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    7 Neo Geo CD games - Metal Slug 1,2 Samurai Showdown and more

    Hey guys, I came into possession of a bunch of Neo Geo CD games with their booklets but without cases. I have listed them on eBay to reach a broader audience, but I will accept offers here as well. Neo Auction I went through the CD price guide and got the average for each game, then...
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    Should I sell? Neo CD games...

    I work in the video game industry and aside from the obvious perks, I get some unexpected toys. I mentioned to one of the guys at my new studio that I'm into retro games, especially Neo stuff... The next day be brought me a large CD case with several Neo CD games and a TON of Saturn games, all...
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    WANTED... Empty Big Red Cab...! MVS and AES games - Orlando

    I'm bored and want to rebuild another Big Red Neo cab. Looking for something in good/great shape on the outside, but nothing on the inside has to work or be included. Might consider buying a complete working cab, if it needs sprucing up. I just need another pet project to occupy my lazy...
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    What Japanese Neo Geo MVS game is/was this?

    I found a guy on craigslist selling a MVS copy of Blazing Star. Finally got it in the mail yesterday and once I got to take a look at it, I noticed that the label on the cart was not official. I pealed back the label as gingerly as possible to reveal the original label, which is in Japanese...
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    MVS mini cab upgrades..

    So despite the flaming and general negativity surrounding my little project, I am happy to say, that I have finished swapping out the little crappy 13" CRT that came stock in my MVS mini cab. Before: After: Install photos: I cut a small square wooden dowel to sit the monitor on in order to...
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    Neo Geo Museum 20th anniversary website and t-shirt

    Hey guys, I am probably late to the party on this one... but just in case. :drool: I personally just came across this section of SNK's site. It has a cool little article from Arcadia Magazine with some MVS and AES history. I love a good "origin"...
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    Help adjusting 13" MVS CRT monitor

    Hello guys, I am the proud owner of a new MVS-2 13" mini cab. There are just a few things that need adjustment. The horizontal and vertical stretching of the picture is off and I am trying to adjust. There is about a half inch gap on each side and the picture is being stretched past the...
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    Need some MVS cab help!

    Please help.. no one is giving any good feedback yet! Thanks!
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    Neo Geo MVS-2 mini 13 questions!!!!?

    Hey guys I posted a topic in the arcade section of the forum, but I am not sure how many people troll over there and i wanted to maximize views to hopefully get some questions answered about my new MVS cab. Please check it out at: THANKS!
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    Neo Geo MVS-2 mini 13 questions!!!!?

    Hello guys! WOW I cant believe I can finally post! haha... First a little back story. I dreamt about owning a Neo Geo since I was a kid. Finally landed my dream job at EA and now I am am blowing all my money on consoles and games I always wanted, but never owned. Just bought my modded AES from...