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  1. everten

    MV1FZ Stereo Mod

    I know some here have asked about the MV1FZ mod. They are now in stock at Thanks!
  2. everten

    SotM April 2023: Shienryu

    Hey! I should have more soon. I have enough parts to build 50 or so, just need to find some time to dedicate to builds.
  3. everten

    WTB: Taito F3 Stereo/Kick Harness Everten IO board

    @yagamikun - did you ever get one of these? I'm getting ready to restock some boards in the next week or two. Signup for notifications on Tindie if you haven't. Thanks!
  4. everten

    Ghostlop Reset Issue

    Just finished making a Ghostlop. It reset and showed a graphic glitch on first boot, but ran fine for several hours after that. Now it seems to be crashing more frequently and loses sound shortly before resetting. My 2 concerns: S1 - I used 250ns chip, looks like it should be less than 200ns...
  5. everten

    Rusted out ZMC2

    Any advice on this one? Boots into game, some graphics just show as large solid blocks. The ZMC2 has a leg that's completely rusted. I don't think I can get wire on it, there's nothing left and the pads look pretty bad around that area. Diagnostic rom all regular test pass. Z80 test shows error...
  6. everten

    WTB: Commodore 64

    Looking for a C64, let me know what you got. I may have stuff I'm willing to trade.
  7. everten

    Blast City 15K dim

    I was adjusting the monitor dip switches on my Blast City to switch between 15k / 24k / 31k and now the 15k is about half as bright as normal. I had a Dreamcast connected to VGA and understand having VGA plugged in while on 15k can cause a dim picture. I unplugged the VGA cable and the picture...
  8. everten

    WTB: PS Vita Slim PCH-2001 or newer

    Anyone looking to sell a Vita? Send me a PM.
  9. everten

    FS: Saturn w/ Rhea, PS3, Wii U, and other random stuff

    Selling a bunch of random stuff. All prices include shipping to US. For buyers outside the US please contact me for shipping costs. PayPal friends and family payment only. Playstation 3 Super Slim - $100 Ico and Shadow of the Colossus - $12 Journey Collection $12 PS3 with both games, $120...
  10. everten

    Sensible Soccer: Best console release?

    Anyone know what console version of this game is best? I was looking for Mega Drive and SNES versions, but they are hard to find in the US.
  11. everten

    WTB: Metal Gear Solid for Game Boy Color (Ghost Babel)

    Looking for english version, loose is fine. I would love to have the box as well, but not sure I'm ready to drop that kind of cash at the moment.
  12. everten

    Free: 8GB PS Vita Memory Card

    I grabbed a 16GB and don't need this anymore. Reply to thread and I'll draw names from a hat on Monday if there is any interest.
  13. everten

    Artist needed for arcade cabinet marquee

    I'm nearing completion of a mini MAME cabinet and need to figure out the artwork before moving any further. I'm mainly concerned about the marquee. I need an artist that can replicate the feel of the sci-fi arcade artwork from the 80's. I want the cabinet to look like an original game from this...
  14. everten

    Titan Souls

    Couldn't find a thread for this game. Anyone else try the demo? I just downloaded it on Steam and it's great. I've been trying to see how fast I can beat the demo and got my time down to 2 minutes 34 seconds. Very addicting trying to figure out the fastest way to take down bosses.
  15. everten

    SOLD: GameCube w/ Paper Mario

    SOLD. DoDonPachi Saturn - $45 shipped SOLD. DonPachi Saturn - $45 shipped SOLD. GameCube w/ Paper Mario (no controller) - $40 shipped US only
  16. everten

    Any Retro Gamer Magazine subscribers here?

    I still haven't received the latest issue. I believe this ships from UK so I expect some delay in shipping to US, but I don't remember my previous issues taking this long. Just curious how long it normally takes everyone else to get issues in the mail.
  17. everten

    FREE: $5 off $60 at

  18. everten

    Starr Mazer - new shmup / adventure game

    This games looks very promising. Interesting mix of game play, artwork is right on point, and good list of artists lined up for the soundtrack . Kickstart campaign ends on February 21: Only for PC, Mac, and Linux at the moment...
  19. everten

    SOLD: Sega I/O with audio amp and transformer

    THIS IS SOLD Sega I/O Rev. A 838-13683 Audio amp w/ transformer VGA cable USB cable Stereo cable Mess of wires $40 shipped for all, US only.
  20. everten

    Custom Fight Stick Thread

    I couldn't find a thread for this. Looking for pics of your custom fight sticks. I just finished making my wood one. This was my first build and first time trying to finish wood this way. It's definitely not perfect, but I think it came out pretty good.