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    Daytona USA 2 problem

    I all! I got this messege from my Sega Daytona USA 2 game while running a video board test: POLYGON MEMORY IC70 IC71 TEST FAILED PRESS TEST BUTTON TO CONTINUE What kind of devices are IC70 and IC71? Any help with this problem would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Marcelo
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    Need help with Wells Gardner U3000 monitor

    Hi, I'm triying to fix an U300 monitor in a 25" SF Rush 2049 cab. It has its power supply damaged and some other problems in the mainboard. Having fixed the ps (I think) and replaced a faulty horizontal output transistor c3686 with an identical one, monitor just work fine for several seconds...
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    Sega ST-V gal chip

    Hi, Is there any way to read or duplicate the data stored on the gal chip labeled 318-5833? I know this one is a protected device but perhaps somebody has found a way to fix this problem. Thanks in advance. Marcelo
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    PC and arcade dual mode monitor

    Hi all! I am trying to get a descent picture from a pc on a Wei Ya 15-31khz dual mode monitor (from a Pump it up machine). I just got a perfect 640x480 resolution but my goal is 800x600. In this mode the better thing I can see is a vertical scrolling image but I can't stop it. Note that V.Hold...
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    Naomi Marvel vs Capcom 2 cart problem

    Hi all! I have got a naomi setup with Marvel vs Capcom 2 cart. It seems to work fine but sometimes the game restart by itself. I have tried with other cart and the game works without any problem. I think that the cart has something wrong because when I do a rom test it show two faulty roms. If...
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    Wells-Gardner U5000 problem

    Hi everybody. I need help with my Wells-Gardner monitor. It is the U5000 model and it can not display correctly the image. Picture seem to be a vertical wave at both sides. So I recently changed the swollen C115 cap (100uf, 200v) by other with the same specs, but monitor wont to sart. Nothing...
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    Wells-Gardner U2000 problem

    Hi all, I have a problem with my wells gardner monitor. I replaced the horizontal transistor in order to get working the chassis. After a few days it got faulty. I have replaced that transistor several times and I got the same result. I don't know what to do. If anybody know how to fix this...
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    Triforce questions

    Hi. I have a Triforce system running Virtua Striker 2002. The setup include a gdrom drive which some times it is not detected by the system (error 24). I don't know too much about it so here are my questions: - Is it possible to boot the system without gdrom drive? - The mother board case is...
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    Mace HDD?

    Hi all. I have the possibility of buying a Mace: The Dark Age pcb without hard disk and I was thinking about replacing it by another one with different features (20GB). Is it possible to do this (if I can get the image) without changing any chip of the pcb? Thanks in advance.
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    Hitachi SH-2 pins diagram

    Hi, I need help to find a Hitachi SH-2 (Sega STV) pins diagram, have searched the web with no results. Anyone know where I can find it? Thanks in advance.
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    Street Fighter EX Plus error (japanese text)

    Can somebody translate the japanese(?) text in this image? Thanks in advance.
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    CPS1 pal device

    Hi all. My Three Wonders (US 910520) pcb have a faulty pal device that causes some corrupted graphics. Is there anyway to get the data from these device? Thanks in advance.
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    Killer Instinct 2 hard disk

    Hi all, I have a Killer Instinct 2 board with broken hard disk. I don't have other KI2 disk to make a copy directly. My question is can I use the hd image that run on mame to "put" on a new hd? Anybody can help me? Thanks.
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    Help with Sega Naomi "error 03"

    Hi all, I have got a Sega Naomi board with Virtua Striker 2 ver.2000. At the start screen it show the message ERROR 03 and below BOARD MALFUNCTION. Can anyone tell me what is wrong? :help: