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    Slug 2 high scores?

    Whats ur best metal slug 2 high score. I play mvs version and difficulty 4 with 3 lives. My best without continues is 1 455 850. I can do a bit better but not much at this time. Send ur score so i know if im really that poor??
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    Best Neo sports game ?

    What u think what is best Neo sport game? I like Neo Geo Cup 98 a lot
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    Best racing game??

    So is it Neo Driftout or Overtop ??
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    Best old games ??

    Im new at neo geo, so what are best / good games released 1990-1994 ? Thanks already.
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    Line ins / headphones

    I have neo mvs. What line in connectors do in board. Ive never seen also 4-pin headphones connector, always only 1-pin bigger ones (6,3mm and half)???
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    old cabinet?

    ive bought 2 weeks ago neo geo 4 slot cabinet. Its made year 1992 and it has 2 memory card slots. I want to know if its 18" or 19 " becouse i dont know it sure. I have few games now, metal slug 1&2, king of..95, neo cup 98, viewpoint. Great machine but i think that nobody must pay $1000 for...