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  1. bulletnyourass

    Happy Birthday bulletnyourass

    Thank you guys. Ended up relocating again. Left Minnesota and now I’m in Fort Worth, Texas. Thanks for all of the BDay wishes.
  2. bulletnyourass

    WTB: LG SuperBlu BH200

    I know this is a long shot.....but I bought my original unit from these forums. Looking for a LG SuperBlu BH200 player. Would like one that comes with the OEM remote but will entertain offers for units without the remote. I’ve bought and sold here for years so you can check my feedback here or...
  3. bulletnyourass

    FOUND: Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

    I’m sure this is a long shot, but if someone bought the Diablo 3 Switch console and are looking to part with the case, I am interested. Not sure what to offer....let’s say $50+ shipping just so that I comply with market rules by posting a price. Phillip
  4. bulletnyourass

    3 snaplock cases SOLD

    Some last few tidbits from my collection. 3 snaplock cases Sold for $150
  5. bulletnyourass

    Thimbleweed Park Limited Run Games

    Never tried to get anything on the day of release through them until today. I was trying to get the big box version of Thimbleweed Park for the Switch. This morning, as well as this afternoon, this version literally sold out in 1 minute. I think it was 3,000 copies available each time. By the...
  6. bulletnyourass

    SOLD!!! Metal Slug 5 AES Classic Art Set

    Up for sale is a Brand New (Never Used) Metal Slug 5 AES Classic Art Set. This was bought new by me, directly from the Neo Store. It includes the following: 1) Metal Slug 5 Classic Insert 2) Metal Slug 5 Classic Cart Sticker 3) Metal Slug 5 Poster...
  7. bulletnyourass

    SOLD! Rage Of the Dragons Classic Insert

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a BRAND NEW (NEVER USED) Rage Of the Dragons Classic Insert. Got it directly from the Neo Store when I bought my original ROTD Homecart. Asking $100 + $15 shipping in the US I also have a Mint Snap Lock case for $50 I NO LONGER HAVE THE HOMECART!!! PayPal...
  8. bulletnyourass

    US Homecarts: Prices lowered

    After years of having these sitting around and not being played, I am parting with the games I have left. Prices do not include shipping. All games will be shipped with tracking numbers and will be shipped through USPS. You can pay by PayPal gift or add 4%. I am only selling. NOT TAKING TRADES...
  9. bulletnyourass

    What's left of my collection. Originally only needed Kizuna, Ultimate 11 and Metal Slug 1 to complete my collection. Due to all of the bootlegs it just wasn't worth the risk. Sold off a lot and only have this left. Figured I'd post a pic before it's...
  10. bulletnyourass

    Pandora 4S Arcade Dual joystick box

    Have any of you ordered one of these? If so, what did you think of the build quality? Was it worth the price? Are there any reputable sellers? I was thinking of getting one but figured I'd better do my due diligence and check here first. Phillip
  11. bulletnyourass

    FOUND!!!Isaac Afterbirth+ Launch Edition Nintendo Switch

    Anyone looking to sell that still has all the stickers and the manual? Looking for a well taken care of copy. Phillip FOUND
  12. bulletnyourass

    WTB: Sengoku 3 US (Cart Only)

    I know this is a long shot. Looking for a Sengoku 3 US (cart only). PM me with details. Phillip
  13. bulletnyourass

    NOS Blues Journey AES question

    So, I have a NOS Blues Journey AES. I recently opened it to take pictures of it and noticed that between the vinyl case and the plastic tray, there's a fairly long 3.5mm headphone cable wrapped around the plastic tray. I thought only League Bowling came with this cable. Does anyone know why this...
  14. bulletnyourass

    WTB Sengoku US AES

    Looking to replace the damaged one I have. I know it's a long shot.....if someone has one, send me a price shipped to 90814. Looking for a mint/near mint complete US AES copy. Phillip
  15. bulletnyourass

    Sold Metal Slug X US AES

    Bought this from forum member Kiselgof some years ago. Cartridge Manual and Case are mint. Insert is not. Long story short. Protective case was cracked and a silverfish damaged the bottom of the rear insert. $1000 Shipped in the US (USPS Priority Mail) $1100 Shipped overseas (USPS Express Mail)...
  16. bulletnyourass

    WTT-WTS The Evil Within PS4 New/Sealed

    Ending up getting this as a gift. Already have a copy, so looking to sell this or trade for another PS4 or XBone. Will sell for $35 shipped anywhere in CONUS. Will trade for any of the following titles (I am aware that I may have to add money for certain trades) English copies only: PS4 Guilty...
  17. bulletnyourass

    Stand for PVM-2950Q

    So....I've had this beast of a monitor for a few years now. Im finally looking to get a nice stand for it. To those of you that own a monitor of a similar size, can you point me in the right direction. Looking for something strong enough to support its weight but also aesthetically pleasing. I...
  18. bulletnyourass

    PS3 HRAP on PS4

    Can the PS3 sticks be used on PS4 without modification? If not, is there a way you can mod it to work for both systems..or is it a 'one OR the other' type of situation? While I'm at it......I have the same question about using a XBox360 HRAP ON XBox One. Any links to info would be greatly...
  19. bulletnyourass

    FS/FT New Sealed Far Cry 4 PS4

    Ended up getting a copy of this as a gift, but I already own it. Looking to trade it for GTAV for PS4 or XBox One. Will sell for $50 shipped in the US. Far Cry is new/sealed with Y-fold. Phillip