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  1. MattBlah

    Last of my MVS games - UK Seller

    Gone to ebay]
  2. MattBlah


    Japanese Garou Mark of the Wolves MVS Cart In good condition but some tearing to the label due to it having an english sticker on top when I bought it. It comes with a shockbox but the insert is in 3 parts. This has never bothered me, but you just need to reprint one if you don't like it. It...
  3. MattBlah

    Fighting EX Layer

    Has anyone downloaded this yet? I was looking forward to trying it, but the different versions are putting me off. Personally I wouldn't want to spend £45 on a digital game and from what I hear the 'light' version, which is £29, puts you at a disadvantage because the gougi system is important...
  4. MattBlah

    Getting a 2600 working on a new TV

    Scrap that. After years of trying I finally found the right option on my TV.
  5. MattBlah

    WTB: Anyone want to sell me Shenmue 1 and 2?

    I just woke up wanting to play these again, and I sold my copies about 10 years ago. I can go to eBay, but I thought I'd check here first. Anyone wanting to sell theirs? Happy with any condition really.
  6. MattBlah

    Fortnite: Battle Royale

    Anyone else playing this free to play battle royal game by Epic? I downloaded it on the weekend and have been having loads of fun with it. I've been waiting for PUBG to release on the XBO, but now I might not even need to bother. I definitely prefer the cartoony art style and from what I can...
  7. MattBlah

    KOF 98 - Japanese AES - UK Seller

    Sold - £165 on eBay
  8. MattBlah

    Art of Fighting Anthology released today on PS4!

    Did anyone know about this? It seems to have come out of nowhere. I havent purchased it yet, has anyone else? It'd be good to know the quality of the ports and features.
  9. MattBlah

    How do you make a Dreamcast region free?

    I've had my current Dreamcast for about 12 years now. I bought it on eBay as "region free Dreamcast" and it is. I've owned plenty of different region games over the years and it's always played everything without issue. I've never actually questioned how exactly it is region free, so was...
  10. MattBlah

    Sengoku 2 JPN AES - UK Seller

    Edit: moved to eBay
  11. MattBlah

    WTB: Night Trap PS4

    I hate to do this, but I don't suppose anyone got an extra copy of Night Trap from Limited Run Games? I know it's 2 per a customer and am hoping someone picked up a spare. I wanted to get this for the fiance as a birthday present, as it's a game she used to play loads on my Mega CD. I had the...
  12. MattBlah

    The King of Fighters: Destiny

    Hmmm... Not sure what to think about this. I'll give it a watch though.
  13. MattBlah

    New classic Neo Geo project to be revealed at EVO...

    Anyone have any idea what this could be? I see it says it'll be shown at the Atlus/Sega booth, so maybe something with them? I'd love it if they announced a new Fatal Fury.
  14. MattBlah

    Buying a gaming PC

    I'm looking for some advice on buying a PC just for gaming. This is something I have been wanting to do for a while, but having no prior knowledge it has been a bit daunting. I did buy an Alienware Steam Machine 18 months back, thinking this would be the easy solution, but as it is Linux based...
  15. MattBlah

    WTB: Cheap Saturn console - UK

    I used to be a big Saturn fan. I had a huge PAL collection and a Japanese collection containing nearly every shooter on the system. I sold it all about 3 or 4 years ago, when I decided to concentrate on just one system, that being the Neo Geo. I'm not looking to get anywhere near back to that...
  16. MattBlah

    Freebie: 9 x AES case protectors - UK

    There has been a lot of giveaways recently, so I thought I'd join in. Nothing very exciting I'm afraid, but after selling off a chunk of my AES collection I have ended up with 9 spare AES case protectors. These have all been used, so aren't mint condition, but might be good for someone starting...
  17. MattBlah

    WTT: NES Mini - UK

    Anyone interested in a NES mini? I bought this on release and it has had pretty much zero use. They seem to be selling for up to 」150, but considering I only bought it in November I'd feel like an a$$hole asking that. I'd rather do a trade for something of similar value, if anyone is interested?
  18. MattBlah

    Are there any good online US game retailers that ship internationally?

    I'm trying to buy a physical copy of The Binding of Isaac on the Switch. Amazon only seem to have copies available from sellers who don't ship internationally, and Gamestop and Bestbuy don't seem to ship here either. Are there any reliable US game retailers that will ship worldwide? It might...
  19. MattBlah

    Alienware Steam Machine Intel i3 Processor, 8GB Ram, 500GB hard drive - UK

    Would anyone be interested in an Alienware Steam Machine? I have one that I just don't use anymore. It was ï½£500 new in December 2015, but I'd sell it for £250 posted in the UK if anyone here is interested? It's the Intel i3 Processor, 8GB Ram, 1TB hard drive model (I put 500GB in the title...
  20. MattBlah

    5 Neo Geo games on Switch at launch

    I heard that the Switch was going to have a couple of Neo Geo games during the first month, but I have just got mine and it already has 5 for launch. They're the only 'retro' games on there for launch. The titles are Waku Waku 7, KOF 98, Shock Troopers, World Heroes Perfect and Metal Slug 3. A...