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    tattoo assassins

    Hi all i'm wondering if some of you has already seen a pcb of tattoo assassins for sale? As my hobby is collect 2D fighting game pcb , this one even if not a good game would be a really good piece in my collection haha if you have some info on where i can find them let me know PS also...
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    Desuicide Muscle duo

    Hello i've got 3 muscle duo laying around and i know z80 muscle bomber desuicide works for duo but not the C board fix. I'm wondering if someone has already work on it and could help me to revive mine thanks
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    WTB art of fighting art set mvs

    Hello i'm looking for complete mvs art set jap or US art of fighting (with move sticker) art of fighting 2 king of monsters if you have them let me know Cheers Pierre
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    WTB art of fighting complete kit

    Hello i'd like to buy a complete kit of art of fighting including move strip thanks a lot Pierre
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    WTB Slam masters q sound

    Hi i'm looking for a slam master board with a nice shell of course if it's suicide free it's better haha also looking for versus fighting art set (jap or english) cps2 -super muscle bomber mvs -art of fighting 1,2,3 -real bout -waku waku -ragnagard -king of monster -kof 95 -kabuki klash...
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    WTB mvs art sets and other

    Hi i'm looking for some mvs art sets and other system art sets : -MVS (US/Jap) -aggressor of dark kombat -art of fighting -art of fighting 2 -art of fighting 3 -breaker's revenge -fatal fury 2 -Kabuki Klash -kof 95 -king of monsters -kizuna encounter -last blade 2 -ragnagard -real bout -real...
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    looking for Killing blade art

    Hello all i'm still looking for killing blade art if some one has hi res scan of it or is willing to sell it just let me know ^^ thanks
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    WTB killing blade pgm arts

    Hi all i' looking for some killing blade pgm arts if you have it for sell let me know also if you have it and you don't want to sell it if you can do an hi res scan of it ^^ thanks a lot :multi_co:
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    [WANTED] astro city connector crimps

    Hi all i'm looking for some astro city connectors crimps male and female also i you have some astro connectors i could be interested in Let me know if you have some of them thanks a lot have a nice day bye Pierre
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    [WTB] Alien Challenge IGS pcb

    Hi guyz I'm looking for this pcb Alien Challenge made by IGS in the 90's i think 1992 or 1994 i don't remember exactly Please PM me if you have this laying around ^^ thanks a lot
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    FS/FT guilty gear reload+slash NAOMI

    Hello i have a naomi ggxx slash kit and a ggxx reload gdrom+chip to sell i'm asking 1400 euros for slash and reload if you're interested you can send me an email thanks a lot :smt006 don't hesitate to contact me for your offer ^^ here is the list of pcbs i'm looking...
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    WTB fight fever MVS cheap

    Hello all is in the title i want a MVS fight fever ^^ thanks for your offer bye
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    neogeo arcade stick old style

    hello i am searching for a neogeo arcade stick old style i am in france if you have some idea where i can buy it tell me thank you