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    Moving Sale: PS2, PS3, 3DS etc...

    To help with my upcoming moving costs im trying to unload alot of games that have been collecting dust. US buyers only please, open to offers if you buy multiple games. Prices do not include shipping. PayPal only 3DS: Project X Zone Limited Edition - 18 DS: Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings -...
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    Magfest 12

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    Magfest 12

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    Horrible MAMEcabs

    loo 325 dollars only
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    eh just some stuff no big deal
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    David Garrett is Jason Young - Relative of Ray Young

    tonk and his money
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    Waseem Daker goes on a hunger strike
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    DC lot: Sealed Air Force Delta JP Sealed Cool Boarders Burn -JP Zombie Revenge - JP 18 Wheel Trucker - JP Powerstone - JP Powerstone 2 - JP Soul Calibur - jp House of the Dead 2 - JP - SOLD Jet Set Radio - JP Spawn - JP Daytona USA 2001- JP Space Channel 5 - US...
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    FS: NEO CD System And Games

    CD Games KOF 94 -10 KOF 95 - 10 RBF2 - 10 SS2 - 10 Boxed Neo AES: Has third party power supply, video cable, reset led mod and unibios asking 240 shipped *SOLD...
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    Modded Neo and 4 Games
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    KOF 94 JAP AES

    Jap AES version of KOF 94 everything is in good condition, wouldnt call it mint due to some insert fading, inclues manual and case. Asking $65 bucks, pretty set on the price so no low offers. Check my feed back on ebay: armymule. Thanks
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    Svideo = Amazing

    Got my Svideo - Stereo - Debugged bios Neo about amonth ago when i was at college, only problem was i had to hook it up to my 20" Sony Vega using Composite since the 20" model doesnt have svideo. Anyway im home for the weekend and lugged the neo, hooked it up to the 32" JVC-D series tv and omg...
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    94 do i just suck?

    I have kof 94 and i am having a blast with it, but still i play it on easy and I just have a horrible time getting anywhere in the game, any tips or strats in the world of kof? this is my first forary into the world and I had an easier time mastering vf2.
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    yay being under 21 sucks....i was finding it very difficuilt to locate beer for college movie night....but no longer!!! I AM STOCKED!!! T-minus 1 hour till drunk time!!! think i better put the neo away
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    Wanted KOF2001 or 2002

    and a old style joystick, would like to trade my Gamecube, Wavebird, two memcards Mario Sunshine, Star Fox Adventures, and Waverace...
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    debug bios?

    i got my aes today w00t im very happy with it etc etc....but its supposed to have the debug bios already installed, how do you go about using it?
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    WTB: Slug 1 Convorted Cart

    anyone got one?
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    College Just Got a Cabinet!

    YAY! I know have 2 slot cabine with Aero Fighters and Puzzle Bobble a mere 100 feet away.....i dont have to fucking play crusin world anymore.....yes yes yes
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    Hmmrph BuyRite

    Has anyone been to buyrite's site lately, it looks damn professional now and their now Verisign Secure. I was just wondering has anybody ordered stuff from them lately, and if so did everything go smothly?
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    Wanted: Neo AES Games and Old Style Controller

    open to offers, interested in trading a Gamecube With Wave bird two mem cards and Mario Sunshine, Waverace, and Star Fox adventures, but im open to cash offers also.