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  1. Dio Brando

    The Hiking/Camping Thread

    Summer is the time to head out into nature and escape civilization for awhile. Come and tell us of your adventures, your awesome equipment, or where you want to go someday. Pictures are encouraged. I am more of a day hiker myself. Thankfully, the Olympic Peninsula has a plethora of trails to...
  2. Dio Brando

    WTB: A decent stick for PS3

    A regular controller just won't cut it anymore, so it's time for me to become a man. I am especially interested in the HRAP 3 SA, but anything is welcome. If interested, I also have a Agetec DC stick we could do a partial trade with. Thank you for your time.
  3. Dio Brando

    Thoughts on fighting pads?

    I want improve my input accuracy in fighting games on the PS3, but I'm not enough of an enthusiast to drop $100+ on a decent stick. As of result, fighting pads seem like a pretty nice option. While many are craptastic, I have heard the Fighting Commander 3 PRO is fairly excellent. Any of you...
  4. Dio Brando

    WTB: Battle Garegga AND Multitap (Saturn)

    I've waited long enough. I need to get my hands on this shooter, so I can use an actual joystick instead of a keyboard. Condition does not matter, as I just want to play the darned thing. *update* I am also looking for the Multitap adapter for the Saturn. Again, any condition is fine. I also...
  5. Dio Brando

    Can movie posters be classified as media mail?

    As someone who works at a theater, I get access to plenty of posters and would love to have them up for grabs here. However, I cannot find a straight answer as to whether or not they qualify to be sent as media mail. Any knowledge on the matter would greatly be appreciated.
  6. Dio Brando

    Tell us your game data loss stories

    Nothing is more frustrating than dedicating time and effort to some game, only to have your progress completely gone due to an overwrite, data corruption, or some bizarre act of god beyond your control. I have had my fair share of game data losses, but probably my biggest one was about a year...
  7. Dio Brando

    No video on my CMVS. Life is cruel...

    My CMVS is a MV2B board. It was working fine until this happened. After a bit of troubleshooting, I have noticed that when the component video is used, there is a moment that the tv senses the source. Then, the screen changes for a bit, but resorts back to no video. Maybe this change has...
  8. Dio Brando

    Need advice in regards to purchasing a Nintendo VS. Red Tent

    The machine in question: Do you dudes think it is worth my time and money? Even with its issues and damages, it still seems like it might be an excellent deal. I probably wouldn't want to offer much more than $100, though, as there is no way...
  9. Dio Brando

    Happy Birthday, INfintido!

    From one Washingtonian to another, man! Hope your day is awesome!
  10. Dio Brando

    8-bit Invasion

    Just watch it. It's simply awesome in every way. Pixels by Patrick Jean
  11. Dio Brando

    Gentlemen...BEHOLD: The Nintendo 3DS

    The cat has finally been let out of the bag for Nintendo's new handheld: Somehow, the 3DS will allow games to have 3D effects, which someone suggested to be possibly similar to this...
  12. Dio Brando

    WTB Hori Fighting Stick SS stick for Saturn

    I could use a good joystick for playing shmups on my Saturn that doesn't cost me a kidney. As long as it works fine, I really do not care what condition it is in. Thanks, dudes.
  13. Dio Brando

    Bust a Move: Here we gooooo

    I wanted to confirm this cart's legitimacy, but I also wanted to test my knowledge a bit. I'm going say it is legitimate. Chips C1, C2, C3, C4, V1, and V2 all have the NGH# 68, which is the # for Power Spikes 2, but I understand this is normal for Bust a Move. Obviously, there are two...
  14. Dio Brando

    What are some excellent video game history and reference books?

    Right now, I am planning on picking up The Ultimate History of Video Games by Steven L. Kent. Any other suggestions?
  15. Dio Brando

    My NES stopped working last night...

    After over fifteen years of undying service, my NES was unable to boot up Contra, only giving me a constant blue screen. I tried everything I could for a couple hours, blowing on the cartridge:D, adjusting the cartridge in the NES, trying different cartridges, different cables, bending the pins...
  16. Dio Brando

    OH, SNAP! Walmart is offering a 50$ gift card with every Wii starting Dec. 5th!

    Pretty much means the Wii only costs $150. If you haven't bought one yet, this would probably be the time to do so. The offer lasts until the 12th.
  17. Dio Brando

    Game Boy is now in the Toy Hall of Fame! Personally, I think it's awesome. I'm also quite impressed that it beat out Hot Wheels and Cabbage Patch Kids for the honor.
  18. Dio Brando

    Greetings everybody!

    I knew I would get to this eventually.:D Hello! My name is Jeremiah, and I live on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. I have been a gamer since I could hold a NES controller in my hands, and I intend to do so until the day I die. After playing MVS cabinets here and there for many years...
  19. Dio Brando

    The Ninja Gaiden 2 (NES) soundtrack is righteous!

    I recently downloaded the album, and I can easily say it is one of the best soundtracks on the NES. Do yourself a favor and listen to it (or play the game for that matter).:buttrock: On another note, what are your favorite old gaming soundtracks?
  20. Dio Brando

    I REALLY need a famicom ac adapter

    Doesn't matter the condition it is in, and I would much prefer an actual nintendo one over a third party one. For those who don't know, the NES ac adapters don't work with the famicom, so I cannot use them. Many thanks!