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    Need Replacement Headphone Port - Neo 2-Slot

    Perhaps someone with a parts board would be willing to sell the headphone port? I believe the same type was used on several onboard headphone capable PCBs.
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    Need Replacement Headphone Port - Neo 2-Slot

    Does anyone have a source or part number for a replacement headphone port on a 2-slot board?
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    WTB: Mount Brackets for MV-1C

    I need a set of brackets to mount a card reader for a 2-slot cab currently undergoing a full restoration. Shipping to 73165. Thanks
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    Blast City screen going dim, certain boards seemingly not booting

    Both cap kits here. Its an easy install even with minimal soldering skills. Give it a good cleaning and consider replacing the fan.
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    4-Slot Metal Cage (Large PCB Version)

    Looking for a cage top. Message if you have one available. Thanks
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    IGS/PGM Motherboard

    Possibly interested. Please PM when you have a chance.
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    Installed unibios in AES, but pulled solder pads

    Apparently my desolder skills really suck despite having a good desoldering gun. I tried installing my unibios that I got from JAMMA Nation and a few of the pads came up. I went each pin one by one to check for continuity and ran jumpers to the pin holes I broke. I thought it would fix it but I...
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    Any Last Minute Tokyo Suggestions?

    I'll be in Tokyo tomorrow for a quick trip. I already have HEY in Akihabara planned and maybe a stop at Mikado (Mikado was a bit disappointing last fall). Any other stops suggested? I'll be in town for 3 nights just taking a break.
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    Atomiswave keeps adding credits

    I plugged in my Atomiswave to play some MS6 and it automatically adds credits continuously. I also tried to go into the service menu and the cursor continuously scrolls. Something is going crazy on the board. I tried the PCB in both my Astro and Blast cabinets. Any ideas?
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    Blast City Power Supply (Linbergh)

    I purchased this from Yahoo Japan Auctions as a spare PSU for my Blast City, but did not realize there is a different model PSU to use with a Linbergh. I tried plugging it into my cabinet, but all I get is a clunking sound from the PSU and nothing powers up. I'm not sure if its a compatibility...
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    FS: Various Systems (Japan and US) - SNES, PS, Famicom, Dreamcast, NEO GEO X, Xbox

    Right now selling items as bundles (unless otherwise noted). Most items are not boxed, but refer to pictures to see what you will get. Everything tested working. Shipping is indicated by item (shipped thru post office from 96367 California area). Paypal only, either friends or buyer pays fees...
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    Found an NEO SCB-U4 in the Wild

    I thought you all would appreciate this. Found a SCB-U4 tucked away in a back alley store in Akihabara today. I've never seen one before, but it looked awesome. I would have made an offer on it, but shipping to Okinawa would have killed me provided he would have sold it.
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    WTB: Suicided (Dead) CPS2 B-Board

    I need a suicided (dead) CPS2 B-Board for the Darksoft multi-kit. I would prefer a Green (Japan) or Blue (USA) board, but Grey (Asia) is fine also. Let me know how much shipped to 96367. I don't care about the condition of the outer, plastic case since it doesn't get used.
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    Replacement Fan for CPS2

    I've been trying to find a replacement fan for my CPS2 A boards. I know JNX sells them, but apparently he's out of stock despite what his site says (says out when paying). I tried running the part number on my stock fan, but all I can find are 3-wire fans and I need a 2-wire fan. Anyone got...
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    WTB replacement CPS2 A and B-board Cases

    Probably a long shot, but I need replacement A and B-board cases. Any region would be great, but a green B-board case would be better. Let me know.
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    Found 3 Abandoned Versus City Cabinets - Need Advice

    I found 3 of these cabinets sitting out behind a building. They look like they have been there at least a year, if not longer. The metal control panels and sticks are shot, but the cabinet is plastic so it should be good. My guess is the tubes are fine as long as they are not cracked, but the...
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    4-Slot resetting constantly after 10 minites of play

    So I just bought this 4-slot to put into my NEO 29. After about 10 minutes of play, the board resets to the green splash screen over and over. Just prior to that, I was getting extreme slow down on Metal Slug 2 (more than normal for that game). I tried switching cart position, but still same...
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    Clearing RAM after battery change

    So I feel silly asking, but how do I do this? Just changed out my battery and read somewhere that this needs to be done. My 4-slot is resetting and supposedly this could be the problem (I'm getting 5.2v at the edge connector). I've already looked at the menu and did not see anything related...
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    SOLD- Rodotron Chassis for Blast City Nanao MS29 Monitor

    I bought this as a spare chassis for my Blast City. I actually had it in there while my stock chassis was out for repair. I sold off the Blast and no longer have a use for it. Looking for $120 shipped in the USA. - SOLD
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    FS: Sega Blast CIty Marquee Clear Cover and Background

    This the clear plastic piece that covers the artwork on top. Also includes the factory artwork backdrop. It's a used item, but no cracks or scratches. Really good condition. There is tape residue, but should come off with some goo gone. Looking for $75plus shipping. in the USA. It's light, so...