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  1. Sifl

    Blazing Star Review

    US Title: Blazing Star Japanese Title: Blazing Star By: Yumekobo Year: 1998 Size: 346 Megs Home Release? Yes MVS Release? Yes CD Release? No Graphics: 10 Music: 9 Gameplay: 10 Replay: 10 Metal Slug with Spaceships. How else can I...
  2. Sifl

    Wanted: Shock Troopers 2nd Squad NGH

    If anyone wants to part with their ST2, PM or Email me. I prefer to pay via paypal but I can send an MO if I must.
  3. Sifl

    Insert & stickers needed

    Can anyone here make inserts and cart stickers for the following? Japanese versions please. Email or PM if you can help. Insert Big Tournament Golf Cart Stickers Big Tournament Golf Blazing Star Kizuna Encounter
  4. Sifl

    right side cut off on my TV

    When I play my Neo, the right side of the screen is cut off by about 1/4" to 1/2". I am about to buy a new TV set, most likely a HDTV Wega. Should I get a widescreeen? and what is the largest size I should get?
  5. Sifl

    Released from hospital after a month

    After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, I finally nave been released from the hospital and sent back to Milwaukee from Yokosuka. I undergo radiation therapy soon to shrink this bitch. Thank God the Navy is footing the bill and yes brain surgery does indeed suck. Other than that, It's good...
  6. Sifl

    FS: JAP KOF'97 HC

    $120, Will trade for a Jap RBFF1 HC if anyone is willing to part with it. email at if interested
  7. Sifl

    Heading to Yokosuka tomorrow

    Tomorrow I leave for Yokosuka, where I am gonna be for the next two years. If anyone is in or has been in the area, let me know if there is anything cool there.
  8. Sifl

    jap KOF'97 w/ mod chip

    I am selling a jap KOF'97 in good condition. Asking for $140. Will throw in a mod chip. Paypal accepted. Email at
  9. Sifl

    Whoo, I made Petty Officer 3rd Class

    I just saw the Navy's advancement list today and I was one of only 20 AGAN's to make AG3. If anyone in the Milwaukee area wants to celebrate or just get inebriated, let me know. This is cool, I go to expensive-ass Japan next week and I'm staying there for 2 years, so the extra money will...
  10. Sifl

    there is a conspiracy, I know it.

    <a href="" target="_blank">the engraving dept. saw 9/11 coming</a>
  11. Sifl

    I'm finally getting off the rock

    This is it, Today is my last full day at NAS Keflavik. I finally get to see civilization again. Brad and Isaac, we gotta meet up sometime. God I'm so happy to get the fuck out of here.
  12. Sifl

    Playmore lawsuit news

    I found some news about Playmore's Lawsuit against Aruze. Unfortunately, it's all in Japanese Hieroglyphics and not on the English Page. Altavista is as usual giving me a load of gibberish. Can anyone decipher this? <a href=""...
  13. Sifl

    Trophy or Toy, you decide.

    courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank"></a> I always knew there were tons of dykes in the LPGA, but this surprised me.
  14. Sifl

    Sac Question

    I'm planning on converting a Kizuna Encounter MVS. Will FF3 or another game in the '95-'96 timeframe work as the sac? [ April 29, 2002: Message edited by: Sifl ]</p>
  15. Sifl

    WWF Raw and Wreckless

    I'm thinking about getting an Xbox and these games caught my eye, can anyone tell me if they are any good?
  16. Sifl

    still looking for the LANDSCAPED Shock Troopers insert

    I am still looking for the landscaped insert and cart sticker. If you can help, email or PM me.
  17. Sifl

    Did anyone catch this?

    From NCS's news page today. (13 MAR 02) "None of the scans posted below have any obnoxious "NCS" logos stamped over them." Thought that was good for a laugh.
  18. Sifl

    KOF'01 coming to a PC near you

    Taken from Madman's Korean software publisher Eolith Co. Ltd, has announced to have acquired the license under Playmore Co. to develop "The King Of Fighters 2001" for the PC platform. The King Of Fighters 2001 was originally developed by Eolith for the Arcade MVS platform through license by...
  19. Sifl

    Chuck Jones 1912-2002

    It's a sad day for cartoon fans. He will be missed.
  20. Sifl

    Arcades banned in Greece

    <a href="" target="_blank">read it here</a> Damn, and I had a good bet with the Yagami Team favored by 2 points over the Psycho Soldiers, they were guaranteed to cover the spread.