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  1. shadowkn55

    Add "No Sales Threads Allowed" to General Discussion descriptor

    Since new members can't see the marketplace forums, they may be under the impression that sales threads can go in General Discussion. Can additional text be added to the descriptor so that they know it does not belong there?
  2. shadowkn55

    Fixing stuck inputs on MV-1C

    I figure this would help people fix their MV-1C boards whose only problem is that a button(s) is permanently stuck on the ON position. The old way of fixing this is to just replace the entire YSA2 chip but that isn't exactly my idea of a good time. With this method, all you need is a 74HCT245...
  3. shadowkn55

    Last Call? Repro MVS Labels

    Anyone still interested in getting repro mvs labels? I still get pinged about it every now and then so I'll give it one last hurrah before I call it quits on these. For those not in the know, they are laminated, die-cut vinyl replacement labels for mvs cartridges. For link-capable games like...
  4. shadowkn55

    Beff-a-thon 2016

    Our resident funster is out soul searching again and I stepped up when he needed cash and put up his goods for sale. Going by his last "sales" thread, people would have been a little skeptical if he just straight up sold it himself. As part of the collective neo-geo family, I'm not out to make...
  5. shadowkn55

    WTB: PC Engine System Card 3.0 or Arcade Card Pro

    Looking for either one of these. Loose card preferred.
  6. shadowkn55

    SoCal Retro Gaming Expo Jan 30-31/2016

    I'll have them at the show for $150 a piece. They are ps3/neo compatible. I also have a limited quantity of xb360/neo sticks available by request.
  7. shadowkn55

    SoCal Retro Gaming Expo Jan 30-31/2016

    I'm surprised nobody put this up. The show is coming up this weekend. I'll be there as a vendor as well as hosting the Windjammers tournament. One of the notable guests is Phil Moore, the former host of Nick Arcade. Admission and parking is free.
  8. shadowkn55

    WTB: 32mbit cps3 simms

    Looking for a few of these. Let me know if you have any.
  9. shadowkn55

    FS: CPS3 SuperBios Setup

    Comes with everything needed to get started. Has enough simms to run and is currently running 3rd Strike. $400 plus shipping.
  10. shadowkn55

    FS: Cheap Neo-Geo AES and Genesis2 scart cables

    These are aliexpress specials and they didn't work out as well as I hoped for it's intended purpose. They suffer from "scart buzz" which is common in the lower end cables but they are still very functional. Use them as is or salvage the scart hood from them, they're cheap. $3 each plus shipping...
  11. shadowkn55

    FT: Super Dodge Ball MVS Cart Shell Only

    So I bought a copy of Waku Waku 7 off ebay and it had a piece of paper taped over the original label of another game and it turns out the title underneath was Super Dodge Ball. I already have a copy of the game with a decent label and I'd feel bad if I ripped it off since I need the shell for...
  12. shadowkn55


    Missed out on the one that was posted here recently. Really could have used to play some X68000. I'm looking for any NEC XM series monitor or any capable crt that can handle this bad boy. I'm willing to drive a sizable distance from socal if anyone has it within several hundred miles from Los...
  13. shadowkn55

    FS: MVS Carts, MVS Labels, and External AES s-video adapters

    These are basically clones of the xneo-1. You plug it into your AES and you get s-video out. Sound is dual mono. I used to sell these a few years back but I discovered I had a few more left after looking for some stuff I packed away. $60 + shipping. Also have some mvs labels from previous...
  14. shadowkn55

    The Future Is Now...Pepsi?

    Someone should tell SNKP that Pepsi hijacked their slogan of the past 25 years to sell an overpriced bottle of soda.
  15. shadowkn55

    WTB: Loose AES carts

    I have an AES motherboard I have hooked up to a logic scope and I'm looking for loose aes games on the cheap (< $20) so I can examine the behavior of a few buses for my fpga project. I prefer something not minty as they'll probably get dinged up while I conduct my research.
  16. shadowkn55

    WTB: PC Engine Duo

    Anyone have a regular PC Engine Duo (the black one) for sale? Let me know.
  17. shadowkn55

    WTB: Specfic version of KoF 2000 MVS

    I am looking for Board Set 3 of King of Fighters 2000 on MVS. I need this to repair two separate games. I could use the more commonly found board sets but I'd have to discard the PROG board since it's specific to KoF 2000.
  18. shadowkn55

    WTB/Borrow: PAL NES + Games

    I'm looking to get my hands on a set of PAL-A and PAL-B NES system with some games that I can use to test the lockout chip integration for the Blinking Light Win. I know it's been thoroughly tested already but I'd like to personally test and verify it myself. For those willing to loan me the...
  19. shadowkn55

    FS: Replacement MVS Labels

    I have some surplus mvs labels from previous print runs for sale. They are die cut vinyl with a thin laminate layer. Labels are $1 each and shipping is flat rate $1 for US and $2 international. 3x 2020 Super Baseball 3x Aggressors of Dark Kombat 1x Art of Fighting 3 2x Burning Fight 1x Cyber...
  20. shadowkn55

    Blinking Light Win: Fixing your toaster NES for good

    Hey guys. I just launched a kickstarter for another video game project. It's called the Blinking Light Win. The idea behind the project is to solve the problem with the 72-pin connector on the original NES and replace it with a design that effectively makes it a reliable side loader like most...