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  1. Neo-jorge

    WTTF: your Garou AES Game for Shumps

    Looking to trade this lot of all new sealed space shooters for a copy of japan Mark of the wolves for AES If you got one laying around collecting dust and want to deal send pm. I’m also open to other AES games I might not own.
  2. Neo-jorge

    WTTF: For AES game/ Sealed Castlevania Best Music Box OST Collection

    Looking to trade this new sealed Konami Castlevania Music collection for Aes Games. Pm me with what your willing to trade and we can work something out.
  3. Neo-jorge

    WTTF: Mid-Range AES game/ Borderdown Limited Edition

    Have a brand new BorderDown limited NEW looking to trade for a mid-range AES game. If you have any doubles or something you no longer want hit me up.
  4. Neo-jorge

    WTB: Pulstar MVS Cart

    If you have one for sale let me know U.S based sellers only.
  5. Neo-jorge


    ok I have a gps unit for sale this one is a mio moov 200 it features turn by turn navigation with spoken street names I do need it since i already own a similar unit. This unit retails for about 180 im selling it for 100.00 shipped to u via priority mail with delivery confirmation. This is a...
  6. Neo-jorge


    Looking to buy a Japanese Version Complete at a decent price. Thanks 4 Lookin
  7. Neo-jorge

    WTB: Turbo Express GT

    looking to buy a japanese turbo express gt, with good sound and in super shape. Dont mind if its a U.S. model as long as it has a toggle switch.
  8. Neo-jorge

    WTB: Splatter House for Pc Engine

    looking 4 complete japanese version
  9. Neo-jorge

    WTB: GBA Castlevania Games

    looking to buy The last 2 Castlevania games on GBA Arria of Sorrow and Harmony of dissonance. I would like to have them complete and in Nice shape but if you have loose ones willing to go at at reasonable price hit me up. Thanks
  10. Neo-jorge

    WTT: Advance Wars GBA

    Hello Im looking to Trade a brand new copy of Advance Wars on gba for used copy of secret of mana, if your interested pm me. Thanks
  11. Neo-jorge

    WTB: Ghost Recon 2 for Xbox

    Want to buy a cheap complete copy of ghost recon 2 for xbox if your selling one send me a Pm. Thanks
  12. Neo-jorge

    FS: Arc The Lad Collection

    Im selling this game it's in super shape and complete asking 50.00 shipped in the USA. Thanks
  13. Neo-jorge

    Japanese Aes Carts

    Snk RF Unit 15.00 Real Bout Fatal Fury complete original 100.00 Mahjong Minasan no Copied Insert not original 50.00 Super side kicks 1 plastic tray cracked 40.00 Super Side Kicks 2 plastic Tray Cracked 45.00 The Super Spy New Sealed Mint 65.00 Crossed Swords NEW SEALED MINT 65.00 World...
  14. Neo-jorge

    pc engine games for sale

    Pc Engine used 1. Strider Arcade Card Cd Game 50.00 2 Strip Fighter 2 Hentai hu-card game 50.00 3. Super Star soldier hu-card game 30.00 4. Legend of Xanadu 25.00 5. tenoke bank 15.00 used to store more game data 6. duo Tap 15.00 7. Zero 4 champ 2 racing cd game 10.00 8. Record of lodoss War...
  15. Neo-jorge

    WTB: Inayusha Box Set

    If there is anyone that has a reasonable priced used inayusha box set the usa one by Viz I would be interested in buyin one. Thanks
  16. Neo-jorge

    FS: Mega Drive Rpg Set

    I have this Set of complete and in super shape set of classic Mega Drive Rpg's All these games even have the complete maps inside the box. 50.00 Shipped for them all in the usa of course.
  17. Neo-jorge

    FS: lunar Box Sets Complete

    I have these 2 lunar box sets for sale Im asking 100.00 shipped for both of these if you want to buy them seperate they are 55.00 each. Id rather sell them in a set to someone looking to buy them both but like I said if I get 2 seperate offers on both of them Ill split them up. I only accept...
  18. Neo-jorge

    FS: Rare Ninja Gaiden Anime LD

    Im selling this rare Ninja gaiden Anime on LD, I picked up up in tokyo for 100.00 bucks a few years ago and that was because I had to really haggle him down to that price, Im looking to get offers on this item, which would make a great addition to any video game collection. Thanks
  19. Neo-jorge

    Japanese Aes Carts

    Snk RF Unit 15.00 Real Bout Fatal Fury 100.00 Majong Kyo Retsuden insert is copied not original 35.00 Mahjong Minasan no Copied Insert not original 50.00 Super side kicks 1 plastic tray cracked 40.00 Super Side Kicks 2 Plastic Tray Cracked 40.00 The Super Spy New Sealed Mint 80.00 Crossed...
  20. Neo-jorge

    Snk RF Unit And Snk Tampon

    Well it's not actually a tampon it's a napkin that looks like a tampon given to you at the famed neo geo land this napkin was given at the neo geo bowl section as u can see by the wrapper it's official Snk. Im including the napkin with the Rf unit Im asking 23.00 shipped usa. Money orders only...