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  1. Superfamifreak

    King of Fighters 94: Team Edit hack

    How would one go about putting this on an MVS cart?
  2. Superfamifreak

    FS: Vewlix L 2L14B repro panel

    Got myself a spare panel I'll never use. Usual wear from a cab that's been on site and some very minor rust spots. Looks like either a or Rafael Taminini repro. £60 plus shipping. Would work out around £90($115ish) shipped tracked and signed to the USA.
  3. Superfamifreak

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    My 'essentials' list is complete.
  4. Superfamifreak

    WTB: Shelf filler MVS tat(UK preferred)

    Looking for some cheapy cheapy tat. Cart only, label condition not important. Maybe some of the funky hacks too like KoF96 AE or the SvC Chaos with all the characters. Prefer to buy from someone in the UK because of shipping.
  5. Superfamifreak


    Price drop to £900 plus shipping.
  6. Superfamifreak

    Did you ever see a "holy Grail" cart at a store back in the time?

    Euro Kizuna at Telegames UK back in 96. Saw it, demo'd it, thought it was shit, bought a JP KoF95 insteam. Yeah I'm a bellend, hindsight, etc, blah blah blah
  7. Superfamifreak

    Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?

    Air Gallet and SD Gundam Neo Battling. Air Gallet is a massively underrated gem that deserves more love than it gets! Plus it has the best ‘launch sequence’ of any shmup ever. SD Gundam Neo Battling is a funky Galaga style shooter that’s not that well known. I already have the SD Gundam...
  8. Superfamifreak

    I received today...

    I’m more of a Mushihimesama Futari or DDP guy
  9. Superfamifreak


    Looking for a cheapy PGM. As long as it works etc. Shipped to the UK. Also the Cave stuff would be nice. SOLD: Espgaluda 2 PCB £900
  10. Superfamifreak

    I received today...

    Yup. Possibly the Taito jamma kit too.
  11. Superfamifreak

    I received today...

    The Galuda? r/fightsticks? Yeah, that’s me.
  12. Superfamifreak

    I received today...

    Had this set up dropped off yesterday. Funnily enough the serial number on the cab is only 3 digits off of my mates cab.
  13. Superfamifreak

    What was the first neogeo game you played in an arcade cabinet?

    Local driving range and pitch and put had a 4 slot. Magician Lord, Top Players Golf, Baseball Stars Professional & Thrash Rally. Out of all of them I’d probably say Magician Lord was the first one I played.
  14. Superfamifreak

    So how many of you goobs own NGH/AES games?

    Always. I’d say I’m never gonna sell up again but I know that is most likely a lie!
  15. Superfamifreak

    So how many of you goobs own NGH/AES games?

    Had multiple home cart, CD & MVS systems between 1993 and 2006. Sold it all off saying never again. Then last year I bought a load of cabs and a 1 slot. 13 carts and another 1 slot later here I am…
  16. Superfamifreak

    FS: MVS Carts, All Gone!

    If you'd consider shipping to the UK I'd gladly take a Magical Drop 3 off you.
  17. Superfamifreak

    top 10 neo geo games

    In no particular order Neo Drift Out KoF96 Art of Fighting 2 Fatal Fury 3 Baseball Stars 2 Spinmaster Breakers/Revenge Magical Drop 3 Samurai Shodown 2 Super Dodge Ball
  18. Superfamifreak

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Nice little delivery today.
  19. Superfamifreak

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Visco day!
  20. Superfamifreak

    MVS carts

    Yo bitches! I'm after a few MVS games. Prefer JP label if possible. Don't need any of that kit or shockbox fuckwittery. No boots either. Shipping to the UK. Neo Drift Out - One is pending but as with any deal could go south. Puzzle de Pon - Same deal as NDO Breakers/Revenge Samurai Shodown 2...