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    Does anyone offers chip burning service?

    I have a pair of PROGBK1/CHA256 board sets that I just discovered I had in storage. I want to make them into Ironclad and CSII carts. Could you recommend someone who does chip burning services? Thanks
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    NEOSD PRO - The New Terranonion Neo Geo Product March 2018.

    Im late to the party, would there be another run of the NeoSD pro?
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    Controller connectors for MVS no soldering

    Hi, Does anyone knows if there is a product out there that incorporates two controller connectors on a pcb board to be connected into the JAMMA edge of the MV1C? I wanted to use this for my Lions plates kit. Thanks
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    WTB Kraut Buster MVS and neosave masta any version

    Hi, In case you are bored of it or want to move on to something else, I am looking in buying a kraut buster mvs copy. Also looking on acquiring a neosave masta, any version. PM me if if you have the goods. Thanks
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    Recuerdos de Neo Geo...。Compartan sus an馗dotas!

    Hola a todos, Estuve ausente un tiempo dell foro pero luego de muchos eventos en mi vida (para bien=)) estoy de vuelta y pues esta inquietud de la neo geo ha regresado. El punto es que ?timamente he retomado el gusanillo de ?te pasatiempo con mi hermano y empezamos a recordar cuando est?amos...
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    WTB 120-1 multi cart

    If somebody has one for sale, please send a PM
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    Hori neo sanwa stick and MC Cthulhu

    For your consideration: SFII' with Capcom Turbo hyper fighting chips. Board works and all. Will include the original champion edition chips. $OLD SFII. B board works well. I can include the A base board (non working) $OLD Gamebox DOS Aldine 2011. PC base arcade multisystem with 370 plus games...
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    SOLD Turbo Grafx 16 Devil's crush, Alien Crush, SFII ....Turbo express with screen mod

    SOLD For sale is a package of 3 Turbo Grafx 16 games: Devil's Crush, Alien Crush. SFIICE (PCengine) The games are complete with slight use on them. I am looking to get $63 shipped for the bundle. I might be able to split it, so LMK. Will ship within the US or Canada (shipping might be a little...
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    FS: AES classic games

    System was sold Three games available: The games I include are as follow: samurai shodown 3 (w/hit detection mod)sold! ninja combat $50 fatal fury special Sold! USPS shipping set at 12 USD Within the US. Please PM me if you have questions or require more pics. Thanks
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    FS: Neo Geo AES pink bag, great condition!

    I have this Bag in excellent shape. Asking $280 shipped. US ONLY PM if interested. Thanks.
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    FS: Vectrex system, PCE DUO-R sold and extras

    For sale is a Vectrex system with manuals and two games. Has some scuffs and marks on the shell, otherwise it works and plays well. I am including Scramble (complete) and Fortress of Narzord (everything except manual). It also includes a leatherette cover with "Vectrex" embroidered. I am...
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    Gunlord level select?

    Did somebody ever discovered how to do the level select? I remember NG Dev mentioned something some time ago about being a hidden option.
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    SOLD: ATARI 2600 w/S-video and HALO 2600 plus 20plus games. SD2SNES Flash cart,

    HI, for sale is an Atari 2600 modded with a S-Video and AV RCA. I think is the longhorn engineer video mod and looks great. Includes two joysticks and two paddles, two AC adaptors and AV cables. Also around 26 games: Chopper command, Crackpots, Fishing Derby, Robot Tank, Kaboom, Freeway...
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    Atomiswave in very nice condition. comes with a expansion cart and a Hokuto no ken non-legit cart. Works great. SOLD
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    FS: NGPC with flashmasta/linkmasta. ULTIMATE 11 W/SHOCKBOX & ART

    Selling a bundle of NGPC in great shape. It includes: NGPC Flashmasta, linkmasta snk vs Capcom match of the millennium carry bag Gameboy screen for doing front-light mod Everything in working condition. Includes batteries. $SOLD. Also have an Ultimate 11 MVS cart with red shockbox. The cart...
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    PM if you have one for sale, I don't need the box. thanks.
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    FS:Turbo Express, GBA(Double Dragon, Ghouls n Ghosts, River City Ransom), SF2 joystick

    Turbo express. Overall nice condition. Everything looks and sounds good. Im including a region mod chip that I never installed and a Jp gamecard. $145 shipped. PD coryoon! not included. SNES Everdrive. This has the DSP-1 chip installed. Also includes a shell (needs cleaning)and snap case...
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    Memory card question

    Hi, I have a question: Is there a way to have different saves of the same game using one official memory card or Save Masta? Maybe this question is an old one, but I just know it only has 1 save per game. My unibios is 3.0 btw.
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    WTB AES rev 3-5 working board only or with shells.

    shoot me a pm if you have one, I don't need controllers or cables. I am not picky with outside condition of shells, I just need the unit to work. Must be 3-5 revision.
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    FS: Magic Sword, Street Fighter 2, Pit Figther, SF2 15th anniversary joystick

    Up for sale some JAMMA boards: Magic Sword heroic fantasy....$85 Steet Fighter 2... $75 Pit Fighter....$40 SF2 15th anniversary joystick....$100. This is in very nice condition, it includes de original box and instructions. Also, a nice set of happ buttons & microswitches to substitute the...