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    who's pumped as shit to see this movie? i'll be there opening fucking-day (actually- on thursday as well- i got an advance screening up here in h-town) *sigh*- i know i'll hear some affleck bashing on this thread- but for the peeps that are hardcore fans of DD- this is a lifelong dream come...
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    i am selling a JAP SAMURAI SPIRITS 2 AES cart. it is in great condition and plays perfectly. it is in it's original casing (great condition as well) and comes with it's manual, also in great condition. i am asking for $35 shipped. if no-one responds here today- this will go to ebay. my e-bay...
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    NEO AES on E-BAY!

    i just listed this. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> any questions- e-mail me!
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    FS: NEO AES W/ extra joypad and 3 AES titles!

    o.k. here we go- if i get no responses here- i will take this to e-bay over the weekend. one (1) unboxed AES system, serial #183888. comes with one (1) old style controller and everything needed to play. is in very good condition. one (1) CD-system joypad (obviously compatible with the AES...
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    post em, bitches- just like the topic says. i go first. 1. the matrix 2. jaws 3. rocky 4. swingers 5. aliens 6. the godfather 7. pulp fiction 8. gamera 3 9. fight club 10. heat who's next- no stupid-ass flaming or anything- just list your fav's.
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    It's time for our favorite year end poll.....

    YOUR TOP 10 FIGHTING GAMES EVER! i know, this get's done to death, but it's the last day of 2001 and i'm at work bored, so i'll go first. 1. CAPCOM VS. SNK 2- i know it's practically brand fuckin' new, but the variety and gameplay here are second to none, believe it. capcom is pure genius. 2...
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    O.K., who's with me on this- GRANT is GEESE

    it's just so there, ya' know. in grant's ending there's all sorts of little hints and shit- grant even covers his chest while he tells kain "you knew all along.."- i mean WTF?!! i think it'd be cool if that was the case- so maybe i'm just looking to hard to see this shit. who else thinks...
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    JEKBROWN, Please read!

    i still want those saturn control pads if you got em'. let me know what you got and how many and all that good stuff. below is my e-mail. i should respond at the latest by monday, as i may be out for the weekend. thanks in advance!
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    MASSIVE CVS2 guide at

    for hardcore players of this masterpiece- jchensor has posted a very in depth breakdown of the game systems and such. it is an AMAZING (and very, very long) read. is still the shit, you just need to be able to dodge all the pointless threads that can take over there form...
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    if you got em, i'll buy em'. please let me know if you have any, or know where i can get some. thanks in advance. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">
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    FS: Old Style Joystick

    is in very good condition, except for the part just before the thick plug that goes in the AES- it has a tear on it (small) and you can see the wires underneath where it is torn. it is very small, and the stick is in perfect working order- it came with the AES system i purchased last week from...
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    let me know if you got it- or know where i can get it. already tried ncsx, japanvideogames, videogamedepot and gexpress. even tried e-bay. all that leaves is buyrite. PLEASE don't make me buy from them! <IMG SRC="smilies/crying.gif" border="0">
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    What is the fate of SNK vs. CAPCOM?

    I seem to recall reading specifics on this game at mmcafe, now with SNK's situation- will we ever see this game for the AES/MVS? that awesome pic. of terry and ryu in the voting section of this site has me hungry for this game. am i hoping against hope? <IMG SRC="smilies/ohno.gif" border="0">
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    Big difference between KOF 98 on DC and AES?

    i have this masterpiece on my beloved DC, and while i love the shit out of it, i fucking hate the way the music reloads every fucking round, and i have an AES on the way in the mail- and i am wondering whether it's "worth" it to pick up KOF 98 for my homecart system. i may just buy it anyway (my...
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    Question about Jap and American Carts

    well, i am finally joining the neo-owning community. i purchased a JAP AES system yesterday from the neo-store and i am on cloud nine as i wait for it to arrive. i also got a jap. FFS- that game i played in the arcades for ages around a decade ago and i've always wanted it- i just never thought...
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    Andy vs. Guy

    come on guys- who can tell me they didn't want these motherfuckers in CVS2. it would have been such an awesome "ninja" rivalry too- who do you think would win? i'm not sure- i'd say andy- barely.
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    Wanted- CAPCOM GENERATIONS 5 (for the Saturn)

    any body have one for sell? or do you know where i can get it? any info. would help. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">
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    if all goes well (read- Godwilling)- i should be getting my copy of MOTW tomorrow on the DC. i'm just curious as to what the tiers are for this game (if any real tiers exist, even). i've heard that kevin rian and the kaphwan sons dominate and that rock is actually low-tier, but i'd like a...
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    SNK - pretty fucking broke

    <IMG SRC="smilies/crying.gif" border="0">
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    SNK - pretty fucking broke

    [EDITOR'S NOTE: The beginning of Dark Times of SNK.] <IMG SRC="smilies/crying.gif" border="0">