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  1. Lovecraft0110

    StoneAgeGamer and Terraonion Pre-Orders for NeoSD Pro AES/MVS

    As per the title, just thought I’d share the good news!
  2. Lovecraft0110

    WTB: Supergun with SCART RGB (Europe/UK)

    Thanks, Neodogg!
  3. Lovecraft0110

    WTB: Supergun with SCART RGB (Europe/UK)

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a reasonably priced supergun with SCART RGB. I am located in Hannover, Germany. Regards, Lovecraft0110
  4. Lovecraft0110

    FS: Pulstar, Blazing Star, Zed Blade MVS (SOLD)

    Greetings! I have come to the realisation that I really don't play these three anymore. Since I got a Duo-R, my shoot-em up cravings have been more than satisfied with it... Anyway: Zed Blade: original label, case looks ok: €90 [SOLD] Blazing Star: crappy repro label, case ok: €70 [SOLD]...
  5. Lovecraft0110

    Anyone still playing Warhammer 40K these days? (tabletop game)

    I'm a teacher and I run a school club dedicated to Wargames and Pen & Paper RPGS, so yes, I very much still play. Painting is a bit seasonal for me - did a lot of Warhammer Fantasy minis in the Fall/winter but haven't touched my paints in 3 months now. I will pick it up again after the summer...
  6. Lovecraft0110

    Coffee love

    I am sipping a doppio made with this: Great machine, inexpensive but well put together. Has great reviews from people who have them in offices and such, very reliable. This is my brand of choice: I'm totally addicted! :D
  7. Lovecraft0110

    Lovecraft's Winter MVS Sale

    Hi everyone! Having sold quite a few games here last spring, I still have far too many MVS kits, so here's a few more up for grabs. Please bear in mind that: All prices are in euros and do not include shipping I am located in Germany but will ship internationally as follows: UK & Europe 9€...
  8. Lovecraft0110

    Lovecraft0110's Summer Sale - now on eBay
  9. Lovecraft0110

    WTB: Sega 5253 keys for Aero City Cab

    Lost one of my only two keys, now I can't open the CP...stupid me!!! Anyone who can sell me one or point to a store or something where they carry them? :help:
  10. Lovecraft0110

    Summer Sale II: OSTs, posters, DC, PSX, GC

    Hi everyone! I have some miscellanea here for sale. Please bear in mind that: All prices are in euros and do not include shipping I am located in Germany but will ship internationally as follows: worldwide 3€ for one game or soundtrack in a padded envelope with bubble wrap, 8€ to Europe/UK...
  11. Lovecraft0110

    Summer Sale: Brand new MVS kits, art sets...with freebies!!!

    Hi everyone! The time has come for me to thin out my collection a bit...beginning with MVS stuff. Bear in mind that: All prices are in euros and do not include shipping I am located in Germany but will ship internationally as follows: UK & Europe 9€ for one MVS game, 17€ for two or more; US...
  12. Lovecraft0110

    WTB: MERCS Jamma PCB

    As per the title...anyone? :eye:
  13. Lovecraft0110

    Phoenixed CPS2 Games not Working

    Hey guys, I just got the roms back from Razoola for my 4 CPS2 games (AvP, D&D ToD, D&D SoM, X-Men COTA), and after several tests with 2 different A boards in both of my cabs...only the cheapo X-Men works!!!!! :mad_2: WTF is going on? The only difference I can think off is that the battery in...
  14. Lovecraft0110

    Weird Raiden PCB problem

    Hi folks, I was really excited to get Raiden in the mail today, but the game doesn't let me insert credits! What is even weirder, I changed the dip settings to free play and...nothing! Any clues on what might be wrong? Both sound and picture are 100% fine. :crazy:
  15. Lovecraft0110

    WTB: CPS2 Gigawing (Phoenixed)

    As per the title...anyone? :eye:
  16. Lovecraft0110

    FS: Brand New MVS Kits (pics inside)

    Greetings, folks! Up for sale are 3 complete and BRAND NEW MVS kits with matching serial numbers, which I purchased NOS 2 years ago from a local arcade op. As shown in the pictures, the carts all have a small warranty sticker (from the arcade operator), which is easily removable. Also, the...
  17. Lovecraft0110

    FS: Shock Troopers MVS Kit (Brand new)

    Hi there! Up for grabs is a complete, brand new and mint, matching serials Shock Troopers MVS kit. Price is 175$ shipped anywhere in the world. Will ship by Airmail from Spain, Europe. -Lovecraft0110
  18. Lovecraft0110

    Lovecraft0110's AES Spring Sale (AES GAMES - EUROPE & UK ONLY)

    Hi there, and long time no see, everyone! My life has changed considerably in the past 6 months: I had to cancel my move to Texas, changed jobs, relocated to Germany, got married, and perhaps more importantly right now: I have decided to sell all my AES stuff! ;) So, goes! NEO...
  19. Lovecraft0110

    Testing the waters sale: NOS and complete Shock Troopers I Kit

    Hi there, I recently got a NOS Shock Troopers artset (one of my fav games ever), and 1 week after that I got a complete KIT! Since I already have the artwork, which is the main thing for me, I might sell the kit for the right price. I don't have any pics right now, but I can provide them...
  20. Lovecraft0110

    Neo Geo MVS-U4 Candy Cab (GERMANY, PICK-UP ONLY)

    Here we are again: My beloved MVS candy cab has to go! Pick up only! (I am located in Stade, Niedersachsen, ZIp code 21682, 70 Km. northwest of Hamburg) Any German members or "lurkers" interested...