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  1. Evan

    King of Fighters 94: Team Edit hack

    Im def excited for this, should be getting a flash cart soon so excited to play this on real hardware.
  2. Evan

    MV1FT Watchdog repair

    Yesterday I accidentally left my MVS on over night. It was still running when I checked it but it crashed as soon as I touched the cart. I reset the board but now I am getting a watchdog error. Attached is a video. Anyone have any ideas on where to start looking? Video:
  3. Evan

    How to go about repainting this cabinet

    Ok I know it’s been a while but I finally completely finished the cabinet. I initially half asses the side art by not sanding or painting; and therefore it adhered like shit. I finally decided to do everything properly and finish it. I properly sanded and repainted the side, added a hole for the...
  4. Evan

    Athena game for ps1

    This game is funnily bizarre. You can tell by this point SNK was really grasping at straws to diversify away from arcade games.
  5. Evan

    Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits Bushido Retsuden- was it ever translated?

    I don't know why anyone would trust sending this guy money
  6. Evan

    Trying to Review Every Neo Geo Game on Youtube

    Love these videos, can't believe they've been coming out for over 6 years now lol. Definitely a treat to get though.
  7. Evan

    Anyone have 150 bucks I can borrow?

    You should try and get a cut. I mean at least take advantage of the dumbasses buying this.
  8. Evan

    Anyone have 150 bucks I can borrow?

    Why would anyone buy this
  9. Evan

    FS: MVS Carts

    Added KOF 2000
  10. Evan

    FS: MVS Carts

    Added two games
  11. Evan

    Got a lot of broken MVS carts, need help repairing

    I recently came into possession of many broken mvs carts for a good price. I am working on fixing them, and a good amount seem to have issues with roms. Attached are each cart and an image and diagnosis. For all of these I was wondering what eprom I need to buy to replace each type of chip and...
  12. Evan

    Best EEPROM Programmer for neo Geo / other arcade stuff?

    I recently came into possession of a lot of broken mvs carts. Some of these definitely have damaged roms. I was wondering if anyone had reccomensarions for an eeprom programmer to work on with neo Geo stuff? Also how do you know what type of ic to buy to program certain roms? Thanks.
  13. Evan

    FS: MVS Carts

    More to be added, going through a pile of untested games currently. All games are authentic. Cost doesn’t include shipping. PayPal F&F KOF 95: $50 SOLD KOF 99: $55 SOLD Savage Reign: $75 Super Sidekicks 3: $30 SOLD Magician Lord: $200 Puzzled: $100 SOLD KOF 2000: $65 SOLD Metal Slug: $75 (Has...
  14. Evan

    FS: Neo Geo AES & 161-1(SOLD)

    I’m selling my old Neo Geo AES. It has a Unibios installed but the soldering job is pretty ass. I did it when I was like 14 so it’s bad. RGB bypass mod is also installed. Comes with memory card, scart, hdmi cable and third party power supply. Also comes with 161-1. Also has s-video and stereo...
  15. Evan

    Problem with Fatal Fury Special MVS Cart

    Do you know what chip spec the p2 is? I was intending to buy an eeprom burner for my pgm and some more mvs carts I have on the way and I think ill just burn a chip to fix this.
  16. Evan

    The most average Neo game you've played

    Karnovs Revenge
  17. Evan

    Problem with Fatal Fury Special MVS Cart

    Got a diag bios and it says my board has passed all tests. I'm at loss to why this cart specifically doesn't work. I still assume its a ram issue but the diag says all ram works fine.
  18. Evan

    Worst endings to Neo Geo games?

    Metal slug 4, just because I don't know why you would want to get to the credits. Then the dumb shit about the virus coming back, like no one frankly gives a shit about the story metal slug is trying to tell.
  19. Evan

    $300k Kizuna Encounter Euro AES over at the NeoStore

    Funny thinking about how expensive this all is while at the same time the game is kinda ass.
  20. Evan

    Problem with Kof 2003 cart

    PM me if you find it, I’m definitely interested.