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  1. Johnny16Bit

    May 2024 SOTM vote: Genny Vs Neo

    saved for later :buttduck:
  2. Johnny16Bit

    May 2024 SOTM vote: Genny Vs Neo

    This May, you Can * Choose the comfort of a console game (that is not completely broken like, say, a Compile or a Vic-Tokai release) * or the raw brutality of a 1990s arcade shooter In this classic 16-bit face-off: Will you pick one of these 5 solid Genny Toaplan ports? - Twin Hawk /...
  3. Johnny16Bit

    Happy birthday pixeljunkie

    HBD! :cheers:
  4. Johnny16Bit

    Cyborg Force, new 2023 project

    No, I never played it. It looks more like some sort of Strider doesn't it?
  5. Johnny16Bit

    Cyborg Force, new 2023 project

    We posted a longplay, for those who prefer games when they're played by someone else on YT :keke:
  6. Johnny16Bit

    Cyborg Force, new 2023 project

    No :keke: I like surprises :)
  7. Johnny16Bit

    Cyborg Force, new 2023 project

    Quick update on the expedition front if some of you are still waiting for their "order shipped" email. There has been a gap in MVS supply, hence a delay with these cart orders; however, we're catching up, and another big lot of orders went in the mail this week. Over 80% of cart orders have now...
  8. Johnny16Bit

    NG.DEV Team MVS Carts - Nuances/Issues?

    We have a similar problem with our games - the selection cursor just won't move on multislots, and will remain stuck on our game's title. We don't know what the exact issue but it doesn't seem power related; the carts we use don't need the extra oomph to work. Just consider the game switching...
  9. Johnny16Bit

    [found] Neo Geo CD unit

    Yeah been watching several ebay offers from the UK, but the fees just make them silly. I'll PM you in a week or two if I'm not sorted, thanks buddy 🤟
  10. Johnny16Bit

    What was the first neogeo game you played in an arcade cabinet?

    I believe it was teh mighty Ninja Combat. The sound was quite impressive at the time. The way it sucked my pocket money too :(
  11. Johnny16Bit

    [found] Neo Geo CD unit

    I'm looking for a Neo CD console, in tested/working & ready to play condition. The cheaper top loading one would be fine. I don't care about the box, but it would be a plus if it came with a European (=FR) PSU, & a video cable. Thanks :beer: EDIT-- FOUND, thanks
  12. Johnny16Bit

    Arcade1up better than real cabs?

    I ended up goobin' and bought one of them, the SFII 35th anniversary yoga flame thing. I didn't like the artwork much (I was all over the MK I one), but the line up was good and reviews said the screen / size / controls were better on this one. Mixed feelings about it, but all in all it's...
  13. Johnny16Bit

    Does the barber cut your eyebrows?

    Not doing it results in Boris Karloff X Pai Mei looks, and silly "eyebrow dressing" gestures.
  14. Johnny16Bit

    Happy Birthday Lagduf

    HBD, young man :cool::beer:
  15. Johnny16Bit

    Happy Birthday Johnny16Bit!

    Thanks dude! :) :cheers:
  16. Johnny16Bit Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

  17. Johnny16Bit

    Cyborg Force, new 2023 project

    I'm running a worldwide scoring competition on the game during the months of April & May. Currently I'm using a topic on neo geo system to keep track of the scores submitted. I'll open one here as well if enough people join in - otherwise just post your scores in this topic and I'll add them...
  18. Johnny16Bit

    So how many of you goobs own NGH/AES games?

    No way you ban the guy who posted Slug 4, Slug 5 and SVC in his top 10!!
  19. Johnny16Bit

    Give me old PC game recs

    Wing Commander II Eye of the Beholder I, II, & all the similar RPGs