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    Interested in that Mr. Driller, shooting you a PM
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    Upscaler in 2024

    I'm in the same boat. Got another 5x for the Vewlix because my ossc wouldn't do weird resolutions or resolution transitions very well, and this was much more stable. I'm not sure if the 4k is worth the $700 plus as of yet, I'm perfectly happy with my 5x and, with the profile setting, it's a set...
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    Not a fan of the series, but I like Neo Bomberman

    I enjoyed nel Bomberman but the more players, the more fun. 2 players felt fairly limiting. My wife and I got really into the SNES bombermans as well as mega Bomberman, all those are a ton of fun with their single player and multiplayer
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    FF7 Rebirth

    There is a lot of padding. A lot. The only side game I actually enjoy is Queens Blood. If there was a dedicated mobile version or, heaven forbid, a physical version, my wallet would be emptied out.
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    Spring Cleaning Sale 2024

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    FF7 Rebirth

    I'm 26 hours in, barely touched exploring and made it to the golden saucer.
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    Weekly Roundup

    PS5 Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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    FF7 Rebirth

    Pros: gorgeous landscape that really captures the art style of the original. Junon and Kalm are fantastic. Soundtrack has enough of the original melodies to sound familiar but still be original in scope. Characters are well written and voiced, it doesn't sound stilted minus some NPCs here and...
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    What's Your Favorite Item in Your SNK Collection?

    Probably my MVS copies of Metal Slug and Neo Turf Masters. The former because I felt awesome playing it on a supergun setup for the first time. I could hardly believe I was playing a game from the arcades on my TV, it got me hooked beyond a passing interest. The latter, my brother would come...
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    Real CPS1 Multi!?

    Because you're going to pay it. All arcade stuff worth a damn is stupid expensive now.
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    Weekly Roundup

    PS5 Final Fantasy XVI - this quickly became one of our favorite games in the franchise. Story is well paced, the combat system is a ton of fun but I can tell that people who prefer the turn based JRPG mechanics would be intimidated by the action. Definitely give it a try if you're on the fence.
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    Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance (PC/Xbox/PS/Switch)

    This has me pumped, and also tells me to never buy SMT games at launch because there will always be a mega definitive version later a la Capcom
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    Happy Birthday, NeoDogg!

    Happy belated man!
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    FS: Pulstar AES (SOLD)

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    Annual purge sale

    Fayetteville. I know. I know.
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    Happy Birthday, ggallegos1

    Thanks gents. We celebrated a bit early due to me being out of town this weekend, we went to Charlotte to go see the Distant Worlds concert and have a lovely dinner.
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    Annual purge sale

    Last bump, items will be put up on Facebook as well. All sold items have been shipped out, if you want a bundle price let me know!
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    WTB: Shock Troopers 1 AES CIB

    The NeoSD
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    Happy Birthday, skate323k137

    Happy birthday brother!!
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    Annual purge sale

    Everything sold was shipped out. The pending SNES games are back up because of time wasters. I'll be out of town in Houston until the 29th, and then these will go to Facebook. Any purchases or bundles will be shipped by the end of the month.