLA meaning it runs everything native in osx. It hauls ass for a netbook, and...