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  1. bulbousbeard

    If you had to rank these games in terms of value and desireability, how would you list them?:

    In terms of game quality, it's basically this although you can flip RB2 and RBS as they're more or less equivalent. Nothing after AOF3 is really worth playing more than once. Last Blade 2 Real Bout 2 Real Bout Special Waku Waku 7 Windjammers Art of Fighting 3 Sengoku 2 Mutation Nation Top...
  2. bulbousbeard

    Hardware neogeo

    Really, the most technically impressive Neo Geo games are probably the ones that don't slow down and have a lot of parallax. Due to the way machine worked not really having dedicated background layers, doing parallax was kind of a nuisance on it (which is why most of the games don't have a lot...
  3. bulbousbeard

    What Neo title has the best attract mode?

    WOW this new forum looks flamboyant. Here's the MVS Last Blade 2 with Neo Geo CD music in MAME.
  4. bulbousbeard


    The Redlettermedia dudes are dumb. They act like they're hardcore Trek encyclopedias and yet consistently make points that would indicate they didn't even watch the show. They criticized the thing with the Romulan kid by saying that Picard hates kids and you have to show the development. They...
  5. bulbousbeard

    Samurai Shodown 2 Ukyo technique

    Sometimes I can do Ukyo's crouching A+B attack while actually rolling AWAY from my enemy. Does anyone know a consistent way to pull this off? It seems like it can happen if you do a roll away and press A+B on the precise frame, but I don't know.
  6. bulbousbeard

    Blazing Chrome

    It's not great, but it's better than Kraut Buster.
  7. bulbousbeard

    Retrobit 8 button Genesis gamepad

    It's actually good. Still the best directional pad on the market after 30 fucking years somehow (this industry sure sucks a lot of cock). They pretty much fixed the only flaws the gamepad had (no select or shoulder buttons), although unless you're Asian or have little girl hands, the gamepads...
  8. bulbousbeard

    FS: Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting complete - $120

    Local only, no repairs, working.
  9. bulbousbeard

    Sunset Riders bug in MAME fixed after 16 years

    WOW that's fresh (the DOS Aladdin's a 32bit game, by the way).
  10. bulbousbeard

    Samurai Shodown II theme for arcade cabinet/emulator frontend

    I created a Samurai Shodown II theme for my frontend. Wheeeeeee!
  11. bulbousbeard

    Earth Defense Force coming out for the PC Here's 5 bucks that says it ships without support for 4k resolutions or 144hz. Gotta love the Japanese.:keke:
  12. bulbousbeard

    Garou 2?

    Not sure if this has already been posted.
  13. bulbousbeard

    Hyper Light Drifter

    I figured you guys would appreciate this since you like good games. I just tried this game, and it blew the wig off my scalp. I was not expecting it to be as good as it is. This is the best new Zelda style game in YEARS. Everything about it is on point. The feedback, gameplay, and feel are...
  14. bulbousbeard

    Help preserve two incredibly rare, unreleased arcade games

    If you want to help MAME, you can donate a little money to this fundraiser to get two rare games released. Shoutime is an arcade enthusiast in Japan who has bought MANY PCBs and provided dumps to MAME. He's easily spent several dozens of thousands of dollars on boards and just given away the...
  15. bulbousbeard

    Neo Geo games with the best CD music?

    I've started hacking MAME to play FLAC versions of the Neo Geo CD music when it'd normally play the Yamaha 2610 music. Which Neo Geo CD games do you think have the best soundtracks? I'm doing Samurai Shodown II first, but I'm not sure which one to do after that. Off topic, but earlier this...
  16. bulbousbeard

    Metal Slug 3 is on sale for $2.39 on Steam right now...

    ...and it's still not worth it. Totally offensive port. Somehow, even though MAME's done it for several years, they didn't emulate the raster effects, so the cool red screen distortion effect on the last boss is missing. I usually criticize these terrible cash grabs for stealing MAME code, but...
  17. bulbousbeard

    Magical Drop III tips?

    I can't get past level 15 survival mode on normal. Do you have any strategies that might help me do better?
  18. bulbousbeard

    FS: Wells Gardner 25" CRT in San Jose, CA for $50

    It needs a cap kit and degaussing big time, but it doesn't have any noticeable burn in. Should make for a good monitor for someone. You have to pick it up and pull it out of a cabinet. I can demo it so you can check it out before you decide if you want to buy it.
  19. bulbousbeard

    I found out why MAME'S HLSL filter always looked like shit

    I've spent a lot of time fiddling around with MAME's HLSL filter to get it to look more like an arcade monitor, but it was a lost cause because the image was always blurry and lacking the crispness of the real thing. Well, I dug into the shader programs and found out that the problem was really...
  20. bulbousbeard

    WTT: Working Street Fighter 2 Turbo board for someone to calibrate and degauss my monitor

    I'm in San Jose, CA. It's an official Capcom SF2T board. It works. I have _no_ idea what I'm doing with CRTs. I have a Wells Gardner monitor that has crappy convergence and needs to be degaussed/tweaked. I will also throw in free beer.