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  1. ::J@mm:: offline?!?!?!

    Well I guess this is a good section to say this, is offline ?????????? :conf: :eek: :eek_2: :( :oh_no: :crying: or is it just my browser was down arround 8:15pm
  2. ::J@mm::

    6 slot Cover

    Wanted to buy MVH-g slot Board cover!!! :buttrock:
  3. ::J@mm::

    Power Supply

    All right Im trying to get a PS for a Neo Geo Board that I have and at least I would like to as original parts as I can is this it? Any comment on this would be appreciated :buttrock:
  4. ::J@mm::

    MVS parts

    Want to Buy GOOD WORKING or NEW BIOS (for both jap and US carts) Happ Power Source forr MVS system (WORKING) MVS 6 slot Markee Serious offers only, Paypal, Check or C.O.D. payments, I pay - I recieve keep it simple nice and hassle free. thanks! :buttrock:
  5. ::J@mm::

    King of Figters Carts

    Wanted King of fighter games all years, Serious offers ONLY please! Paypal payment. C.O.D. or I can send chek but if some one jacks me Ill go after their family! :D PM me.
  6. ::J@mm::

    Fatal fury who?

    Hu, besides time What the hell happend to fatal fury I dont ever see carts for sale, trade or even someone talking about it, is this game thats much disliked? personally I like it, then again who the F**K am I !! just a comment.... long day.... laaaaaaate! :cool:
  7. ::J@mm::

    What next...

    Yess Finally got it!! So... I just got my new board today... or should I say my first board, I know I need a Jamma Harness and a power supply, what else do I need besides: buttons, monitor, joystick's and a cab I dont know about thse board so here are some images, just incase this is not...
  8. ::J@mm::

    Wanted empty MVS cab California area

    Wanted empty MVS cab California area, w/o Board , please leave message in forum "WITH PRICE" or PM me. Thanks!! :buttrock:
  9. ::J@mm::

    MVS Cab Plans... anyone?

    Im' trying to build my own cab, anybody know where I can get or do any of you have plans to build one, For some reason I cant find one cab in my area for sale. any info on this would be greatly appreciated!!! Cheers :buttrock:
  10. ::J@mm::

    WTB - MVS-1 and an MVS-2

    WTB - MVS-1 and an MVS-2, for two different machines plase email me with price quotes, at thanks!! :buttrock:
  11. ::J@mm::

    Price Question for MVS-6

    - Hey Guys, quick question here. anybody know what would bee a good price to buy a MVS-6 Board with US Bios, Just got one and want to know if I got rpped off or was fear at least. Also, Im looking for the metal cover for this board, let me know if any of you guys is selling one. Laaate.
  12. ::J@mm::

    MVS-6 Slot Board

    Hey Guys, first of all awesome site, Its nice to see many many many people interested in neo-geo Games. Anywho... Cant seem to find any info on the forum past the firts pages, apparently the pages go up to 250 something but all display the same on my PC. to the point --> I Just bought a NEO...