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  1. bokmeow

    FS: Anime, GC, PS2, DS, manga, T-shirts

    Reorganizing the sales thread with better presentation. This post focuses on Anime sorted by genre. Giant Robots & Mecha: Godannar (Complete 2-season series) - $35 | Patlabor: The Mobile Police (Complete 7-ep. OVA & 47-ep. TV series) - $75 Macross Universe: Macross (Complete 39 ep. series) -...
  2. bokmeow

    FS: Matrimelee NGH, Neo Geo Pocket Games, many rares

    For sale is the Matrimelee Neo Geo JPN homecart — barely played, if there are insertion marks, I have not been able to detect them after meticulous inspection. $SOLD (a note of explanation: prices excludes cost of shipping, registered mail, insurance, etc. — have to look up those figures) For...
  3. bokmeow

    Jamestown = Cannibal Town

    Creepy, to say the least…
  4. bokmeow

    Another Rampage: Man fires 50 shots at California Mall Parking Lot

    Assault weapon control would prolly only limit the munitions that could be fired in a short period of time before law enforcements could get the situation under control, but people wishing to seriously address this issue need to enact measures that were recommended by case studies of Rampage...
  5. bokmeow

    Female Attorney of Anti-Gay Christian Group Arrested on Underage Sex Charges

    Yeah, we've seen the hypocrisy trainwreck headlines before, but nothing quite like this one — as if all the punchlines and stereotypes rolled into one individual:
  6. bokmeow

    Discotek Media shows lotsa love for Go Nagai

    Go Nagai's 2 seminal creations — Mazinger Z that ran from 1972–74 (92 episodes) and Cutey Honey than ran from 1973–74 will be released next year 2013. \o/
  7. bokmeow

    Lunar Silver Star Story Touch on iOS

    Well this came out of nowhere, totally didn't expect it. Lunar Silver Star Story Touch
  8. bokmeow

    Problem saving high score in Mushihimesama for iOS?

    Is anyone else having this problem? I just cleared Mushihimesama with a new high score, yet when I went about starting a new game, the high score does not reflect this.
  9. bokmeow

    Cave sale: 11–17 August

    Looks like Cave is having a sale on the iOS ports of its danmaku shooters. Espgaluda II: ¥700 --> ¥500 Espgaluda II HD: ¥1,200 --> ¥900 Dodonpachi Resurrection: ¥700 --> ¥500 Dodonpachi Resurrection HD: ¥1,200 --> ¥900 Bug Princess Bug Panic...
  10. bokmeow

    Mushihimesama 2: Black Label coming to iOS

    10TdO8dhO9A Cave keeps taking my money :buttrock:
  11. bokmeow

    Disco Legend Donna Summer, 63, passed away

    Cancer claimed the Queen of Disco — she was only 63 years old, R.I.P.
  12. bokmeow

    Wanna Take You for a Ride on the iOS, 25 April 2012

    Also known as "It Prints Money 2," Seems like fighting games is on a nostalgia resurgence.
  13. bokmeow

    I'm just going to leave this here for Merc

    Fuck yeah. First it was GE999 from S'More Entertainment, now news of Discotek releasing the entire 42 episodes of Captain Harlock on a subtitled DVD boxset. After decades of bullshit, looks like this time it's the real deal.
  14. bokmeow

    I'll Just Leave This Here for the Master of Clow

    Dunno if you owned the whole series already man, but still interesting news. The series had its ups and downs, averages overall to an A- in my books.
  15. bokmeow

    What! Employers ask for Facebook passwords?

    Since when? Has it happened to you, and if yes, did your employer also ask for your bank account number, the keys to your car and house, asked you what you did in the last 24 hours, whom you met, is there anyone who can vouch for your alibi, etc.
  16. bokmeow

    Beating People Up is Not a Crime…

    …when "no complaints are filed."
  17. bokmeow

    Lupin the III: Green Jacket

    News of Discotek Media licensing the 1st series is old, but it just got a street date yesterday — excitedly looking forward to this, and Galaxy Express 999 from S'more Entertainment.
  18. bokmeow

    You call that a knife? Machete halts Knife Attack

    The reporter writing headlines for this hyperlocal piece prolly had a field day, amused by the pop culture connection, even if it's 3 decades late. From Paterson, NJ:
  19. bokmeow

    They Might Be Giants is playing at my town

    For free even. They Might Be Giants to Play Live at Princeton Record Exchange followed by in-store signing Record Store Day this year Might Be so nuts from the people descending on the free concert, that I Might Be skipping it. I have really no idea how they are going to pull this off -- the...
  20. bokmeow

    Iranian Female Ninjas

    No, this is not an article from The Onion — and they appear fucking badass. A Ninjutsu practitioner participates in a sword drill as members of various Ninjutsu schools showcase their skills to the media at a park in Karaj, 45 km (28 miles) northwest of Tehran February 13, 2012. Currently...