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    I'll be damned. I just watched that video last night as it was recomended to me on the tube. I'm not an intergrated bracelet watch fan TBH, but that Citizen is tight. Whats the case size?
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    Vengeance Hunters (Beat 'em Up) for the Neo Geo

    Damn. This is one of the most impressive looking indie games I have seen yet. If this was released back in the mid to late 90's or even as one of the "Last Batch" games like NITD, Matrimelee, ROTD, Sengoku 3, etc I think it would have faced less scrutiny.
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    Gladmort by PixelHeart

    This game actually looks promising: As noted by other so far: - Gameplay overall looks a bit simplistic & boring. and while the graphics actually look quite good: - Some animations (running & especially the ladder up/down) are not release ready at all. - foreground characters stand out too...
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    Captain Barrel, new Neo Geo game

    This. ....and this. If it's for the neo then it should be developed on the hardware from the ground up......not using open source graphic packs. I realized those packs were a "thing" when I saw a post for the game "Jump & Run". It looked great but then I realized it was from an open source...
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    CD English Case Embossing

    I bought many NOS Neo Geo CD games (US & Jap) back when & I vaguely remenber some sealed ones not coming with embosed cases. TBH though, that's not the thing that matters. What DOES matter would be the plastic backing tray that holds the disc. The ones that SNK made & used were proprietary I...
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    @wyo, I see. It says it's not emulation so it's FPGA. You apparently have to sacrafice a B board for this, correct?
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    @wyo, Oh shit.! I just read the label on the board. So thats a black market all in one board with all the CPS2 titles on it? Does it run roms? Hows the performance?
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    @wyo, The fuck is the green thingamajigie thats plugged into the CPS2 B Board? What does it do?
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    FF7 Rebirth

    The bitch is still TKO but in this retread they made it convoluting as fuck. And can someone tell me what the hell is with this black & white ghosts/spirits? I don't remember them from the 90's OG. Aside from being a distraction they are the only thing I have seen in that game that looks like...
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    @100proof, Thanks for the info. I juts watched some video's on all of the on YT. Man, DOA 2 & 3 still hold up damn well today. DOA6, from the video I watched, seemed a bit "meh". So many of the fighting game series that we grew up with (the ones that are still going anyway, look to be getting a bit tired.
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    @lithy, lol, same reason I suppose I missed it. Still great to see. Is the DOA series dead? thems were some good games. Definitely worth revisiting.
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    .....Nice to see my take on that vindicated in the end. Really wish that SNK would have done so.
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    @HellioN, Thanks for the info, I'll check those out. You know, it's wild that SNK ended up putting characters in those games because way back when, after seeing how sub-par SNk's 3-D attempts (KOF MI, etc) were turning out I remember stating that I felt that SNK turning to a company like Team Ninja to do the work would be a much better idea.
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    @lithy, I never knew Mai was in a DOA game. When the hell did that happen?
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    Official SNK Shock Box via Limited Run

    Unfortunately, it looks like these are home cart styled cases fopr MVS carts. You can tell by the elongated profile & the basterdized location of the debosed SNK logo. For a moment I was all excited as I thought these were essentially a new batch of home cart snap lock cases from the original...
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    @Fritz, Jeesus christ. I missed that one. Does anyone have that pic of Leslie where dinkins points out & highlights the trouser snake that guy is apparently rocking? That shit was one of the funniest things that I have ever seen on this forum.
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    @EVIL NICK, "Isn't everyone who is visiting an old school message board at least partly on the spectrum?" Ha hahahahaha!!!!!!!!
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    Voice acting in videogames is rubbish

    THIS!....and everything after it. I fell out of modern gaming long ago. The "Hollywoodization" of it is something I have no interest in. I don't mind many earlier efforts (90's & such) that that have a certain charm based on their "so bad it's good" VA (think early RE series, HOTD, ETC) but...
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    Talking with gamers at work should be fun, but it's depressing.

    This. Not just that, I don't talk to anyone about gaming in ANY walk of life. I don't mean that in an anti-social way or to promote being anti-social. TBH, I can't stand most gamers, let alone other enthusiasts/hobyists. Most that I come across have some shit going on like OCD, hoarding...
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    Garou Mark the Wolves Vs Street fighter 3

    This. SFIII is, essentially, a series & as a result is hard to compare to a stand alone title like MOTW, particularly when the criteria is things such as bacrounds, sound, atmosphere, etc. It's really not a fair "fight" & almost every pro MOTW argument is going to be biased as fuck. However...