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  1. Voodoohead

    Phoenix Resale jetzt auch auf Deutsch?

    Mundgeblasenes Plastik case und vom feinschmied reingklöppelte proms….wer kennt es nicht 😂😂😂
  2. Voodoohead

    NBA Season 23/24

    Maxey went beastmode.
  3. Voodoohead

    Restated my AES Collection

    Poor guy…..
  4. Voodoohead

    Restated my AES Collection

    So what was the reason for collecting 6 months? I don’t get it. Idiocrazy.
  5. Voodoohead

    So how many of you goobs own NGH/AES games?

    i would say u got round about 30 AES games :unsure:
  6. Voodoohead

    Merry Christmas,!

    merry xmas folks!
  7. Voodoohead

    WTB Softboxes

    Hi guys, Looking for some crack free softboxes. Maybe some of you want to sell a few pieces. Regards
  8. Voodoohead Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    23000 was a good price!
  9. Voodoohead

    NBA Season 22/23

    LeBron Peds. A sure thing to me. And to you too?
  10. Voodoohead HUST keuch HUST

    Corona preisdemie 🙂
  11. Voodoohead

    Holy shit I missed you guys!

    Junky gets his H again...🙂
  12. Voodoohead

    Acryl cases

    Hey Leute. Kennt ihr ne Website auf der man innerhalb Europas acryl cases für AES-Spiele ordern kann?
  13. Voodoohead

    Warum nie Square soft auf neo geo

    Wow wäre das nicht geil gewesen wenn das neo geo eine eigene Reihe wie final Fantasy gehabt hätte? Was sagt ihr?
  14. Voodoohead

    WTB: Dog Tag inlay of Football Frenzy AES

    hi folks, as the title says i am looking for ONLY the inlay , if possible in very good shape. maybe someone of you has it for sale.
  15. Voodoohead

    Metal slug x original?

    ahhh now i got it!!!
  16. Voodoohead

    Metal slug x original?

    Somehow can only add one pic is it enough to know? Greetings
  17. Voodoohead

    blazing star us?

    hey leute, klärt mich mal auf. gab es jemals eine us version auf dem AES? flamet ruhig was das zeug hält....hauptsache ich krieg ne antwort ^^ grüße
  18. Voodoohead

    the seed is sown

    hey dudes, here my first collecting steps in the aes section...:glee: sorry for the bad fotos my iphone is an a.hole
  19. Voodoohead

    Viewpoint buying option

    Hey guys. I got quite a good buying option for viewpoint aes. It would be a face to face trade. So the question for me is, if I let him open the cart what are the points I have to look at on the cartridge to detect whether it’s a conversion or not? Can you help me out?