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    Ayuda en KoF 2002

    Hola a todos! Hasta hace unos meses siempre habia sido un jugador de Street Fighter (Hyper fighting y Super turbo). Siempre veia a mi primo jugar KoF y nunca le puse atencion al juego. Hasta que compre el NeoSD. y tube la oportunidad de Jugar KoF 2002. Aunque un poco diferente a ST es un muy...
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    WTB Wii SCART Cable

    Just like the title says. I'm looking for a Wii SCART Cable to see how the Wii looks on my Sony PVM.
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    MVS to JAMMA adapter audio question

    Why MUST JP1 and JP2 be removed if stereo setup is used via J2? JP1 and JP2 are the black connectors, right? (just to be sure). Thanks in advance.
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    WTB: Snes (system only) FOUND

    Just like the title says. I'm looking to buy an Snes system only (maybe with a pad) I have the AC adapter and the scart connector, so I dont really need those. I was looking for a replacement snes system on Ebay, however, the prices there were ridiculous. Send me a PM with what you have and how...
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    WTB: Metal Slug X MVS

    Looking for a cheap ( non boot) Metal Slug X. It doesn't have to be in perfect condition. I just want to play the game. Please let me know the price shipped to Bronx NY 10453. Thanks.
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    WTB: a pair of 8ohm PC passive speakers for my Vogatek MK IV supergun

    Hello everyone, I’m looking to buy a pair of 8ohm PC passive speakers for my Vogatek MK IV supergun. If you have one or know of a person that has one please post here or send me a Pm. Thanks in advance.
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    WTB: Vogatek MK IV Supergun

    Just like the title says. I'm looking for a MK IV supergun (the one with SCART). I already contacted IDCHAPPY, but he is not gonna be able to get one until maybe next Friday. I need this ASAP, so, if you have one you want to sell, please let me know. As always I'm paypal ready. Thanks in advance.
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    WTB CAPCOM CPS2 link cable with kick harness (if possible)

    Hello everyone. Just like the title says, I'm looking for a CAPCOM CPS2 link cable with a kick harness, or any other home built link cable that allows me to play H2H on a pair of Egret II cabinets. I have checked on other websites but they always seem to be out of stock or at a very high price...
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    I just got a CAPCOM stereo AMP and I hooked it up to my Egret II to play some SSF2x instereo, and to be honest, I did not noticed any difference. Well, the only difference was when you do Dictator's PC the sound starts on one speaker and ends in the other. Everything is connected correctly...
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    Price check: Sega Naomi AMP

    Hello, everyone, I got one of those Sega Naomi Amp that I want to sell. I would like to know how much they go for, lately. this are the pics: I tested it today with Super Street Fighter X, so, everything is OK. It also has the volume pot. It will go for sale as soon as I get the price...
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    WTB: Super Street Fighter 4 (PS3 version)

    Just like the title says. Looking to buy it on the cheap side, ($20-25) I just want it to prove someone that I can beat his ass eventhough I have never played the game.
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    Is a reliable place to buy from?

    Hello, I want to know if is a good place to buy some arcade goods from. Im about to spend $160 USD on some arcade stuff, so, I got a few questions: Do they ship fast? ( I belive they are located in France, and my location is Bronx N.Y.) Do I have to pay custom fees, or are those...
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    MVS sound problem

    Hello, I got a question about my MVS 1 slot (Old one). When i bought my MVS mobo, I noticed something wrong with the audio (Stereo sound), but I didn't mind at the time. But now I've been playing The King of Fighters, and Metal Slug a lot lately, and It started to bother me. So, I want to know...
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    WTS: Sengoku 3 MVS

    just like the title says, selling my Sengoku 3, NOT a boot, game is original, english label, i would like to get $70 shipped for it OBO, item is located at Bronx N.Y. Paypal only, and i will only ship to the lower 48 states (reason for this, is that i had a lot of problem in the past...
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    WTS: PS3 CoD MW2 MINT, Sold.

    Just like the title says, im selling my copy of CoD MW2 for the play station 3, looking for $38 shipped OBO, if you are interested send me a PM. this is my Ebay feedback: i also got some positive feedback...
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    Help me install a Naomi amp to my Egret II!!

    Hello everyone, hey i really need help installing this amp on my Candy cab, here is the Naomi amp and cables now this are my questions: 1st question: the volume pot, i got a 5k volume potentiometer (or whatever its called) what is the right way to connect this cables to the volume pot?, there...
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    WTB: Super Street Fighter 2 X FOUND !

    just like the title says, im looking to buy a SSF2X CPS 2 B board, im paypal ready. if you got one available feel free to PM me. thanks.
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    What's the part # for the Stereo F molex?

    can somebody tell me the part # for this F molex?, i also need the Male for that adapter, so if somebody can tell me where to buy one of those or the part # i would really appreciate it. thanks.
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    WTB: 2p 4 buttons Control Panel Wiring Harness

    Just like the title says, im looking to buy one of those for a 2P control panel with 4 buttons each player and QDs for Sanwa buttons. if you got one or know where to buy one, please PM me.
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    Street fighter 2 Hyper fighters Boot or no Boot??

    i got this PCB on a trade, and i would like to know if it's a boot or not, the trader said it was legit, but im not sure, so, here we go: what do you guys think??