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  1. Arcademan

    Happy Birthday, racecar!

    Hope you have a wonderful day :buttrock:
  2. Arcademan

    NBA Season 23/24

    115-70. OUCH!!! DEN 14 26 21 9 MIN 31 28 27 29
  3. Arcademan

    NBA Season 23/24

    I know it's spelled different but isn't his name pronounced like the paper towels I buy from the store?!! :tickled:
  4. Arcademan

    Legend has it, it's Black IcE's birthday!

    Hope You have an awesome day :buttrock:
  5. Arcademan

    offical wwe thread

    WrestleMania 41 is heading to Las Vegas, Nevada, after weeks of speculation regarding its location following WrestleMania 40. The event will be held later in April than usual, but will remain spread out over two days, taking over Allegiant Stadium on April 19 and 20. The announcement was made...
  6. Arcademan

    NBA Season 23/24

    Cavs finally win the series over the Magic in 7. Admittingly I didn't watch a second of this series.
  7. Arcademan

    Happy Birthday the binary c0de

    To a long standing member of the Neo, I hope you have a fantastic day :buttrock:
  8. Arcademan

    offical wwe thread

    WWE Backlash PLE Results: 5-4-24 (4) THE KABUKI WARRIORS (Kairi Sane & Asuka) vs. BIANCA BELAIR & JADE CARGILL The bell rang 47 minutes into the hour. Kairi pie-faced Jade at the start, so Jade fired back with two backbreakers, then tagged in Belair. The heels eventually took control for a few...
  9. Arcademan

    offical wwe thread

    WWE Backlash PLE Results: 5-4-24 Results courtesy of (direct link to Keller's complete report) (1) KEVIN OWENS & RANDY ORTON vs. TAMA TONGA & SOLO SIKOA (w/Paul Heyman) (Keller’s Analysis: Noteworthy that they actually aren’t starting with Damien Priest’s defense of the World Hvt...
  10. Arcademan

    Happy Birthday twalden!

    Doesn't post too much these days but he's always lurking. Besides, his avatar is board famous and instantly recognized. Hope you have a great day :buttrock:
  11. Arcademan

    Happy birthday, max 330 mega

    Didn't notice that he hasn't posted in almost a year. We all hope you still have a fantastic day :buttrock:
  12. Arcademan

    Happy birthday, Jag-Master

    Hope you have a wonderful day :buttrock:
  13. Arcademan

    Happy Birthday, miisalo!

    A youngster compared to me :tickled: Have a fantastic 50th and here's to 50 more :buttrock:
  14. Arcademan

    NBA Season 23/24

    Maybe they should pump in extra oxygen into the arena during games :tickled:
  15. Arcademan

    Happy birthday pixeljunkie

    Hope you have an awesome day :buttrock:
  16. Arcademan

    offical wwe thread

    AEW Dynasty PPV Results: 4-21-24 (8) FTR vs. THE YOUNG BUCKS – Ladder Match for the Vacant AEW Tag Team Titles Schiavone said he believes a ladder match is the most dangerous match there is. Matt took some early bumps onto a ladder leaning on themiddle rope. Cash leaned two tables over the...
  17. Arcademan

    offical wwe thread

    AEW Dynasty PPV Results: 4-21-24 (6) TONI STORM (w/Luther) vs. THUNDER ROSA – AEW Women’s Title match Rosa wore a mask to the ring and when she removed it, revealed she wasn’t wearing her usual facepoint. The announcers noted that. Rosa leaped with a corkscrew dive early onto both Storm and...
  18. Arcademan

    offical wwe thread

    AEW Dynasty PPV Results: 4-21-24 Results courtesy of (direct link to Keller's real time report). Pre-show matches: (A) TRENT BERETTA vs. MATT SYDAL (w/Mike Sydal)win. WINNER: Beretta in 8:00. (B) ORANGE CASSIDY & KATSUYORI SHIBATA vs. SHANE TAYLOR & LEE MORIARTY WINNERS: Cassidy...
  19. Arcademan

    Happy Birthday radiantsvgun

    Hope you have a fantastic day :buttrock:
  20. Arcademan

    What was the first neogeo game you played in an arcade cabinet?

    I find that kind of weird. As a game tech working for a company with an arcade, I found it fantastic that SNK came up with a cartridge based system that cost much less than brand new games and board conversions and delivered a wide variety of games. Better, unlike Sega's "Convert-a-Game System"...