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  1. PrOzErG

    WTB: Neo-Geo Stick 2 for PS3 (USB).

    Hello, I need this ASAP, I would also consider the Neo-Geo Pad for PS3 (USB), post your price and fastest shipping to Canada. Regards, John
  2. PrOzErG

    ses mort cette parti francaise..

    Calis cette parti du forum et mort en tabarnac ya pas de francais icit ouquoi
  3. PrOzErG

    Sammy Vs. Capcom information?

    I know it was canceled but why? I was really looking forward to that game when it was announced. I did a search on Google but I did not find nothing usefull or of interest, anyone know more about this game, does anybody have pics? The only thing I found is this WP ->...
  4. PrOzErG

    Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada?

    Tu quelqun qui vien du N-B, Canada..??
  5. PrOzErG

    Looking for Castelvania SOTN PS

    Condition : I don't care, as long as it still boots up/loads. Price : Cheapest possible. Methods of payment : I will pay by Money Order only.
  6. PrOzErG

    Akira, Rolento, Kaede and Andy revealed for SvC

    The march magazine of Japanplay revealed those 4 new characters more are to come. We know about 12 characters already, and the suposed number is 29. So this means theres 17 left to be revealed, keep your eyes open and buy jap mags, hehe! <small>[ April 01, 2003, 05:51 AM: Message edited by...
  7. PrOzErG

    Fatal Fury Special, Samurai Shodown and Super Sidekicks 2 carts on eBay!

    Hi there, one of my good friends is selling some neo-geo carts on eBay and asked me to post the auctions here. He said he would also accepts exchanges for carts of Neo-Geo CD games, so please check them out! His email is -> <-Here are the auctions-> Fatal Fury...
  8. PrOzErG

    Neo-Geo Glass?!?

    Hi, I just bought a Neo-Geo Glass, it has a neo-geo logo with jap writings printed on polished glass, and 2 little metal pegs to hold it in place on a table, is it rare, and worth alot? The seller told me it was a promotional item for people buying more then 100 fatal fury 3 carts in spain like...
  9. PrOzErG

    !!!WANTED, Master Of Syougi NEO-GEO CD!!!

    I am in need of Master Of Syougi for Neo-Geo CD, please AIM, ICQ, MSN, PM or Email me with price, thanks! <img src="" alt=" - " />
  10. PrOzErG

    Is, THPS4 worth buying.. ?

    I have THPS 1, 2 and 3. Is 4 really worth buying, because all those THPS games are getting really old.. <img src="graemlins/help.gif" border="0" alt="[Help]" />
  11. PrOzErG

    Happy Birthday Shawn

    Happy Birthday man <img src="graemlins/drool.gif" border="0" alt="[Drool]" />
  12. PrOzErG

    !!!!READ READ READ PLZ!!!!

    I'd like to focus everyone's attention on this article: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> ...not necessarily to put attention on Intel; Microsoft is joining Intel, and I hope the rest of...
  13. PrOzErG

    Send me pictures or art for Art Gallery!!

    Plz send anything, so I can update!!
  14. PrOzErG

    !_!Neo-Geo CD'S WANTED!_!

    Well, TonK just aim'ed me today. Since he is banned he cant post here. So he asked me to do him a favor. He is buying any Neo-Geo CD'S, you email him the price and maybe he can work a deal whit you. His email is
  15. PrOzErG

    Metal Slug, look here.

    I was tired of your old sig, so I made you a new one lol.. Looks sweet heh?
  16. PrOzErG

    Hey !

    Just wanted to say im back, I will probably be in charge of the Art Section, and Neo Polls, see you guys around <IMG SRC="smilies/tickled.gif" border="0">
  17. PrOzErG

    Im leaving

    I dident check or post on the boards for a long time I dont know why but im leaving I will maybe check the boards and maybe post sometime etc... But all the flame wars and trouble here I cant take it anymore. No one can describe the pain I have leaving the boards I just cant...
  18. PrOzErG


    Here it is, yehaaaa. [ September 18, 2001: Message edited by: PrOzErG ]
  19. PrOzErG


    Its violent like you wanted.
  20. PrOzErG

    ????? thats bs right ?