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  1. ViolentStorm

    Can Liverpool win the title?

    With Manchester City and Chelsea both dropping points at the weekend I was thinking to myself if Liverpool can beat Tottenham at Anfield today they could go top on 71 points with six games to go. If Liverpool can keep up with consistently winning their remaining games they will have a very good...
  2. ViolentStorm

    FS: MVS kit bundle with Shockboxes

    For sale I have KOF 2000 full kit with matching serial numbers All kits are 100% genuine and are not boots or conversions. I'm now willing to separate and prices have been changed accordingly. UK buyers for now and if you have any questions send me an PM King of Fighters 2000 full kit £60...
  3. ViolentStorm

    MVS carts bundle for sale.

    I am selling a few spare carts for the MVS and are hoping to sell them as a bundle rather than separating them. The carts I have for sale are Pulstar with original label and shock box and Garou MOTW with original holo label. Both carts are both 100% original and are not boots or conversions...
  4. ViolentStorm

    Worst football tackle ever?

    New Zealand right back Ben Sigmund perhaps forgot the meaning of the word 'friendly' with his disgraceful stamp during a match against the United Arab Emirates in Saudi Arabia. Losing 2-0 in the closing stages of the four-nation OSN Cup final, Sigmund, 32, launched himself at UAE winger Ali...
  5. ViolentStorm

    Garou MOTW MVS Kit for sale collector's piece

    Here I have for sale is a minty Garou MOTW MVS kit with matching serial's. Sold for £500 I would prefer to sell to either the UK or the continent postage is included in the price and will be packed in a box to avoid damage. PM me with any question's. Sold for £500