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  1. Azathoth

    What's The Best 360 To Series X Converter For Arcade Sticks?

    If movement is important to you then you will probably dislike the Series X pad. It has even less play in it. My main issue with the 360 and original Xbox pad was it felt mushy with no pushback to it. If I'm playing a fighter and the moves aren't coming out I can't tell if it's my fault because...
  2. Azathoth

    What's The Best 360 To Series X Converter For Arcade Sticks?

    I like it. Depending on the game I may prefer just a regular Xbox One d-pad, but to me it's definitely not bad at all, much better than any previous generation Xbox or PlayStation pad. You feel and hear the microswitch click when you press a direction, moreso than on a regular Xbox One pad. To...
  3. Azathoth

    What's The Best 360 To Series X Converter For Arcade Sticks?

    My mistake, I should have paid attention to the links. I have one of the Wingman XB's also. I use it for Series X controllers on my 360 and original Xbox, which makes a huge difference having a functional d-pad instead of that 360 shit.
  4. Azathoth

    What's The Best 360 To Series X Converter For Arcade Sticks?

    There's an older Brook adapter (can't remember the name) that was originally designed as a 360 to Xbox One converter. It only supported wired USB connection and only 360 stuff, no wireless or cross platform controls like the Wingman XB. It's older and outdated, but it hasn't been on the...
  5. Azathoth

    I like to play the first World Heroes

    I felt calling it "Skinhead Death Match" in part 2 always had a little more oomph.
  6. Azathoth

    What Beat 'em Ups are you playing? Daily/Weekly check

    I see that the recent release of Super Double Dragon has the ability to adjust the game speed all the way up to x2, and it handles it correctly while keeping the music and sounds at their proper speed. I had been looking forward to DDA and had zero desire for SDD but that feature may make it...
  7. Azathoth

    Vengeance Hunters (Beat 'em Up) for the Neo Geo

    Never in my life have I seen someone hold a stick like that.
  8. Azathoth

    Best Buy to stop selling DVD's and Blu-Rays next year.

    The experience of gaming as a kid is a lot different now compared to when we were that age; doing away with physical media makes that divide even greater. It's weird and kind of sad to see physical games being removed as childhood Christmas or birthday gifts.
  9. Azathoth

    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    Three decades worth of fighting game franchise characters to pick from and we get Hinako as DLC.
  10. Azathoth

    Evercade thread

    I'm torn as to which is worse; goobs having serious debates on the merits of that versus an Atari 2600+, or those with a raging erection and so excited they can't sit still over the fact they can poorly emulate side-loaded ROMs from the SD card. My Arcade is the drizzling shits in everything...
  11. Azathoth

    Some SVC Chaos PCB questions

    Nobody ever got down on their hands and knees and thanked Japhei. That's why this site is dead.
  12. Azathoth

    Evercade thread

    After learning keyboard & mouse controls (and later dual stick controls) I can't hardly spend 5 minutes on older console FPS games that don't control that way. I could handle Doom with shoulder strafing mainly because it didn't require you to aim on a Y axis. I'm curious as to what their...
  13. Azathoth

    Anyone still remembers now defunct Diehard Gamefan Club?

    Buy-Rite horror stories were a staple in I never had any problems with Tronix or NCS, so I stayed far away from Buy-Rite.
  14. Azathoth

    Input on an Amazon issue

    Years ago I preordered KoF XII for the 360 from Amazon. When it arrives the top edge of shrinkwrap was removed, the security seal cut down the middle, and the game disc was removed. Of all games for some Amazon employee to steal, fucking KoF XII.
  15. Azathoth

    WTB: TNA Impact for Xbox 360

    Anyone have a copy of this laying around they want to get rid of? Disc only is fine, as long as it plays.
  16. Azathoth

    BIG6 Control Pad for SEGA Genesis

    Hell I had completely forgot that difference between the original and the USB version. The USB has L & R shoulder buttons, so the mode button on a Genesis pad is the R button on the USB. The USB has a teeny tiny flat square mode/select button (along with the home button) dead center on the...
  17. Azathoth

    BIG6 Control Pad for SEGA Genesis

    I bought the USB version of one of these about a week ago and the start/mode button placement are my biggest complaints. Why they decided to implement them the way they did is a real head scratcher. Their regular 6 button Genesis and Saturn pads had the face buttons flipped when using on a PS3...
  18. Azathoth

    How to play as Amakusa in Samurai Showdown for Sega CD?

    With a hex editor, open your ISO/BIN and change 342D80E4 to 740C4E71. There should only be one instance of it to change.
  19. Azathoth

    Anybody ever have foster kids?

    A guy I worked with has constantly kept a houseful of foster kids, 3-4 at a time, and has done that for 20+ years. I'm pretty sure he and his wife still do even though both of them are retired. On more than one occasion I heard him mention that he was making a significant amount of income from...
  20. Azathoth

    Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons

    When Neon was released my first thought was "This is a decent game, but it doesn't feel like Double Dragon." The more I played it I started thinking about that statement, and it dawned on me that the DD series really doesn't have a "feel" that you can point to and relies more on aesthetics to...