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  1. 2D_mastur

    Show me your white MVS carts!

    I dunno. I will check though. My first time signing in for a bit, but I will check.
  2. 2D_mastur

    Couple Who Made MAS Sticks/Superguns Has Passed Away

    Wow. I still have my MAS stick and I had no idea as to it's history. Their products were quality. RIP.
  3. 2D_mastur

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    The next Jodi Arias?
  4. 2D_mastur

    KOF odd vs even - an odd coincidence?

    The only consensus about the NG KOF series is that 94 and 2001 are shit to most people. Everything else is a matter of taste, it seems.
  5. 2D_mastur

    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    Let hope Rugal shaves off that fucking John Holmes mustache.
  6. 2D_mastur

    What 1 Game NEEDS a Port?

    An aracde perfect Denjin Makai 1 & 2 double-realease.
  7. 2D_mastur

    Holy shit I missed you guys!

    No doubt he is blaming it on the BLM "groids ".
  8. 2D_mastur

    What is your favorite mvs motherboard?

    I love me a two-slot slut.
  9. 2D_mastur

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    You belong in a 90s Gregg Araki movie. Stay classy, sugar tits.
  10. 2D_mastur

    H Belated BD BlackaneseNinja

    Sounds like a great BDay !
  11. 2D_mastur

    Holy shit I missed you guys!

    I wish I never FOOOOUND this website.
  12. 2D_mastur

    Best prank you ever pulled at school.

    You should have just shoved a Big Mac up your fat ass, would have been funnier.
  13. 2D_mastur

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

  14. 2D_mastur

    What Neo title has the best attract mode?

    NAM 19-75. "Do I have to go back to that hell again?...UuhhRRAAWWWWWWW!"
  15. 2D_mastur

    WTT : NGCD Pro stick (Bean stick) in good condition.

    Bump I guess my last post didnt make the forum upgrade cut. I will now like to buy one outright. Let me know shipped price.
  16. 2D_mastur


    No shit... you outweigh me by like 100kg.
  17. 2D_mastur

    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    Yeah, really hoping for Shermie. She was really fun to play in 02.
  18. 2D_mastur


  19. 2D_mastur

    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    Hey how have you been, slutbag? Glad to see you're alive.