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  1. xamot13


    Cualquier persona en España dispuesta a ayudarme a comprar algunas revistas de videojuegos de todocoleccion? Quiero: Hobby Consolas no° 71 and 55 Japanmania magazine N° 11 march 1997 Japanmania magazine N° 7 Nov 1996 Vivo en Florida y mi español no es tan bueno. Cualquier ayuda sería muy...
  2. xamot13


    Looking to buy the following video game magazines: Hobby Consolas no° 71 and 55 Japanmania magazine N° 11 march 1997 Japanmania magazine N° 7 Nov 1996 Sega Saturn Magazine UK #13 Nov 1996 Gamers N° 13 ano II Super Game Power Golpe Final N° 28a Video Game News Ano VI N° 59 I can find several...
  3. xamot13

    Mercado livre help assistência!

    Any English speaking members from Brazil willing to help me purchase and ship a couple magazines from Mercado livre? I live in Florida and speak no Portuguese. I'm wanting a copy of Gamers N° 13 ano 2, Super Game Power Golpe Final N° 28a, Video Game News ano vi n° 59 and any magazine with the...
  4. xamot13


    HELP!!! I have a pretty decent collection of RB related items. But it's far from a complete collection. There's a lots of stuff out there waiting for me to find. These are the RBFF items I know I'm missing: RB Gamest trading cards JP RB Pony Canyon/scitron trading cards JP PlayStation...
  5. xamot13

    Individual Game Museums

    We all have our favorite game on the NEO, but how many of us love that game enough to have tracked down every item related to it? Or at least is trying to? This would include every version of the game; AES and MVS full kits, NGCD, Saturn, PSX, Dreamcast etc.. versions in every language/region...
  6. xamot13


    Looking for neo geo freak volume 9 february 96 with poster. Who's got one for sale?
  7. xamot13

    Fatal Fury 15th Anniversary Logo

    Anyone have a high res pic of the FF 15th anniversary logo? Need a good image to scan to make a few large vinyl decals. Thanks
  8. xamot13

    Custom Framed RBFF mvs art set and poster

    Courtesy of my buddy Richard at Frames and Things. After we came up with the layout he worked on it in his spare time for 3 months. All lettering was painstakingly hand cut.Richard said it was the most challenging project he's worked on but also his favorite. Hope you all like it.
  9. xamot13

    Anyone in NWFlorida?

    Anybody from Pensacola to PC want to get together? I'm in Fort Walton Beach and since regretfully selling my Big Red last year I've been itching to play some Neo with a human. Hell even just talk it up with some Neo fans would be nice. I'll bring the Beer.
  10. xamot13

    FS: Real Bout Fatal Fury-Everything I Have: MVS kit, Posters, Soundtracks etc..

    RBFF US MVS kit. $200 shipped. It is this actual kit shown here on RBFF Poster #1. $210 shipped. As perfect as you will ever find! RBFF Poster #2. $25 shipped. Also in excellent condition for a folded poster. CD #1. Real...
  11. xamot13

    Spring Cleaning Sale: MVS carts, MM's, & Art sets

    All prices include shipping in the US. SS *sold* MS2 *sold* MSX *sold* AoF *sold* AoF2 $18 AoF mm $5 KOF94 mm $5 AOF 3 mm $5 (JP) FF mm $5 Windjammers flyers $5 KOF 96 Flyers & Dip $5
  12. xamot13

    It may not be Aero Fighters 3 but...

    It's still pretty damn cool. At least I think so. Just picked it up from the airport. It took awhile but I finally found one worth framing. I is happy camper! Same poster in both pics.
  13. xamot13

    WTTF Your Real Bout MVS Kit US plus extras

    Looking for a nice US Real Bout MVS Kit. And anything else RB related such as a US MM, Moves Stickers, Flyers, Dip settings etc..Any JP posters, advertising, etc.. **Willing to trade both Slug Kits for a Nice US Real Bout Kit!! Or any two kits listed.** Help a brother out! I have a Rage of...
  14. xamot13

    Anyone here ever visit this site? Or more importantly order anything? It's a beautiful and detailed site with loads of SNK and Neogeo merchandise; games, mooks, cds etc. All at very reasonable prices. Not much out there as far as reviews but what I have found is positive. Please share any info...
  15. xamot13


    ALL GONE. ROTD by geoneo75, MS5 by geoneo75, Or US MS4 $105 shipped[/B][/B] MS5 $105 shipped and ROTD $90 shipped MVS KIts for Sale. All are complete US kits w/ matching serials. All are tip top shape. MS5 box label has tear through it. That is how it came. All three were purchased new by...
  16. xamot13

    Eva-01 glow in the dark Previews exclusive

    Like the title says I have a new in sealed blister card Eva-01(normally purple) glow in the dark Previews Exclusive evangelian action figure. The card has minor wear but no major defects. Asking $45 shipped. Thx for looking. Pic available through email.
  17. xamot13

    original takara masterpiece convoy f/s

    The box is mint but ol prime has seen better days. He got knocked of a shelf by my gf and broke a smoke stack off the left arm. Still missing. Other than that and a little dust it's in "prime" condition. Asking $75 shipped. Thx for looking
  18. xamot13

    Toys R Us exclusive Rodimus Major (Prime)complete f/s

    He's been removed from box but returned to in mint condition. Can email pic. $55 shipped pm email if interested. Thx 4 looking
  19. xamot13

    Big box of kaiyodo action figures f/s. Trigun Eva Virtua On etc..

    ** the reason it's all or nothing is to be fair to all. I can't remember which accessory goes with each figure. The pieces should all be there. If i were to break it up some one or several ppl would get screwed. Too many weapons and hands to mix and match. That's why it's all all or nothing.**...
  20. xamot13

    Anyone in the Southeast wtb my Big Red and Carts?

    I live in northwest Florida. I have a mvs-25 in great shape and 30+ carts and shockboxes for sale. I can deliver if your not to far, 100 miles or so if you cover the gas or you can pick up yourself. Will not ship. Not selling any carts until the cab sells. Pm if interested and i can get pics and...