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  1. ForeverSublime

    Q&A with Michael Beard, OG SNK Voice Actor

    Hi future Mr. Beard reading this thread.
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    Car Buying

    Did they still do a credit check even though you paid cash?
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    Name that shmup

    The name of a shmup has escaped me for too long, so time to ask smart people. Thought it may have been Gekirindan or Batsugun, but doesn't appear to be the case. It's vertical/arcade. I believe I'm remembering the last level, which starts out in something like a jousting arena, or something...
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    Biden 2020

    Great reaction on the Biker Buddies' faces. Who'se lap is Biden grinding on, anyway? "Troll" / Not a shop?
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    FS: MVS and AES games, NeoSaveMasta

    USA members only. I may prefer to sell to members who have been around longer, even if you respond sooner. Payment by PayPal gift, Prices include shipping [Priority Mail, tracked, within the USA] MVS: Pic Metal Slug $100 Metal Slug 3 $100 Last Blade (Japanese Label) $100 Last Blade (English...
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    Any runners out there?

    My friend is an avid runner, and he's organizing a 50k in Bend, Oregon next month. I'm going to volunteer at aid stations for the runners - looks like beautiful country. I gave long distance a go, but it wasn't my forte. I enjoyed listening to books during the runs. . . but, I'm pretty good...
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    FS: Japanese Home Carts

    USA only. Paypal Gift. 1 cart per person (forgive me). Carts will be packed outside of cases to prevent further damage to inner trays. Includes shipping if you pay at (just paypal me the remainder). Hope prices aren't shit, even without discounts. Save $5 If you have an...
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    New Project: Save money on shipping (good for forum market) Think "Priceline for Postage". This should help you save money on shipping labels with an easy to use interface. So, next time you have a package give it a whirl and offer your feedback. If you are a member of any other forums (especially ones with a marketplace), please...
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    Excellent article on Privacy issues - how your friends give you up to the man

    Thanks for the 6 million sunblock, yellowpages.
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    Excellent article on Privacy issues - how your friends give you up to the man

    We've known credit card users can be identified with as little as two pieces of a transactional information, but it turns out identifying anonymous friends works in a similar way. These friends of so-and-so clearly didn't give permission to be identified, but these sorts of issues haven't been...
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    Tierzoo - Animals explained through game meta (edu-tainment) Begin anywhere. Love some of the lingo, and it's understandable in context. "World's most difficult server" = Africa If you have kids, I think they may dig it. Reminds me of the Wildlife Treasury box...
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    Which 6-button pad to buy for a genesis?

    "Unknown brand" sadly. I don't have an original pad to compare it too, but if I remember the buttons on this are a little stiffer and the d-pad is a little more fluid. I dug them out and found a photo of one here: That photo is from a thread about third party controllers in this thread on...
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    I am confused

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    I made a thing: Red Rover TradeMart: Fun little app update in a few days

    Hey guys, Been working on an app, and want you guys to be the first to try it out. You've done plenty of marketplace stuff before, so you probably get it in less than a 3 minute video, but humor me. I'll be testing a few low-budget vids. Red Rover TradeMart is...
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    Broken Photobucket/User Titles

    My angelfire account is still kicking. Sweet. ----->
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    Any electricians in the house?

    I've got this bank of lights above the bathroom mirror. On the far right are two burnt bulbs. If I replace them, they burn out within 3 days. Never had to replace the others. It's a fun puzzle. I seem to remember something about step-down resistors when lights are in a circuit. I've got a...
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    How to send paypal gift? - aka fuck paypal again.

    I tried to google search but it appears their policy has changed over the years and couldn't find a current answer. When I put in a person's email, it shows who I'm sending money to "You send = X" "Recipient gets = X" "Send Money Now" I'm afraid to click the "send money now" button. It...