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  1. Dan Elektro

    Baseball Stars 2 Review

    US Title: Baseball Stars 2 Japanese Title: Baseball Stars 2 By: SNK Year: 1992 Size: 68 Megs Home Release? Yes MVS Release? Yes CD Release? Yes The programmers at Midway--the folks who brought the world such action-oriented coin-op hits as NBA Jam and NFL...
  2. Dan Elektro

    Wanted: 25" Neo upright in working order

    Preferably a 2-slot or better, and preferably in Northern California. My office said "We need some upright video games and we have a budget!" So hey--US red cab is fine. 25" cabs only. Candy cab would be fine too. Please drop me a note if you have one for sale or know of one for sale. Dan
  3. Dan Elektro

    MV-1 "Work RAM Error"

    This error message in my 1-slot US Neo cab was intermittant for a while but now it appears every time I boot up. I have the standard US BIOS and the oldest hardware rev of the 1-slot board out there (MV-1, with joystick connectors and memory card reader support). When I boot up, here's what...
  4. Dan Elektro

    FT: MVS RotD full kit, Gururin, SSIV

    I have the following that I would like to swap: Rage of the Dragons full English kit, matching serials, unopened baggie. A few light scratches on the underside of the cart from the five (count them, five) times I inserted and reinserted it into my MV-1 only to find that it just wouldn't work...
  5. Dan Elektro

    The GamePro Enigma - March 2003 puzzle

    Commence free plug... One of the reasons I have not been on here lately is that I've been working on a special project at work. The GamePro Enigma is a multi-layered puzzle that is hidden around the March 2003 issue (which should hit subscribers next week). Find the clues, figure them out...
  6. Dan Elektro

    CA Extreme arcade show this weekend

    Spotted two Neo cabs, one was a four-slot and one was either a 1 or 2 slot--probably a 2. The 2-slot had Bust-A-Move in it complete with mini-marquee.
  7. Dan Elektro

    FS/T: MVS Gururin

    Naked cart, white, Japanese label, good condition. Make me an offer or trade me--I'm interested in picking up loose MVS copies of KoF 98, Eightman, Crossed Swords, and Super Baseball 2020. (Not *all* in trade for this, obviously, but Gururin for a few of the low-tier common ones if you have...
  8. Dan Elektro

    MS4 in Sept 02 GamePro

    I snuck in a 1/3 "preview" of Metal Slug 4 into the September issue (Tekken 4 cover) since we could not secure a reviewable copy in time. I know it says "First Look" and the game is already out in arcades, but hey, five screens and a writeup that three million gamers will see is better than no...
  9. Dan Elektro

    FA: Various game stuff

    My big move is next weekend, so this is the end of my game stuff that I'm parting with. Mostly common stuff, but there are a few random gems in there too. Auctions end Sunday. <a...
  10. Dan Elektro

    FS: MVS carts

    All are MVS...make me an offer so I don't have to pack them for my move. - Gururin loose, white cart, Japanese label intact - Savage Reign complete kit EXCEPT only 1 flyer is included. Serial numbers match on box and cart. ...and I have a lot of non-Neo stuff up on eBay at the moment which...
  11. Dan Elektro

    FS: Saturn Mission Stick w/box

    Found this one, dusted it off, realized I don't need it...anybody interested? The cool thing about the Mission Stick is that you can configure it for left- or right-handed use, something more controllers need to do. I have the stick itself, the original box, instructions, and a sealed copy of...
  12. Dan Elektro

    FS: Elemental Gearbolt assassin case w/gold GunCon

    I'm getting ready to move my apartment so it's time to pass on some REALLY COOL SHIZNIT to you. I am parting with my prized Elemental Gearbolt Assassin Case. These were promo items/contest prizes offered by Working Designs to promote the PSX game. The set includes a gold-plated GunCon, a red...
  13. Dan Elektro

    Lilo & Stitch GBA = Metal Slug

    You won't believe me until you try it yourself--but seriously, try this one when it comes out. Lilo & Stitch GBA plays uncannily like Metal Slug. Weapon powerups, even a tank that you jump into for parts of some levels. Very fast firing rate of the weapons. All that's missing is the hostages...
  14. Dan Elektro

    SNK tribute t-shirt at

    Hopefully this hasn't been posted already, but I got this in my work email today and definitely wanted to pass it on immediately:
  15. Dan Elektro

    MVS memory card - questions

    I just got and installed the memory card reader in my 1-slot. Now all I need to know is if it works. And I can't seem to tell. I went to the test menu and it says "insert memory card" at one of the tests. I do, after which nothing happens. I have two unused SNK memory cards--only need one...
  16. Dan Elektro


    Works great, 4 players if you wire it up right. No manual but I do have the DIP settings and you may be able to get a PDF online. $40 or trade me something neat--I'm an MVS owner and I have 25 consoles. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">
  17. Dan Elektro

    Motor City Online

    Though I think I know what the answer will be--"I don't like paying for games I've already paid for"--is anybody here on Motor City Online? I'm pretty's definitely for serious car nuts, of which I am not one, but I find I'm actually learning a bit about the way cars work by...
  18. Dan Elektro

    A power surge zapped my MVS cab...advice?

    Okay, so yesterday sucked. Woke up to a power outage. Took about five or six hours for power to come back on. About two hours after that, we got a very small power surge, but it came while I was playing my Neo 1-slot. It went from Aero Fighters 3 to a dark screen immediately. When I try to turn...
  19. Dan Elektro

    The NAM-1975 Review Showdown

    Bobak and I are of two different minds on what a perfect time for everybody else to get involved. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0"> Our Siskel & Ebert takes are posted in the Reviews sections; anybody else care to chime in with their own writeup? It's not like you haven't...
  20. Dan Elektro

    WTB/T: MVS memory card reader & cables

    Yeah, snowball's chance, I know. Not sure of the true value but I have some MVS goodies to trade, or we can talk price: * Gururin loose, white cart * Nam 1975 w/mini-marquee * Panic Bomber w/matching serial number box (serial number 000051!) * Puzzle de Pon w/inserts, mini-marquee AND large...