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  1. Kaioh

    FS: Panzer Dragoon Saga, Burning Rangers (rent is due sale) *SOLD*

    I really hate to sell these games, but got bills and need the money. Accepting Paypal and free shipping/insurance to the main 48 USA. Click thumbnails for larger pics. Panzer Dragoon Saga - $860 shipped All discs, manual and case are in excellent condition. Some back insert warping/creasing...
  2. Kaioh

    FS: Kuon, Project Justice, KOF 10th pin set

    Looking to sell the following items. Prices include shipping. US buyers only please. PM me with any questions. PayPal accepted. Thanks for looking! 1. KUON - PS2 (game and case, no booklet) Game disc has minor wear. No deep cuts or scratches. Works fine. $195 shipped 2. Project Justice...
  3. Kaioh

    FREE: MTG Arena Sealed Event Codes (GONE)

    ALL GONE I have 2 free MTG Arena codes for 1 free sealed event entry per account. The first 2 people to PM me will get one code each. Thanks.
  4. Kaioh

    SOLD: PC Engine Arcade Card Pro

    I have an Arcade Card Pro for sale that I no longer use. Has a small crack on front case near NEC you can see in picture. HuCard sleeve and little sponge thingy also included. Asking $120 shipped in USA. PM with any questions. Thank you! EDIT: SOLD
  5. Kaioh

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    Went to the nearby Hastings yesterday since they are having a going out of business sale. Didn't get anything really fancy or expensive, but I did pick up these at 20% off. Going by weight of the Science Fiction blind box, I was hoping for the Godzilla. The Alien is fine though.
  6. Kaioh

    WTB: Shogo PC Box version

    A boxed version does exist. I still have mine complete. I wouldn't even know what to ask for it. The shipping cost would probably kill the deal lol.
  7. Kaioh

    WTB: Sega Pico w/software

    Looking to get a complete (box not needed) and working Sega Pico with software/games for my little girl. Let me know if anyone has a bundle or whatever. Thanks!
  8. Kaioh

    FS: Run Saber (SNES), Darius Gaiden, Three Dirty Dwarves, Guardian Heroes (SAT)

    Selling the following games. Paypal or Postal Money Order accepted. US buyers only please. PM me if you have any questions. SNES Run Saber $60 shipped In really good condition. Minor label and cart wear. Tested and works fine. SEGA Saturn: Guardian Heroes $120 shipped *SOLD* Three Dirty...
  9. Kaioh

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    I went to Goodwill today. Saw this big Transformers box across the store. It was the 2ft tall 30th Anniversary TF Generations Metroplex. The box was opened and re-taped and it had a cut on the front. Was only $9.99. Figured I'd take a chance. Got home, opened it and it's still freaking new in...
  10. Kaioh

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    Not exactly toys/action figures, but I recently started playing and collecting Heroclix. I got this gigantic bad ass Nekron figure from the War of Light tournament that's been going on for 6 months. This was the overall prize. This pic is of all my Black Lantern Corps! Anyone else play or...
  11. Kaioh

    FS: Cotton JP NGPC complete

    I have a complete NM in box JP copy of Cotton for the NGPC. Asking $125 shipped. US buyers only. Paypal accepted. Other sales thread here
  12. Kaioh

    FS: Saturn Bomberman, NES 4 game lot, Magic Box controller adapter

    I have a copy of Christmas Nights with sleeve. Has a couple of Blockbuster Video price stickers on front and back. Disc has minor marks. Works flawlessly. Asking $20 shipped. SOLD Also have a disc only copy of a near mint Saturn Bomberman. Asking $60 shipped. Click thumbnail to enlarge: NES...
  13. Kaioh

    Ebay buyer concerns.

    So, for the first time in 7 years I decide to list and sell something on Ebay yesterday. Before I listed the item, I tried to find a way to block 0 feedback buyers. I guess you can't do that anymore...ok. So, I put a Buy it Now with Best Offer on the item. The Buy It Now is marked $125, a...
  14. Kaioh

    FS: NES 4 games w/sleeves lot

    I have the following NES games with sleeves to sell as a lot. Clean carts with clean labels. Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers (has T wrote into cart) Castlevania (has T wrote into cart) Castlevania II Simon's Quest (has T wrote into cart) Mickey Mousecapade (sleeve has cuts/cracks) Asking $40...
  15. Kaioh

    FS: SNES games, Xbox Magic Box adapter

    Decided to thin out my collection a bit. Might add more in the next few days All games are working and in great condition unless otherwise noted. Sorry for the low quality phone pics. You can PM me with any questions. Buyers in the US only please. Free shipping on orders $30+. Otherwise...
  16. Kaioh

    Dead Island: GOTY (lol)

    So do any of you have Dead Island? I saw the GOTY edition today at Walmart for $19.96 and figured I'd take the plunge. I read that they fixed the save glitching and other issues which made me keep from buying it initially. Picked it up for the PS3. If anyone is interested in playing some...
  17. Kaioh

    WTB: Game Boy Micro Faceplate

    Any kind will do! I need at least one! If you have two, I'll take it as well. Need to replace a scratched up faceplate. Thanks!
  18. Kaioh

    FS: Cotton (JP), NGPC-DC link cable, NGPC E3 1999 Promo Pin

    US Buyers only! Paypal gift and Postal Money Order payment accepted. click to enlarge: Cotton (complete, mint, JP version) - $70 shipped NeoGeo Pocket - Dreamcast Link Cable (original, working, box is a bit rough) - $48 shipped Bk8SHuVuW8g NeoGeo Pocket Color E3 1999 Promo Light-up...
  19. Kaioh

    FS/FT: Games, Toys, NGPC items, etc.

    US buyers only please. Paypal gift or Postal Money Order payment accepted. Will cut a deal on multiple item purchases! Stuff I'm looking for: Game Boy Micro face plates Muchi Muchi Pork! & Pink Sweets (Xbox 360) Bullet Soul (Xbox 360) Walk It Out (Wii) DDR Hottest Party 3 (Wii) Saints Row The...