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    Neo Super MVS Converter V.2 CIB

    Hello, selling a Neo SuperMVS Converter with screwdriver, plastic wrap and box. Plus 2 multi carts 100-1 and a 161-1 Shipping to Canada and US with tracking number 265$ shipping included More pics upon request, I accept Paypal(friend) or E-transfer(Interac) Cheers
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    SNK NES Setup At last, just got Athena on the NES to complete the SNK NES CB and/or CIB set. It fits right in the middle of my MVS and AES games!! I've also placed them according to their color pattern
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    SOLD:Various Gen, Turbo, GC, PC-Engine games

    SOLD, thank you to the member who is now the proud owner of the lot below.;) I have some games for sale that I don't play anymore or are duplicates. Please PM me if you want more details on conditions. Prices exclude shipping but if you take it all its free for US and Canada^_^ I accept...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Thanks RAZO!! with Road Avenger, my Renovation set is complete!! Woot Woot!!
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Final Fight and Road Avenger Thanks RAZO!!!:lolz:
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    CRT Fetish Thread

    Just got a PVM and its true... the quality is way better than it was on my Trinitron 32'' consumer tv. Thanks for the infos I gather here:P
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Neo games here's some Neo games I was looking for a long time. Big thanks to Colorado Rockie
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Neo surprise todaY Some more Neo Gold system found in the wild, plus 2 games I didnt have in excellent condition So the newly boxed system joins his twin US brother and his little Japanese sister.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Neo Gold edition Found this, from the original owner since 1990 I didn't think those bundle still exist in people houses!!
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Nice Pvms grab !!! So like I was saying in the thread: ''where did we used to buy our stuff back in the days'', I've placed an order at NCSX to see if they really had Super Spy NOS at 60$ as described on their site and after more than 1 month this what I get!! Brand new!!
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    Genesis games Lot

    Hello guys, so here is a Sega Genesis games lot, I only sell it as a lot though. I accept paypal as a gift(or add 4%) 79$US Shipped These are the games CIB: Phantasy Star 3 has a the map(not in great condition though, but no manual) These games have case but no manuals, Sonic has no case...
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    WTB or trade Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

    If anyone has a excellent to mint copy on AES to sell let me know!! Cheers
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    Nintendo Wii and Gamecube Titles

    I bought these titles new back in the days and almost never played them:( and they all in excellent to near mint condition and complete, Odama has the carton box open but it's all sealed stuff inside the box!! The Wii stuff price is for the lot. Prices include shipping to US and Canada Paypal as...
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    AES too Also got this one from Ckchan, it was very very well packaged. I always pushed back the purchase of Karnov's Revenge since the 2000s for no good reasons, I ended up paying more than the double of the price back then but its a near mint copy and I've always like this title.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    lot of MVS Carts gamer condition Got this over the week-end, guy sent me an unknown cart since he wasn't able to test it. Then I tested it and it was: At least it was a game I didn't have before.:smirk:
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    Lot of 2 SNES RPG Cart Only

    ****TRADED**** Paladin's Quest Brandish both in very good condition and in their plastic case 79$ US shipped to US and Canada or taking offers/trades for AES carts or accessories
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    Genesis and Sega CD games lot

    !!SOLD!!! Here's a lot of Genny and Sega CD games I'd prefer to sell as a lot, shipping to Canada and US Condition of games vary, some are complete some other its the manual that is missing. The Sega Cd games are mostly in gamer condition but the cds don't have big marks, its only the case...
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    Achat de Groupe pour des shockboxes et insert? SouthTown

    Salut, je me suis procuré quelques MVS carts toutes nues ces derniers temps et j'aimerais faire une commande pour des shockboxes pour les habiller un peu. Je ferais une commande sur SouthTown: On pourrait splitter le shipping cost pour la region...
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    FS: Xbox Original Games collection

    **Sold!!** So I was pretty busy with my 16-bit gaming purchases lately and I need to clear some space on the shelves. And my games collection for the original xbox is for sale(maybe for trade for MVS or AES stuff) All games are complete and range from Sealed to Excellent Condition here's the...
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    Console Modders dans la region?

    Est-ce qu'il y a des gens qui mod les vieilles consoles(Neo ou autre), un peu comme Kenny Boy, genre ajout des prises RGB/Svideo ou installation de la chip Unibios sur les Neo dans la region de Montreal? Dans le temps j'avais demandé à un collègue programmeur et bidouilleur qui avait installé...