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  1. Kid Fenris

    FS: LoneSage's Last Call - Gen, SNES, GB/GBC/GBA/DS, fanny pack

    I'll give you five dollars shipped for Bazooka Blitzkrieg but first I want you to fly back to your mother's home at your own expense and personally take pics of the cart from every possible angle so I know the condition. Also I'll pay by check and only after I get the game in the mail.
  2. Kid Fenris

    First cart you ever owned

    The King of Fighters '96 - I got a nice deal on it a month or two before I actually had an AES. It's a rougher game than the more popular KoFs, but it was cheap, the character lineup is a lot of fun, and unlike most KoF games from '97 onward, there's no enhanced version available somewhere else...
  3. Kid Fenris

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Damn, that's some nice Wardner art. Funny too, since the hero is a fat little hobbit in the actual game.
  4. Kid Fenris

    FS: Boxed JP Saturn w/ MODE & 500GB M.2 SSD Installed - $500, Recapped & Serviced Boxed PC Engine, Janky Slim NGPC w/ IPS

    Good luck. Sounds like you did a good job reviving that NGPC. Reading about its history makes me want to adopt it like a shelter dog.
  5. Kid Fenris

    Vote on the worst shooter for Neo Geo

    I voted for Ghost Pilots. It does nothing memorable and feels like a mediocre 1980s SNK arcade game that somehow jumped to the Neo Geo. That was actually what happened with NAM-1975, which started off as a regular arcade title. Ghost Pilots came out almost a year after the Neo Geo launched...
  6. Kid Fenris

    Aleste Collection (PS4, Switch)

    I always thought it was weird that GG Aleste 3 didn't get some Limited Run Games cartridge or whatever. I guess they didn't want to cut into sales of the Aleste Collection, but that's been out for over two years now and it didn't even have an international release.
  7. Kid Fenris

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    If you're getting Earnest Evans you should at least go for the Mega CD version. The Genesis version (which Renovation tried to package as a sequel set in the 1980s) is just as awkward and doesn't even have cutscenes. Annet Again is at least easier to play but it's very repetitive and feels...
  8. Kid Fenris

    The most average Neo game you've played

    I enjoy a lot of the visual design and little touches in Robo Army, like how you can destroy an enemy's upper half or transform into a vehicle. It definitely feels a little undercooked when it comes to gameplay, though.
  9. Kid Fenris

    The last game SNK released before the Neo: Search and Rescue

    I like SAR more than most of SNK's 1980s arcade games; the alien-infested ship is interesting and the diving move is a nice touch. You're right about it being generic and not living up to its potential, though. It starts to repeat itself way too soon. That flyer is amazing. I know everyone was...
  10. Kid Fenris

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I can't believe they changed Crying to Bio-Hazard Battle for North America.
  11. Kid Fenris

    Rejected KOF 2000 Strikers

    Yeah, that woman on the right at 1:40 definitely looks like the Pulstar pilot. I wonder what sort of striker attack she could've had.
  12. Kid Fenris

    NeoStore Riding Hero AES for $379.99

    Let's not be too hasty. Riding Hero cost what, $200 back in 1990? Adjusted for inflation, that's about $450. Now, GameStop pricing tells us that a used game is worth only five bucks less than a new one, but this Riding Hero is $380! What a steal!
  13. Kid Fenris

    The most average Neo game you've played

    Another vote here for Aggressors of Dark Kombat. It's not terrible but no one really talks about it one way or the other. At least people remember World Heroes. I'm going back a few pages to say that Super Baseball 2020 is a personal favorite of mine. I know Baseball Stars 2 outdoes it in...
  14. Kid Fenris

    New Genesis game (WIP) by Yuzo Koshiro

    Looks great. That atmospheric descent reminds me of Thunder Force IV's water stage, just for the way the clouds move.
  15. Kid Fenris

    $300k Kizuna Encounter Euro AES over at the NeoStore

    Well, I'd say it's definitely worth the eight bucks they want for the ACA release.
  16. Kid Fenris

    Breakers Collection Announced

    There's nothing wrong with Tia, but I maintain that gentlemen prefer Rila. It's cool that they included a gallery of fan art. I tried to finagle @Bratwurst into drawing and submitting something but all of his ideas were too obscene.
  17. Kid Fenris

    NGPC Bundle - SOLD

    DM sent.
  18. Kid Fenris

    SNK figure

    Remember these King of Fighters XIII figures? Seems like they're rather pricey now. I wonder what the mystery figure is.
  19. Kid Fenris

    Hi! Hello? Oh dear, I've gone and done something wrong, haven't I?

    Well, it's time to introduce myself. I'm Kid Fenris. I like video games. I write about them here and there. Sometimes I even write about SNK games! I have a Neo Geo Pocket Color that I like very much, but I don't have a Neo Geo home system of any kind. Of course, I WANTED one back when I was a...