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    So I finally got around to listening to Aphex Twin....

    I really like this sound, any other recommendations?
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    3s GGPO anyone want to play tonight?

    my tag is Telepunk, (same as my windows live ID btw so shoot me a msg if necessary) and let's play.
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    Time to march to the sea!

    Just like Uncle Billy did all those years ago.
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    Make me the bouncer...

    I think it's time for fuckwits like soylent_goo to be thrown out of the goddamn club. He's like the Plaxico Burris of message boards.
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    Meals every person should have (at least once) before they die.

    Starting with, a Jamaican beef patty on coco bread. with a side of yucca fries and a strong ginger beer.
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    Looking for some Junglist tracks where to start

    I've always been a fan of modern reggae, but the heavier junglist sound is really drawing me in. I've been listening to MC Stevie Hyper D's Junglist Soldier like crazy and I love it! throw a few recommendations my way!
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    Northern Ireland, the violence continues. From the Associated Press
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    Call Electricgrave boogy-bear?

    you decide.
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    WTF some mofo went all GTA in my town!,0,579508.story WTF, this crazy mofo went to my old school.
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    Zune Users Post Your Tags

    After reading the "how do you find new music" thread I was thinking how cool it would be to share music with you guys Here's my tag Telepunk
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    Cartoon Network Just Rickrolled The Entire Country!

    The most epic Rickroll was just performed during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Happy Thanksgiving guys! EDIT: Found a video
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    The pipe smoking thread

    what pipes do you smoke, favorite brands of tobacco, packing and lighting techniques? I smoke Ashton "Smooth Sailing" out of a Dunhill billiard. here's a pic of my pipe and my favorite blend so far
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    Eddie Palmieri

    Is a genius, I saw him at York College on Saturday, I have always been a casual fan of Latin Jazz and Salsa but damn that was amazing.
  14. S political parties

    First I would like to say, that smengetravel's WR thread is not in line with the ideals of democracy so put your name in the running for president of! The Rules are as follows, which ever party has more than fifteen members will have a primary election next Friday (Sept 19). The Polls...
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    The Wire : Season 5 DVD

    I have had it for close to two weeks and I still believe that "The Wire" is still the single greatest thing to be shown on television this millennium; discuss of you like.
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    Extra or Advanced

    Decision:98 - You Decide
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    tHe PuNK thReaD

    Post videos and shit of the genre, thats not a genre; punk is not dead, because it was never alive. Ideas don't walk around and spread themselves but they never go away either. Acton Zulus - Carbon/Silicon
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    Felix Wankel 4 Lyfe!